Starting in August of 2016, I joined Hillsdale College as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy. I am also a Principal Investigator on the IH MOOC project at Eidyn: The Edinburgh Centre for Epistemology, Mind, and Normativity at the University of Edinburgh. I finished my PhD in the St Andrews-Stirling Joint Programme in Philosophy in 2012. My dissertation focused on virtue epistemology and the analysis of knowledge, and my current research includes work on intellectual virtues, the Gettier Problem, epistemic luck, fallibilism, disagreement, the interface between epistemology and ethics, non-reductive models of knowledge, intuitions, religious epistemology, philosophy of psychology, and cognitive science. Prior to my PhD, I did my MLitt in philosophy in the St Andrews-Stirling Joint Programme and my BA in philosophy and rhetoric & composition English at Ball State University.