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This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management. Project managers play a key role in leading, planning and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. In this course, you’ll discover foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. We’ll also introduce you to the kinds of jobs you might pursue after completing this program. Throughout the program, you’ll learn from current Google project managers, who can provide you with a multi-dimensional educational experience that will help you build your skills for on-the-job application. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define project management and describe what constitutes a project. - Explore project management roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries. - Detail the core skills that help a project manager be successful. - Describe the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase. - Compare different program management methodologies and approaches and determine which is most effective for a given project. - Define organizational structure and culture and explain how it impacts project management. - Define change management and describe the role of the project manager in the process....

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Coursera Learning videos always the best and top notch with thorough concepts and hands on experience. Special Thanks to Google for providing inner core concepts on Foundations of Project Management.


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This course is very helpful for those who want to kick start their career in project management field. It is highly interactive and covers basics of project management thoroughly. I really enjoyed it.

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By Mercedes M

Sep 25, 2023

The first course in the Professional Project Management Certificate is very informative, short, and overall direct to the point. I did like appreciate the videos of company employees sharing their personal experiences and insight into their respective roles. The Peer-review discussion boards have never been my favorite. It is not monitored by instructors and people just post anything or nothing at all and "complete" the assignment. I'm glad that for now, the discussion boards are participation optional, but I worry about when capstone comes around how will it work? I do believe hard work is noticeable and hope Google is watching,

By Sk M H

Feb 16, 2022

Initially I want to thankyou coursera for giving me this opportunity to complete this course. This is my first course ever on Coursera. The knowledge that i gain from this course is unbelievable. I already interested on learnig project managements so i read many articles on internet but when I found this course on coursera I realize that this may be my best experience ever.

Finally I want to thank my instructuctor Emilio sir whose videos help me to understand each and every details cleary. I also want to thankyou coursera's hardworking team on making a the best educational platform of the world.


Yours Sincerely


By Rizwan W

Dec 26, 2022

The course was great learning experience. I want to highlight few points which I liked the most about this course:

1. The course is very well organized i.e., every content is linked in a sequence very well

2. Trainer has great insight and very simple & easy style of delivering valuable concepts

3. The course is not just based on MCQs or listening, it is full time engagement. For example it has assignments, it has reading, listening & comments

4. The course is light weight so that easy to grasp and understand

5. Real life experiences from Google Program managers /Project Managers is very insightful & motivates

Really liked this course

By Ali H

Dec 15, 2021

This course literally enlightened me with some crucial aspects of Project Management. Also, helped me in finding out what kind of a role I should be looking for as a Project Manager. And how to make sure one carries out all the necessary details when embarking on that particular role. Thank you so much for providing such a detailed course on where to start, how to do it and what to look out for in Project Management. Special thanks to all the instructors who took the time in telling us about their own experience and giving some useful tips that helped them throughout their career journey. Hoping to start the next course soon!

By Rebecca R

Jun 11, 2021

The instructor used relative examples that are well understood in various personal and business aspects. He himself was relatable to users, and so were the "guest speakers". Everything was broken down in well organized and timed sections that delivered information in a well paced manner. I believe someone taking this course that was completely new to Project Management would succeed. The use of video, with text that is highlighted along with the presenters speech was highly useful for me as someone with a photographic memory. Hearing someone speak, while being able to read and follow along greatly helped my type of learning.

By Md. K A M

Mar 13, 2024

The Google Foundations of Project Management course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of project management. Through engaging lectures, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies, learners gain valuable insights into key project management concepts such as project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. The course covers essential topics including stakeholder management, risk assessment, scheduling, and communication strategies, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage projects of varying sizes and complexities.

By Lyshel S P

Feb 8, 2023

If you're looking for a project management roadmap as a beginner, this course is just right for you because you're not going to be alone in your learning phase in project management. This course is jampacked with all the necessary things you need to in your learning phase! You'll be having an accountability coach who will guide you in understanding different project management methodologies and concepts; resources, where you can save and go back to whenever you want to re-visit and refresh your mind with the different project management methodologies and concepts; and lastly, you'll find out soon as you try this course!

By Shubam M

Jun 8, 2022

It was an exciting journey. Starting from the scratch to

understanding what is project management

various job titltes and skills set required to be successful project manager

understanding the phases of project management

Various management methodologies includong Waterfall and Agile

Understanding the organisational structure and culture and change management.

This course provides the basic understanding and fundamentals of project management. The best thing about this course is that there's a lot of activities and discussion forums which help you grow even more into this field. I am looking forward to upcoming courses.

By Kalyani J

Jun 11, 2023

I recently completed the " Foundation of Project Management" course offered by Coursera with Infosys Springboard and I must say it was Exceptional learning experience.

In this course I learned what project management along with the role and value of a project manager. Next I learned life cycle of project and the task to manage a project from start to finish. Then project management methodologies and tips for choosing right method for your project also, change management and organization structure and management and mostly important creating simple team connections can lead to successful project outcome.

By Reji M

Mar 27, 2023

An excellent course to start learning the highly valued skill of Project Management. The course is well paced and the videos have high quality content coming from well qualified and experienced professionals.

The content could help with our daily life in such a way that we might start thinking like a project manager to successfully complete some of the things we do. e.g. I was thinking about selling a property that has shared ownerships, documentation challenges, land conversion, marketing and finally selling. Could relate the steps to a hybrid model.

Thanks for offering this excellent foundational course.

By Om V

Jun 12, 2023

The Foundations of Project Management course is an excellent introduction to the principles and practices of effective project management. The course covers essential topics such as project planning, scheduling, and budgeting, providing a solid framework for managing projects of any size. The content is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and apply. The course also includes practical exercises and real-world examples, enhancing the learning experience. Overall, it's a valuable course for anyone interested in developing their project management skills. Highly recommended.


Nov 23, 2023

I recently completed the Foundations of Project Management course, and I am thrilled with the invaluable insights and skills I gained. The course content is comprehensive, well-structured, and delivered by knowledgeable instructors. The interactive nature of the course kept me engaged, and the practical examples provided a clear understanding of project management concepts. The inclusion of real-world case studies enhanced the learning experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a strong foundation in project management. Five stars for its quality, relevance, and effectiveness!

By Maria S J

Dec 14, 2021

I have no background in project management and took the course out of a mild curiosity. I learned more than I expected to learn. Some of the things I learned were things I already knew from work experience. (Indeed, I would expect that most people who have worked in a corporate environment would generally know these things.) However, the framework in which the material was presented was very clear and engaging. I would recommend this class for anyone working in a corporate environment even if they do not have an interest in being a project manager because of the overview it provides about projects.

By Motunrayo A

Jun 21, 2022

This course has been an excellent refresher on project management for me. The course content is very detailed and its presented in an easy to understand format, the videos helped me to learn about the non-traditional paths to becoming a project manager from some of the program managers at Google, the questions and quizzes tested my knowledge of the concepts I have learnt, and the discussion boards provided a way to engage and share with other participants. I would highly recommend this course to beginners to the field of project management or those looking to refresh your project management knowledge.

By Elena C

Nov 2, 2021

It's a very well done course, I really enjoy the way it's structured. I like how videos, readings and testing of knowledge are alternated, which helps remaining focused since it never gets boring.

It's also good that sometimes there are self-reflection questions that can be shared publicly. I think this boosts motivation and helps people understand that they're not alone in this journey.

Since I've started this course, I have had so many ideas on what I could have done better to improve past projects and new ideas about future ones. It really motivates me to move forward to the next course objectives.

By Nancy S

Aug 8, 2022

There was so much information packed into this course, and it was presented in a clear way, without being overwhelming. I learned that I was indeed already doing project management in my last job; I just didn't know it! This foundations course helped me discern what I already know about project management, and the correct terminology for the roles and duties. It also introduced me to the aspects of the work with which I have had no experience, so I know what concepts and skills I will need to focus on and learn to be a better project manager. I'm looking forward to the next course in the series!

By Aleksei M

Jan 30, 2023

The course is so engaging and professionally structured that it is as inspiring as possible to follow: video lessons are interspersed with text documents, supplemented by practical examples and interesting assignments.  A regular quiz on each individual block helps you internalise the knowledge you've gained. The course will be useful for the beginner - there is a lot of new information to be learned. The course will also help experienced professionals - it perfectly structures the knowledge they have previously acquired and gives a new boost of professional motivation.Translated with DeepL


Feb 21, 2022


By Sherert C

Dec 12, 2021

I absolutely love these courses, because it offers ample opportunity to learn a new skill that is applicable to real life. Knowledge, is a Powerful tool that will help me get ahead in the employment arena. I am so very appreciative that the courses were affordable too, which contributed to my motivation to take advantage of this golden opportunity to learn something new and useful. Thank You Google, & The Coursera staff, for thinking of folks like myself, and providing a platform that encourages educational growth! And not charging an arm and a leg for it. This is to me, is a win/win.

By Marina Ć

Oct 19, 2022

The instructor is excellent and he really followed course material from the beginning to the end. It was so pleasant listening to him and he explained everything in detail, often using real-life examples and situations that he had encountered. This course is a terrific introduction to Project Management and I am certain that both beginners and established Project Managers could benefit from listening to this program, because even though someone is a Project Manager, maybe they have missed some of the foundations mentioned in this course. I am very pleased and happy to continue my journey.

By Paulette P

Feb 9, 2022

The course material was simple to follow and comprehend. Throughout the several presentations, the presenters were absolutely very clear. I had previously taken an online project management course, and doing so with Coursera has only added to my knowledge. In addition, this course taught me about some new project management methodologies and approaches, which I greatly appreciate. True, we live our lives in the same way that we manage daily projects, big and small. The fees are low, reasonable, and affordable, and I will enthusiastically recommend this course to others who are interested.

By Ken N

Nov 25, 2023

As a professional seeking to strengthen my project management skills, I found Google's "Foundations of Project Management" course uniquely valuable. It efficiently equips students with practical methodologies for systematically executing successful projects. I appreciated the course's practical approach over theoretical concepts. My strengthened skills for methodically leading business initiatives end-to-end will prove invaluable for driving my own professional growth. I highly recommend this course to any leader seeking to enrich their hands-on project execution abilities efficiently.

By Marie G

Apr 5, 2024

I liked the presenter - strong voice and has the work experience too. Good flow of modules that reinforce your learning step by step. Good use of interactivity to reinforce learning with some short quizzes, a few discussions, and some gameified learning tasks. I have previous practical experience managing group projects at my university, but never received any formal training/class that taught me formal methodologies and best practices. I enjoyed this course, given my prior experience as I made connections of my past experience with the methods/terms/studies presented in this course.

By Muhammed A

Jan 3, 2024

I wasn't sure about the assessment, but its actually alright. I think reliance on MCQs is overrated, so the other types of questions were appreciated, especially the different plug-ins. Discussion is alright, but having more directions about engaging with others would be helpful. Content itself is general, and easily understood. I'd say anyone with a good grasp of English could follow, and anyone who has ever done any role relating to project managment, which is everyone - would find this useful still. It helps put names to ideas we've had, and shows us now ideas too. Thank you.

By Bernice

Jun 1, 2021

This was a wonderful course. I enjoyed the overall formatting of the course with equal parts videos, readings and quizzes I could do on my laptop and phone via the app. All the topics were very interesting. It was great to hear the real world/Google experiences of actual Project Managers and see how excited they are about where they work and what they do.

I will continue and complete the certification and I hope to change my career into a meaningful and enjoyable career. I also hope to be able to find a mentor and mentor others in the near future as a Project Manager. Thank you!