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Learner Reviews & Feedback for What is Compliance? by University of Pennsylvania

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Compliance isn’t only about preventing problems and ensuring that everyone is abiding by laws, rules, and regulations. It’s also about the positive impact a robust and ethical compliance program can have on a business or organization. In this course we will discuss why compliance is important – from the needs facing businesses in highly regulated industries to avoiding fines and penalties to preventing reputational and economic nightmares. We’ll examine real-world examples of compliance and governance failures and their impact, and consider strategies for avoiding similar situations in our own organizations. You’ll be able to think about risk management in new ways and apply strategies to manage it....

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This is a great intro level course. The videos are of very high quality. The case studies and reading given was very interesting to read. I actually had a lot of fun completing this.


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I got to have a better perspective of compliance and its role in the business environment. The instructors are well conversant and will enrich you.I would highly recommend this course.

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By Katerina S

Jan 14, 2021

This is a great intro level course. The videos are of very high quality. The case studies and reading given was very interesting to read. I actually had a lot of fun completing this.

By H M

Apr 28, 2020

I got to have a better perspective of compliance and its role in the business environment. The instructors are well conversant and will enrich you.I would highly recommend this course.

By Anwuri W

Sep 22, 2019

I really love this course. It is so well structured and easily understandable. I just want a mix of more examples of Compliance issues across the world to allow for direct relations.

By Alan B

Aug 26, 2020

This course is extremely important to the creation of an accountable culture in the economy and I feel it is highly worth taking. I am looking forward to the other 3 in the series.

By Yinka T - W

Apr 30, 2020

This course answers all the questions i had in mind before begining the course. Learnt a lot and will continue building on what i have learnt thus far. Great Course.

By Shamkhal R

Dec 5, 2019

Lecturers are just amazing.

Readings are interesting and related to the course.

Questions are helpful

Course is pretty simple thou

By Jacqueline C

Jul 7, 2019

This course was well done and the professors/videos were engaging. The accompanying transcript made it convenient to study when listening to the entire video was not an option at a given time. I fell into the field of compliance without knowing more than "compliance is adhering to laws and regulations" without knowing all of the areas that encompass compliance, including risk assessment and risk management. So, this was great for me. The fact that I can earn a certificate makes it all the better as I enhance my job skills and make myself more marketable for the job scene. Thank you!

By Alex H

Nov 3, 2019

A good overview into the roles and functions of compliance, with useful materials and resources of where to go to further your education beyond the specialization. Being a US university, they do have a US and UK focus on regulations and laws discussed.

By Shiyevina A A

Jan 21, 2020

This course was very informative, and after such a long time, the risk profile assessment really opened my eyes and made me think outside the box. I also enjoyed doing peer reviews because they were very insightful.

By Annalisa P

May 22, 2020

If you want to learn but not have to worry about grades, this is a great course! I learned a lot that I will be able to take back to my company and apply to my current position.

By Agnaldo H d R

Jan 10, 2021

The course is incredible and the lecturers in law are excellent. He added knowledge and I will use it later in our company, reopening the business in 2021, after completely restructuring ourselves in 2020, overcoming huge challenges.

As soon as we add new customers to our company we will buy more advanced courses.

I appreciate the opportunity provided by Lauren Steinfeld, Andrew Kandel, Coursera and the University of Pennsylvania. God bless you!

By J R R D

Jan 27, 2020

The course is presented very well to understand what compliance is and thanks to the lecturers that provides excellent explanations as well as the cases studies that give an overview that what they are referring to. Excellent introduction to understand compliance!

By Esan B A

Feb 15, 2021

This was great. You do not need any previous knowledge in compliance to understand this course. Either you need an introduction or a refresher, this is the right course for you.

By Diana B A

Aug 21, 2019

Great course! Provides an overview of what is compliance and clarifies various topics for people who are seeking more knowledge over the subject.

By Vicky Y

Mar 2, 2020

This is an good intro class for compliance. It covers the most common compliance topics and indutries with good examples.

By Joan H

Apr 29, 2019

A great introduction to compliance!

By Tammy C

Apr 24, 2021

The content of the course provided a foundational level of knowledge as a doorway to the remainder of the specialization. The only reason I'm not giving the course five stars was because of some personal and perceived confusion when it came to the final assignment (risk assessment and peer review). While this could be Coursera issue versus an Instructor or course material issue, once I submitted my own assignment there were no peer assignments available for me to review. A good amount of participants took to the discussion board requesting review of their assignment in exchange for reviewing a peers assignment. However, the links provided by peers often did not work. This issue coupled with the delay in confirmation that your own assignment had been reviewed led to unnecessary concern as to whether you would complete the course prior to the course deadline despite submitting the assignment two weeks or more prior to due date.

By elliot n

May 11, 2020

Not as informative as I had hoped.


Nov 8, 2020

Good evening, I hope you are well, I am proud to have been able to participate in the specialized compliance course, I am a lawyer and I learned a lot and obtained many important tools.

But once they send the certificates they say that they do not accredit any academic value nor can they be accredited and I consider that it is an effort and investment of time to achieve a successful completion and I respectfully request that it be reconsidered and I know the academic value because it is like not having done anything or not having studied... thank you.


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By Mariia A G

Aug 9, 2023

"What is Compliance?" by Penn University on Coursera is an excellent course that provides a comprehensive understanding of compliance principles and their significance in various industries. The peer-to-peer assignments were a standout feature, as they allowed me to interact with fellow learners, exchange insights, and apply the concepts learned in real-world scenarios. The course content was well-structured and engaging, making it accessible even to those new to the subject. Overall, a highly recommended course for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of compliance and its practical applications.

By Lorenzo B

Jul 17, 2022

Very comprehensive course. It does not go into the details of how to establish a compliance program and, admittedly, this was not its objective. For what it purported to achieve, I give it high marks. The research and reference materials are very good/excellent. The presentations were clear and professional. I recommend the course for anyone wishing to have a solid foundation about the US background to compliance and why this activity is a must to companies of all sizes and industries.

By D A P

May 15, 2020

Learning about Regulatory compliance is an excellent enlightening certificate course anyone should opt for. It gave me a better understanding of the subject and it was an interactive learning session, as it also gave us a chance to discuss the topic in threading comments. which helped me to gain knowledge of compliance in broadspectrum in different fields. Lastly, I understood how important it is to maintain Compliance in any organization and institutions.

By Alexandre V L

Aug 31, 2020

I really enjoyed the course: What is Compliance? Professors had the ability to develop excellent content, activities and tests that provided me with a great capacity for critical, analytical, systematic and complex reflection on the importance of Compliance not only within the financial market sector, but in the relevant attitudes and decisions that we must elaborate and implement in our own personal lives.

By Michael B

Apr 29, 2020

Instructors are extremely knowledgable and highly experienced. The course met its objective by providing enough material to give the student an overview of what compliance and risk are, different types, impact and how organizations can take steps to reduce. The key takeaway is the change in how organizations view the importance of compliance today versus a decade ago.

By Alexandre S

Jul 29, 2020

I thought the MOOC was very good. Teachers demonstrated great knowledge. The difference was the capacity for critical vision in each class, I was impressed that in addition to the incredible didactics in relation to the method for compliance, they also demonstrated great scientific knowledge, which helped a lot to enrich the course. I really appreciate the opportunity.