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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The 3D Printing Revolution by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

This course will demonstrate how 3D printers work, show what people make with them, and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. It will also explore the future of 3D printing and discuss how this technology will revolutionize our world. The course materials include informative video lectures, on-location interviews with a variety of 3D printing experts, and engaging hands-on exercises. This course is listed in the top 50 MOOCs of all time by Class-Central (

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A must attend course for those who like innovation and engineering. Will become a must complete subject for engineering graduates. This technology will definitely be a part of our day to day life.


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I really had a pleasant experience in learning this course. Mr Aric has given a detailed explanation about the subject and shared the experiences of others through illustrative Videos

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By Toby C

Dec 27, 2020

Excellent for people who want don't know much about 3D printing and want to be acquainted. There are takeaways for more experienced 3D printing users, too, like how it affects the economy and the role of the consumer.

By Shourya A

May 24, 2020

It was an amazing course, especially the teaching style. The instructor directly took us to the marketplace and the people who are directly involved in it to teach us what is going on with the 3D printing technology.


May 8, 2020

Excellent Course by Prof. Aric Rindfleisch . Best course for the beginners. And the course will inspire and motivate the leaner to become a skillful person in 3D printing technology. I strongly recommend this course.

By Efrain J P H

Jun 5, 2017

Is a great way to start learning about 3d printing, I allready knew lots of the content but is presented in order, took two week what may take weeks of research, reading, web searching and still this is a better way.


Aug 14, 2021

It's really very great course for learning. The course instructor explained it nicely and assignments were fantastic. Just thingiverse assignment is really slow. otherwise I enjoyed the course thoroughly.

By sue c l

Feb 26, 2017

I like the fact that so many leaders of 3D printing came from diverse backgrounds. And they share an infectious spirit of learning and pushing the boundaries of software, hardware and materials science.

By Kevin J B S

Aug 14, 2022

Buen curso. Aprendo lo basico de la impresion 3D tanto como el uso y la forma en la que esta evolucionando. A futuro me servira si llego a trabajar en una empresa que tenga este tipo de impresoras.

By David J A

Jun 14, 2021

This course provides an overview and understanding of the 3-D printing industry, where it came from, where it's going, and where someone could start if they're interested in pursuing opportunities.

By Rajeesh R P

Jun 28, 2020

A must attend course for those who like innovation and engineering. Will become a must complete subject for engineering graduates. This technology will definitely be a part of our day to day life.

By Tan S Y

May 31, 2020

The way the course is conducted is interesting as it interviews experts in the 3D printing to share their stories and insights. This gave me good insights into how the 3D printing world is.

By Moise M

Aug 20, 2018

The course met my expectation as an excellent introduction to additive manufacturing. I enjoyed particularly the videos of company visits illustrating the broad applications of 3d printing.

By Prithviraj S P

Jun 5, 2020

This course was very good. In our college we have 3D printer but teachers were not that much able to explain. But this course made me that able because of which I can teach to my juniors.

By johannes n

Dec 1, 2021

The course was a powerful tool in enabling design thinking and optimization. It was such an opportunity to add and develop skills .The on demand nature of the course was fascinating.

By Eleazar L B

Jun 20, 2017

It is a good introduction to know about the 3D printing world ( the software, hardware and materials and objects to be printed)

, how they were, how are now, and how it could be.

By Don L

Apr 30, 2016

This is a great introduction to 3d printing and the maker movement. Things I thought I knew were corrected and resources I never knew about were introduced. Very worthwhile

By Gandhi G J

Jun 17, 2020

A very well designed course and it's fun to watch all video lectures. The person who doesn't even heard the name of 3D printing before can also learn a lot from this course.

By Christopher B

Jun 20, 2017

3D Printing Revolution is a good overview course. I am looking forward to the subsequent courses in the Specialization and now know more about what we will be learning.

By Juan I B

May 9, 2016

The course was great! I think its a great point to start in 3d printing, it has lot of information, links, interviews and it easy to understand. Keep up the good work!!!

By Deleted A

May 15, 2016

This first course has been an excellent overview of the field. Easy to follow and brought everything into "perspective" . Eagerly looking forward to the next course.


Jul 22, 2020

The best course to know about 3D Printing Technology with the best instructor in a coolest way with interesting things in place to know more about the technology.

By Luis C

Jul 31, 2016

Geeat it give the confidence to unleash my creativity. And now I see the world with different eyes, with great opportunities to create or customize objects in 3D.

By Pratik D

Aug 14, 2016

Great course. A must for every individual who has some idea about it and even if you don't, Aric and his team will guide you throughout this wonderful technique.

By Deleted A

May 3, 2020

Quality of the videos and the interactions during the interviews were great. Provides end to end knowledge about 3D printing and connects the dots for Mavericks

By shrinivas s

Nov 8, 2017

Excellent intro to 3D printing.. loved the interviews of people involved in the various industries. A real eye opener regarding the capabilities in this space.


Apr 29, 2020

Excellent course for beginner, simple and to the point, you will get clear idea of the history of 3d printing and the current status and the future vision.