Who is this class for: This class can be taken by anyone. The materials will be divided into three tiers, allowing you to choose how much you want to engage with the topic. At the Learn level, you will watch videos and complete quizzes. At the Engage level, you will be asked to do some background reading, answer reflective questions and participate in discussions. At the Go Further! level you will be invited to complete more creative tasks and presented with a range of further readings. You can choose how you want to engage with the course and each particular module, and can mix things to best suit your learning style.

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Commitment4 weeks of study, 3 levels of commitment: Learn (1.5h/week), Engage (3h/week), Go Further (3+h/week)
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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I found aspects of this course very informative. There is a sense that the field is new which is, I suppose, as exciting as it is frustrating. The fourth module presented by Prof. Vasu Reddy is the most engaging presentation I have seen in online education. Her short lectures are fresh and exciting and her keen scholarship is informed by a great breadth of compassion and a natural instinct for inclusion. It is worth taking the course for this alone. I found some of the other material rather dry but that, I feel, may be a matter of taste. The course is well structured and a useful insight into some of the thinking in an important and pioneering field of investigation.

Thank you for challenging me to become a person of intellectual humility.

It is an interesting course and very simple to follow. The things, I learned, are that intellectual humility is connected to different things as stated by different professors. So each of professors were correct, then their views would be more confusing than clarifying. However, intellectual humility is a very controversial topic and it is good to look at it from different angle.

Course is really interesting, and there is a lot to this topic that I feel should find its way into a modern dialogure, as a critical feature of persons you wish to empower as leaders. If people understood this concept, Trump would not have won. But the section on correlations and data speak are really a bit tedious. Coursera is not really the format for data-intense courses on statistics, in my view the key is to focus on main conclusions and lectures should not be a reproduction of research results as in a technical paper re-.broadcast.