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About the Course

In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn the basics of web application development with Python using the Flask framework. Through hands on, practical experience, you will go through concepts like creating a Flask Application, using Templates in Flask Applications, using SQLAlchemy and SQLite with Flask, and using Flask and WTForms. You will then apply the concepts to create your first web application with Python and Flask. This course is aimed at learners who are looking to get started with web application development using Python, and have some prior programming experience in the Python programming language. The ideal learner has understanding of Python syntax, HTML syntax, and computer programming concepts. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....

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Thank you coursera for providing the project on flask and how to build apps using it.It was an amazing experience withe flask enjoyed it.


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creo que en ciertos puntos me sentí algo desorientado, pero se debe a que soy noob en el tema. pero pude comprender consultando en google para complementar los ejercicios.

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By Tina K

Jul 5, 2020

Unfortunately, this is not a good course, which is disappointing because I expect more from Coursera. The external virtual desktop platform that Coursera uses (Rhyme) is slow, sluggish and overall user experience is so bad I had to move away from it and work locally.

On the platform, there are students constantly messaging to get help with bugs, but the platform is not supported by anyone. It should be noted that the code for this course is provided on the Coursera website, not on Rhyme, I spent so much time trying to find/access it.

The project feels very unfinished, there is not enough content - even the basics such as instructions for web deployment (which should be a part of every *web* app tutorial) and the course skips over other major concepts. If you actually want to learn Flask, unfortunately I have to recommend looking elsewhere.

By Bhushan

Aug 13, 2020

Sometimes, I felt that instructions were not clear, like why we are doing it, what's the exact use of that function/library.

By Aditya G

Aug 1, 2020

More elaboration on databases required, other than that its a good course even for non-programmers

By Claudio B

Jun 22, 2020

Course was Ok. I expected to have more info about API/REST protocol.

By Guo X W

Jul 9, 2020

I think I came into this project with misguided expectations. I have working knowledge of Python and was hoping to learn how to deploy web apps for generating visualisations etc. The course is not suitable for those without knowledge of HTML syntax. I had difficulty following the instructor (the laggy interface compounded the problem) and the whole learning experience felt very mechanical. I felt like a blind follower. It would be very useful if the instructor could set the context of what he is doing before every step.

By Heloisa D

Jan 31, 2023

I can't give zero starts; the whole process didn't work for me: from the virtual machine to the errors creating the database.

By Souvik G

Jun 13, 2020

I'm always obsessed with the Python programming from when I got to think and start learning it from the scratch. I always wonder what to do next with Python then, started to explore more of it. Now, I'm aware that Flask and Django is used for web development in Python. I could never start learning it myself, but I could find such a great teacher who had actually helped to learn all these from the beginning. I really appreciate of my teacher for my building my basic knowledge about these and I hope I can do a lot stuff if I work hard in future. I urge my teacher to make another advanced web development with Flask or some basic Django web applications. Thank you so much!!

By Rodrigo B d S C

Jun 28, 2020

It gave me an good overview of how routes, forms and sqalchemy works in flask. I just felt this project a bit hard, I think because I don't know much about backend yet.

By Hasan b u

Jun 7, 2020

i am very gratefu.

By Sridhar N

Jul 23, 2020

Best for bigners

By Sam V

Aug 10, 2020

I like the new guided format. Completing a hands-on project gives a sense of accomplishment.

As I mentioned in my survey feedback, few things will really help. I am an experienced programmer with some Python. I wanted to learn Flask. So, some detailed transcipt of the project steps would have helped me going back and forth on the video. Also, some pauses, markers on the video would help us to try out without losing the thread on the video.

This is about Rhyme - it's beautiful, but sort of scrunched on a laptop. Better control of the 2 windows will be useful. We need more control over the sessions - I shutdown a few times, I lost the files I saved. And last minute, I ran out of time. I ended up finishing the course on my local PC.

In this regard, a complete instruction on setting up the environment for the project will be useful. (Or may be provide python virtual env files...

Otherwise, nice course! Thanks Amit Yadav! Thank you Coursera! Stay safe!



By Alexandra S

Feb 2, 2021

The course is great - it is feeling as if you are sitting next to your experienced colleague and learning about how to build an app, hand in hand!

I tried using Rhyme, however, I switched from it to writing the code on my computer.

I am a beginner, so in my case it took about 8 hours to finish the project as I had to learn how to set up my dev.env. on my own, google theparts I didn't understand etc.

What can be improved: please provide some advice/links/instructions on setting up the development environment for the students who want to use their own computers instead of Rhyme. Also,I would appreciate related readings, as some concepts were explained superficially.

This is my forst time trying a Guided Project on coursera, and I totally recommend this one to everyone who want to see and try how a web app is being built!

By Eliane L B

Dec 19, 2020

I liked the pace of the project and the fact that we switched very often to the "user" viewpoint to see how it was going along. This made it really fun and a lot easier to see where it went wrong when something didn't work.

I liked that it was organised in two parts, one with just basic functionalities and a second where we added everything.

It took me more than the advertised time, but maybe it's due to the fact that I'm quite new at Python and want to make sure I understand every detail... :)

I highly recommend it!

By Harshit K G

Jul 17, 2020

Amazing course. Just the right one I was looking for. It does demand prior experience in basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, which is pretty obvious as it lets the course to be more specific on teaching flask and its applications. It was just the right one for me to get started with flask, I just hope to get a similar course on Django from Amit sir . I have learnt about using flask to manage my web pages. Well-set and very well-taught.

By Raul V

Jul 5, 2022

Having an understaning in Python basics, Flask basics, and knowing about the modules will help you get through this course. Instructor does an excellent job in explaining the steps and providing step-by-step guidance throuhgout the project. If you are looking to further improve your confidence in using the Flask, this is a great start!

By Daniele M

Sep 12, 2020

Very good course. I just don't like very much the Rhyme platform, because I preferred to code on my own PC and I was not able to watch the video while coding (the video pauses if I am using VS Code at the same time). But the course is very good, I recommend it


Apr 24, 2022

Flask is a Python web framework that makes it easy to create a fully-featured web application. we can Learn the basics of this popular framework so that we can create our own web application with a Python back-end.

Thank You !


Oct 15, 2020

The project covers a lot of libraries/modules, but true to the course title, I was able to create my very first Web app after the project. It wasn't simple for me, but I was happy with the learning experience.

By Alina A

Sep 21, 2021

The course is easy to follow, practical, and helps start Flask dev straight away. The course instructor is great, I enjoyed clear explanation and the fact that there was only essential information on Flask.

By Dimitris Z

Dec 30, 2020

Very usefull lessons and can be used in real life programming at many projects.

Deep commenting and describing in each part of lession.

I recommend for everyone who want to know python and flask

By Juan C G

Dec 29, 2020

creo que en ciertos puntos me sentí algo desorientado, pero se debe a que soy noob en el tema. pero pude comprender consultando en google para complementar los ejercicios.

By Danilo B R

Feb 12, 2023

I needed a fast pace course to bet the basics to follow another course I was doing and I really like the course, give me enough information to accomplish my initial goal.

By Aravindhan A

Sep 20, 2020

Very nice project on Flask. The instructor covered every topic clearly and go for this if you want to learn to do web apps easily and fast.

By Pedro M B d C C I

Dec 3, 2021

Very simple, direct and basic-covering type of 2h tutorial perfect to get you start going having used the essentials, recommend!

By Cem K

Jul 11, 2020

Course is very good, short and to the point but the rhyme platform is poorly designed in terms of user interface.