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High Voltage Schottky and p-n Diodes
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High Voltage Schottky and p-n Diodes


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Bart Van Zeghbroeck

Instructor: Bart Van Zeghbroeck

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What you'll learn

  • ·      Gain a detailed understanding of Schottky and p-n diodes.

    ·      Calculate key diode parameters based on their physical structure.

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There are 4 modules in this course

In this module, you will learn about semiconductors: the material used to make power semiconductor devices. Specifically you will learn: a) types of semiconductors that are of interest and their crystal structure, b) band structure of relevant semiconductors, c) How to calculate the majority and minority carrier density in a semiconductor, d) How to deal with electron and hole drift and diffusion, and e) How to deal with carrier generation and recombination. This module closes with the drift-diffusion model, the cornerstone of any semiconductor device analysis.

What's included

6 videos15 readings6 quizzes

In this module, you will learn about the simplest semiconductor device, a Schottky diode, which consists of a metal-semiconductor junction. You will apply the drift-diffusion model, solving Gauss' law leading to the depletion layer width, the maximum electric field and capacitance versus voltage relation. Next is the derivation of the Schottky diode current. The analysis of diode breakdown at high voltage is included as well, as is the construction of a SPICE model including parasitic elements.

What's included

5 videos14 readings5 quizzes

In this module, you will learn how to analyze a p-n diode and how it differs from a Schottky diode. Specific items of interest are: a) The capacitance versus voltage relation, b) The diode current, including minority carrier injection under forward bias, c) The minority carrier charge and its effect on switching losses, and d) The construction of a p-n diode SPICE model including parasitic circuit elements.

What's included

5 videos14 readings5 quizzes

In this module, you will learn about the trade-off between diode losses and breakdown voltage including: a) The diode resistance and its relation to the breakdown voltage, b) The switching losses and relation to diode capacitance and minority charge storage, and c) A detailed comparison of SiC Schottky and silicon p-n diodes.

What's included

3 videos7 readings3 quizzes


Bart Van Zeghbroeck
University of Colorado Boulder
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