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Generative AI for the Resilient Pricer
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Generative AI for the Resilient Pricer

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Sudipto Banerjee

Instructor: Sudipto Banerjee

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What you'll learn

  • The generative AI landscape and how it has evolved across industries

  • The ways generative AI intersects with pricing and how businesses can capitalize on this synergy

  • Best practices for for transitioning to generative AI-powered pricing models

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March 2024

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There are 4 modules in this course

Welcome! This introductory 3-hour course will introduce the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and offer insights into how you can apply generative AI to pricing strategies in your own organization. This course is the first in a series of course collaborations between the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and KPMG, a global leader providing business advisory services that address the toughest business challenges. Combining the academic rigor of Dartmouth with frontline case studies from KPMG executives, this course will expose you to best practices in generative AI-driven pricing strategies and will offer guidance in how your organization can transition to generative AI-powered pricing models.

What's included

3 readings1 discussion prompt2 plugins

In this module, we'll embark on a journey to master the transformative role of Generative AI (Gen-AI) in strategic pricing, while also grounding our understanding in the fundamentals of traditional pricing approaches and their theoretical underpinnings. Starting with a solid foundation in conventional pricing strategies, we'll explore how to leverage high-quality, diverse data and implement robust governance to power effective AI-driven pricing models. We'll delve into ethical considerations, ensuring our use of AI in pricing is transparent, explainable, and aligns with the highest standards of fairness and privacy. As we navigate the complex regulatory landscape, we'll adapt our strategies to meet legal requirements, maintaining a competitive edge. By focusing on the seamless integration of Gen-AI into existing systems and fostering effective change management, this content aims to equip participants with the skills to innovate and continuously improve within their teams, embracing the advancements of Gen-AI in pricing with a commitment to excellence.

What's included

3 videos1 discussion prompt1 plugin

In this module, we'll take a closer look at how pricing strategies are evolving from traditional models to more dynamic, Gen AI-driven approaches in response to today's ever-changing market conditions. We'll examine the significant role of Gen AI in enhancing decision-making and data analytics, providing deeper insights more quickly than was possible with older methods. Additionally, we'll explore how Gen AI is transforming market research, helping businesses to adjust their pricing strategies more effectively and respond with agility to market shifts. This session is designed to provide a practical understanding of the intersection between technology and pricing strategy, preparing you to navigate and succeed in an increasingly innovative business landscape.

What's included

2 videos1 reading1 discussion prompt1 plugin

In this module, we will explore the integration of generative AI into strategic pricing, starting with ensuring data quality and applying break-even analysis to evaluate the economic impact of new pricing strategies. We'll guide you through prioritizing rapid improvements in pricing decisions, utilizing generative AI to augment human expertise, and identifying key areas for its application to drive adaptive, responsive market strategies. As we navigate the challenges of implementing generative AI, we'll adopt an agile, learning-focused approach, encouraging iterative improvements and creative reimagining of traditional processes. Join us to discover how combining cutting-edge AI insights with foundational financial analysis can revolutionize your approach to pricing, setting the stage for informed, strategic decision-making in a competitive landscape.

What's included

3 videos6 readings1 plugin


Sudipto Banerjee
Dartmouth College
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