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About the Course

Ready to start a career in Data Analysis but don’t know where to begin? This course presents you with a gentle introduction to Data Analysis, the role of a Data Analyst, and the tools used in this job. You will learn about the skills and responsibilities of a data analyst and hear from several data experts sharing their tips & advice to start a career. This course will help you to differentiate between the roles of Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers. You will familiarize yourself with the data ecosystem, alongside Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes and Data Pipelines. Continue this exciting journey and discover Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. By the end of this course you’ll be able to understand the fundamentals of the data analysis process including gathering, cleaning, analyzing and sharing data and communicating your insights with the use of visualizations and dashboard tools. This all comes together in the final project where it will test your knowledge of the course material, and provide a real-world scenario of data analysis tasks. This course does not require any prior data analysis, spreadsheet, or computer science experience....

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Good informative course, could be a little more interactive. While each section had quick test at the end, it would've been nice to have had more engaging questions and activities throughout.


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A very structured course to give basic and useful insight to the world of data analysis. From zero, one absorbs the possible levels of details and requirements to get into the world of data analysis.

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By Vikas K

Apr 24, 2023

well designed and informative course

By Deleted A

Nov 30, 2020

Too long, needs more hands on work

By Zamra S

May 12, 2022

Informative but not interactive.

By Deleted A

Jan 2, 2023

could have more study materials

By Luis R

Mar 7, 2023

very redundant, videos boring

By Ali I

Apr 28, 2021

slides are somehow boring :(


Jul 6, 2024

Voice is very low

By Lovish C

Sep 2, 2023

voice is very low

By Abbodey S

Dec 23, 2022

its very theorist

By Shiva b

Apr 2, 2021

so much theory

By Jiawei L

Dec 27, 2020

Too general.

By Devesh R B

Jul 20, 2021

no interest

By Abhishek g

Mar 30, 2022


By Okafo U O

Jun 14, 2023

4 Stars

By paulin l

Dec 15, 2022


By Amit C

Apr 29, 2023



Mar 29, 2024


By Khushboo

Mar 1, 2023

By janneth a e d

Aug 9, 2022


By Ms. W

Jun 25, 2024

I greatly appreciate the time taken to create this course. I did not feel it was relevant to Data Analytics. This course was heavily-focused on the technology used for data analytics, not even the software, like SQL. It kept focusing on what technology data analysts use and would go into painful detail and redundancy about basic terms you don't need to use, like data marts. I've had an internship before in data analytics. They're not IT people. They get a software, learn how to use it, and the rest is about excel and math. I was unclear why this course spent so much time going over the what a data warehouse is, for example. I felt like I was being trained more on how to shop for data analysts or how to be a database administrator instead of a analyst. The course was too redundant for me and felt irrelevant.

By Jenna M

May 24, 2022

Very rote learning focused - was essentially an exercise in memorisation. The interviews with data professionals were good as it broke up the monotone voiceover a bit. Would have been much more valuable if I'd had a chance to actually use some of the data skills on a sample data set or saw this happening in action through a recorded video that brought it to life. I found the information about the different types of apps and software packages (e.g. IBM Watson, SSPS, Tableau etc) to be particularly difficult to absorb - without having ever seen any of these in action, it's difficult to understand their differences and how they're used. Just providing a logo and some dot points about them did not help me to differentiate one from the other or understand their usability.

By jbrandt

Feb 18, 2022

basic information for data analyst. If you are already familiar with programming such as SQL, Python etc. then this first intro course will be a breeze. All it is is just videos then a quiz. No programming or anything. It is broken into 5 "weeks" but each week can be done in less than an hour if you already know the basics.

By Tarik G

Jun 7, 2023

To be honest, this course was not what I was expecting. For sure this course has been designed for beginners and it will give you very basic idea about data analysis. I was expecting this course to be more practical.

By Ahmed A

Jul 9, 2021

too boring, very broad course covering definitions and listing the jargoon used in this field. Lacks any real hands on experience on the subject.


Jun 4, 2023

First to notice was sound quality was poor. Find bug and it was really anoying. Overal not great.