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Philosophy, Science and Religion mark three of the most fundamental modes of thinking about the world and our place in it. Are these modes incompatible? Put another way: is the intellectually responsible thing to do to ‘pick sides’ and identify with one of these approaches at the exclusion of others? Or, are they complementary or mutually supportive? As is typical of questions of such magnitude, the devil is in the details. For example, it is important to work out what is really distinctive about each of these ways of inquiring about the world. In order to gain some clarity here, we’ll be investigating what some of the current leading thinkers in philosophy, science and religion are actually doing. This course, entitled ‘Science and Philosophy’, is the first of three related courses in our Philosophy, Science and Religion Online series. The first launch is now closed to enrolments. We will launch a new version of the course in July 2018. The course will address four themes each presented by guest lecturers: 1. Are Science and Religion in conflict? (Professor Michael Murray, Franklin & Marshall) 2. Neuroscience and Free Will (Professor Al Mele, Florida State) 3. Creationism and Evolutionary Biology--Science or Pseudo-science? (Dr. Mark Harris and Dr. David de Pomerai, University of Edinburgh) 4. Do Scientific claims constitute absolute truths? (Professor Martin Kusch, University of Vienna) The second and third courses in the Philosophy, Science and Religion series are ‘Philosophy and Religion’ and ‘Religion and Science’. They may be taken in any order and completing all three courses will give you a broader understanding of this fascinating topic. Look for: • Philosophy, Science and Religion II: Philosophy and Religion • Philosophy, Science and Religion III: Religion and Science Check out our trailer to hear more: You can also follow us on Twitter at and you can follow the hashtag #psrmooc...

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Interesting and insightful lectures and questions by knowledgeable professors who encouraged me to think, not just regurgitate information.


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Precise and to the point! In the time and space we dwell in, this course is of utmost importance and the respected professors are of undeniable excellence.

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By Julian E

Jan 26, 2021

I was disappointed by the summary, which gave me the feeling that this course is only there to defame Young Earth Creationism. I, as European citizen, do not feel any relevance of Young Earth Creationism in my social, professional life at all. So why investing time in defending something that is only attacked by a minority mostly in the US? Why not looking at the positives how Philosophy, Science and Religion share the same view, how it works together in a symbiosis?

By Daniel S R

Sep 26, 2017

I was looking forward to an objective course in which the intersection of philosophy, science and religion was explained properly from an academic standpoint of view. However, when I saw that the John Templeton Foundation was involved in the production of the course, my expectations lowered exponentially.

They rocketed to the ground, however, when I saw how several lectures were biased towards treating scientific rigor as “fundamentalism” and when their religious ideas merged in an obscene and weird mixture with post modernism and critical theories to treat the scientific inquiry and knowledge with a relativistic approach. Only an ignorant religious fundamentalist would mistake the scientific inquiry with “naturalist fundamentalism” and misunderstand scientific discovery as an equal in a pseudo-intellectual war with religion, which the latter lost long time ago, rendering it obsolete.

I have no problem with considering the religious hypothesis and to examine them under the unbiased and objective glass of the scientific method. However once said hypothesis they are the subject of the scientific method they lose miserably, simply because they are based on faith and dogma.

This course is a shame. The only thing it misses for being an absolute joke is to have Ken Ham as a guest “scientist” guest. It is nothing more but a pathetic, uncovered attempt from creationist frauds to promote their ill-bred epistemologies.

By Ralph s

Jul 7, 2017

This is a course about Christianity and Science, not religion and Science. The basis of all the evidence given for religion is from a christian point of view and conducted from a defensive angle against science. I would not recommend this as a course that is honest or transparent in its approach, and is instead a defence of christianity and to some degree abrahamic religions. It completely neglects and schools of though regarding Hinduism, Buddhism or the vast swath of pagan, local and tribal religions. I fact there is not mention of religions own challenge to "Creationism" for example. Extreamlly disappointing course, I would not recommend this to anyone seeking truth with an open mind.

By Matthew K

Apr 5, 2017

I have always been appreciative of free courses that are provided by universities, but this course is clearly biased. The sophistry present in the final module is particularly dishonest. A university is meant to teach the whole story, and have a truthful account of facts. I am deeply disappointed that so much fallacious content could be distributed to individuals, on the pretext of unbiased learning. This course clearly has an agenda. I hope those who take it think critically about the subject matter and do their best to weed out what is reasonable and what is not.

By Douglas R A d O

May 16, 2017

The course misrepresents the scientific knowledge and makes religious proselytism.

By André L

Feb 25, 2024

Adorei o curso. Ele apresentou conceitos e categorias fundamentais para uma boa compreensão da problemática apresentada. Assistirei mais algumas vezes para absorver bem o conteúdo e poder realizar alguns artigos sobre o tema. Parabéns aos professores, parabéns à universidade de edimburgo, parabéns ao coursera.

By Paulo D S

Jul 26, 2022

Overal, I consider it a very good and interesting course.

To be fair, I didn't like the last module on Creationism (Week 5), neither the topic nor the teacher (Prof. David de Pomerai) which was far from the quality standards of all other Professors.

Final note should be 4.5/5

By Sophia A

Jan 16, 2018

It helps me to deeply understand what is science and the relationship between science and philosophy and religion. We need a scientific view regarding science, the philosophy of science is more important than science itself. Science is the tool for us to find the truth.

By Brian M

Sep 28, 2022

material is well structured, easy to understand and progressively build the learners knowledge and understanding.

it presents arguments from all sides of the debate and prompts further study into the subject.

By Josias F d S

Feb 26, 2023

This is an excellent course that updates our previous knowledge on the subject or introduces the fundamentals of the subject for those who did not already know it.

By imaloserdude

Nov 30, 2021

Interesting and insightful lectures and questions by knowledgeable professors who encouraged me to think, not just regurgitate information.

By Tessa L

Jul 8, 2020

I think this was a great course, in which a lot of parts of the Science and philosophy debat where explained. It was super interesting!

By George H

Aug 8, 2023

This was an amazing course to have been part of and has helped me in my wider life as a Christian in my church life. Thank you.

By Luz M G F

Nov 22, 2020

Fue una magnífica experiencia, logrando grandes aprendizajes con excelentes maestros y maestras. Saludo desde Cali, Colombia.


Sep 20, 2021

Awesome course, indeed. Very well structured, and many different points of view from many disciplines. Higly recommended!!!

By Juan F V

Nov 24, 2022

Very interesting course, I have learned a lot about philosophy of science, theology, evolution, I recomeded to everyone.

By Egor P

Mar 7, 2021

Хороший набор аргументов чтобы раз и навсегда разобраться в том какое место занимает религия а какое наука в нашем мире.

By Tran N

Oct 9, 2021

A great course ! I have learned a lot about free will, evolution and New Earth Creationism among the other things!

By maria b

Jul 9, 2024

This courtyard made me develop savings, analysis and rational thinking skills. "I enjoyed every moment I learned.

By Maruf L

Sep 26, 2019

Very Well package course. thanks for a lot of the knowledge and insight shared. I guess the learning continues.

By Venelouis T S P

Jan 31, 2017

A great course that make us to think about perceived reality, to think about science and religion importances.

By Nancy M

Feb 9, 2021

I kept wanting to know more and to learn more about the subject. It's a very captivating course. Thank you.

By John D

Apr 27, 2017

Great course, excellent brief survey of a number of key issues in philosophy of science. Highly recommended.

By Roberto G

Dec 18, 2021

Excellent! Great lectures of all professors. Dr. David de Pomerai was specially great to me. Thanks to all.

By Elsie C

May 4, 2021

Another great course from the University of Edinburgh. Very clearly explained, and very interesting topics.