Keng Hsu

Associate Professor of Advanced Manufacturing


Dr. Keng Hsu is currently an associate professor of Advanced Manufacturing at Arizona State University. He is also the Head of Technology at Reverb Industrial, a company bringing a brand new way to do metal additive manufacturing to the industry. Dr. Hsu has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and materials science. He received his PhD in Mechanical Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009. Since then, he has applied and expanded his expertise in the areas of research, teaching, and engineering consulting. His research revolves around advanced manufacturing at multiple scales in both top-down (subtractive) and bottom-up (additive) approaches. His current research areas include scalable nano-manufacturing process development, metal/semiconductor/metal-semiconductor hybrid nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage, additive manufacturing process development, meso-structure materials, metamaterials, plasmonics, and solid-state electrochemistry. Hsu’s research work has generated over 60 journal publications and patent applications and his work has been supported by NSF, DOD, ARPA-E, DOE, and several industrial sponsors. Two of his patents on novel materials fabrication techniques are being licensed by major metal and polymer 3D printing machine OEMs.