Python Developer Salary: Your 2024 Guide

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Python is a high-level, versatile programming language with various applications for websites, games, mobile apps, and software. Read on to learn the average Python developer salary based on location, education, industry, and more.

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*All data and salary information are current as of November 2023.

Python is a programming language used by some of the biggest companies in the world like IBM, Facebook, NASA, JP Morgan Chase, and PayPal.  Software developers are in high demand, and Python is one of the most popular programming languages used today. 

Python developers are typically paid well for their skills and are responsible for coding, designing, and deploying projects in Python. If you’re interested in this role, let’s examine how much Python developers typically make and the factors that can influence your salary. 


What is a Python developer?

While there are many roles in tech that use Python, a Python developer will be expected to have a higher understanding and skill level when using Python to accomplish tasks. 

A Python developer is a member of a computer programming team that creates and debugs projects using Python. In this role, you might work closely with other teams in data collection and analytics to create solutions to questions.  

How much does a Python developer make?

According to various salary websites, Python developers make an average annual salary that ranges between $81,098 and $124,200. The range breaks down as follows according to each of the sources [ 1, 2, 3, 4]:

GlassdoorPayscaleIndeedUS BLS (median)

Your salary as a Python developer may be influenced by factors such as where you live, who you work for, and your level of expertise.

Factors that affect Python developer salary

Your Python developer salary will likely depend on your:

  • Education

  • Certifications

  • Experience

  • Skills

  • Location

  • Industry

  • Company you work for

Let's take a detailed look at these factors and current salary trends.

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Completing more education can help you earn more money as a Python developer. According to, here are the median salary ranges that correspond to education level:

  • Bachelor’s degree earn a range of $117,619 to $123,496

  • Master’s degree: $118,400 and $124,325

  • Doctorate: $118,713 to $124,657 [5

Employers will typically require at least a bachelor’s degree to become a Python developer. Here is a breakdown of typical education for Python developers: 

  • High school diploma: 2 percent

  • Associate degree: 1 percent

  • Bachelor’s degree: 47 percent 

  • Master’s degree: 44 percent 

  • Doctorate: 6 percent [5

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Earning a certification is a great way to expand your earning potential and verify your skills and knowledge to employers. According to Pearson Vue, 37 percent of IT professionals across all categories see an increase in their salary after gaining certification [6]. The Python Institute Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG) offers certification tracks for Python professionals which include: 

  • General-purpose programming

    • Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP)

    • Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) 

    • Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 (PCPP1) 

    • Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 (PCPP2) (Coming in 2024)

  • Testing

    • Certified Entry-Level Tester with Python (PCET)

    • Certified Associate in Testing with Python (PCAT)

    • Certified Professional Tester with Python (PCPT) (Coming in 2024)

  • Data Science

    • Certified Entry-Level Data Analyst with Python (PCED)

    • Certified Associate Data Analyst with Python (PCAD) 

More certifications in security, network programming, and web development from The Python Institute are coming in 2024 as well.


Another factor that impacts your salary as a Python developer is your level of experience. Here is an average base salary breakdown according to years of experience from Glassdoor: 

  • 0-1 year of experience: $84,530

  • 1-3 years of experience: $94,618

  • 4-6 years of experience: $107,723

  • 7-9 years of experience: $118,361

  • 10-14 years of experience: $126,968

  • 15+ years of experience: $135,772 [1


A Python developer’s earnings change based on skill set. Here are five skills and how much they can increase your salary on average, according to Indeed [3]:

  • Counterintelligence: 73.94 percent higher salary

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): 19.82 percent higher salary

  • Continuous integration/ continuous deployment (CI/CD): 11.68 percent higher salary

  • NoSQL: 12.67 percent higher salary

  • Communication: 8.31 percent higher salary


Where you’re located can also influence how much you’re paid. Cities with higher cost of living will usually offer higher wages. The following are the average salaries based on the highest-paying cities and states for Python developers: 

Highest-paying cities [3]:

  • Chicago, Illinois: $151,232

  • Houston, Texas: $130,768

  • Charlotte, North Carolina: $127,215

  • Fort Worth, Texas: $127,204

  • New York, New York: $123,563

  • Columbus, Ohio: $122,165

Highest-paying states[7]:

  • Alabama: $170,000

  • West Virginia: $160,175

  • Maine: $150,000

  • New Hampshire: $143,125

  • Massachusetts: $140,000

  • New York: $139,132

  • California: $135,667


Python developers are needed to create software solutions in a wide variety of industries, from financial services to manufacturing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers insight into how different industries can affect a software developer's median salary [4]: 

  • Software publishing: $134,430

  • Manufacturing: $132,130

  • Finance and insurance: $128,960

  • Company and enterprise management: $127,880

  • Computer services: $112,510

Zippia provides average software developer salary data for a few additional industries [8]:

  • Media: $101,235

  • Technology: $99,091

  • Telecommunication: $98,470

  • Professional services: $91,748


Even within an industry, the company you work for will also impact your salary. Glassdoor offers a breakdown of average salaries by company [1]:

  • Google: $204,151

  • Apple: $193,848

  • Orabase Solutions: $100,546

  • i5-tech: $120,823

  • Amazon: $145,059

Python developers are similar to other programming and development roles. Here are some related job titles and their average base salaries as reported by Glassdoor: 

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