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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Getting Started With Music Theory by Michigan State University

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About the Course

This course is a brief introduction to the elements of music theory for those with little or no music theory experience. We will explore pitch, rhythm, meter, notation, scales, keys, key signatures, meter signatures, triads, seventh chords, and basic harmony. If you listen to music or play music by ear, and you want to know more about how music is organized and notated, this course is for you. By the end of the course, you should know all major and minor keys, how to read and write in treble and bass clef using standard meters and rhythmic values, and how to notate and harmonize a simple melody. This course can serve as a stand-alone basic music theory course, or it can be a springboard to more advanced theory and composition courses. Your instructor is Bruce Taggart, Associate Professor of Music Theory at Michigan State University, in the College of Music, where he has taught undergraduate and graduate music theory since 1996....

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This course was very helpful as i earned a basic knowledge of music theory...........and also it is the best for the beginners who are keen in learning music.


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This course was a great way to get into music theory. It does help if you have some background knowledge first but a little more study and you'll be just fine anyway.

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By Hossein S

Dec 16, 2020

It was awesome at first, but it got a little fast and low in quality at the end.

By 梁司其

Apr 21, 2018

thanks for this course, which introduces me to the music theory

By Devis G

Dec 1, 2019

Love this course, gives a 360 degree of music basic knowledge

By Graeme H

Apr 10, 2018

Good, but fairly basic. Useful overview or re-introduction.

By Eric A

May 2, 2017

Very useful for a novice! Well explained music principles.

By Caterina F

Sep 11, 2017

Very good course! I really enjoyed it! I reccomend it!

By Katherine M F

Aug 11, 2021

i like but for a started it a little hard to catch up

By Angel A A D

Jun 19, 2017

It's too short to get all the info in so little time

By Red S 2

Aug 21, 2020

some question during the videos didn't appear well

By Tushar M

Jul 24, 2020

This is a amaging course and very helpful.

By Varvara P

Nov 25, 2017

Very well structured and methodical

By Ferry K

May 10, 2020

Good Music Theory

By Delphine C

Aug 17, 2020

Really enjoyable

By Alageswaran J

Jun 30, 2020

Very Advanced.

By Ivan W H

Jun 1, 2020

good intro

By Chaitra

Aug 3, 2020

Overall, a good introduction to music theory. I enjoyed the course, and am excited to apply it in practice. Cons: a few parts felt not so beginner-friendly (where we're expected to know certain things by ear). I also think the part about meter & time signatures was a bit rushed. For that section, it was difficult to do the assignments based on the limited things taught in the video. I think it would be clearer to beginners if more examples were worked through, and the quiz did not ask things outside of what was taught it in class.

By Angeliki T

Apr 19, 2021

Overall, it was a really great course, where I gained much deep knowledge on music and how it works. However, I don't think this course suits for someone who has NO experience on music as it doesn't explain theory thoroughly in order for someone completely new to understand it. If I didn't have some basic knowledge I wouldn't have made it through.

By Rhody A

Apr 27, 2020

There's a lot of assumption that the learner just simply "knows" what the lecturer is talking about. If I hadn't had my spouse to bounce these ides off of, I don't know for sure if I would've comprehended everything. That being said, I still learned a lot, but that's because I'm very dedicated and driven to learn this stuff!

By Thomas L S

Sep 12, 2020

I learned a lot, but the course could be better. I would have liked to have a text or written material that I could have referenced or followed along in. As it was, I used two computers. In many modules, the answer box would appear and cover the question, so I would skip the question.

By Deleted A

Jul 25, 2020

Not sure I would call this a beginner-friendly course. I went in with zero knowledge and unable to read sheet music and struggled all throughout the course. Definitely learn how to read Treble and Bass clef staves before you take this. Being good at math will also help.

By Yikun C

Aug 16, 2020

Sometimes the course feels too theoretical. Not recommend if you have zero music education background/experience in playing an instrument.

By MayTweTarMyintAung

Sep 21, 2020

I wish the explanations would be more simple and more understandable. Anyhow, now I know a lot about basic music theory.

By Rachel T

May 8, 2020

Definitely more advanced than a beginner course.

By killeraj t

Jul 25, 2020

Confusing but informative

By Rickard S J

Dec 29, 2019

so far