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About the Course

This is the second course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the first course of this certificate program. The material will help you learn how to ask effective questions, make data-driven decisions, and meet stakeholders’ needs. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analytics tasks. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn about effective questioning techniques that can help guide analysis. - Gain an understanding of data-driven decision-making and how data analysts present findings. - Explore a variety of real-world business scenarios as an example of questioning and decision-making. - Discover how and why spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysts. - Examine the key ideas associated with structured thinking and how they can help analysts better understand problems and develop solutions. - Learn strategies for managing the expectations of stakeholders while establishing clear communication with a data analytics team to achieve business objectives....

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Oct 10, 2022

Información muy útil, es muy importante educarnos en cuanto a saber como comunicarnos ya que muchas veces es lo que mas se nos llega a complicar, saber como cuestionar y como presentar la información.


May 30, 2022

The Skill of asking the right questions is usually very underrated and many people just overlook it. That's why I'm appreciative of google for teaching this core skill and making it super interesting.

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By R S

Aug 12, 2021

Overall the course is very good and informative and I have learned a lot. A small suggestion during the examples when the trainer was showing how to write a formula, it will be great if it can be shown or demonstrated a bit slower as for those who are not aware on how to do formulas find it too fast to cope.Other than that, all is good

By Ahmed A

Jan 27, 2023

I liked this course and its content really very useful for me

Special thanks for Ximena she is so professional and well prepared, as she described and explained each little detalis as depending on life example make the course very easy to understand.

Many thanks Ximena for your proffesional way and thanks Coursera for this usefull course.

By Wilkinson M

Feb 28, 2022

This course really give you a framework that you can use to go deeper into the problem you are trying to solve by asking SMART questions. In addition, you will learn about the different stakeholders you will have to deal with and how to interact and communicate with them effectively in order to reach organizational goals effectively.

By Ogonnaya S

Oct 5, 2023

The "Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions" course on Coursera exceeded my expectations! The content was incredibly insightful, and the Instructors were engaging and knowledgeable. The interactive approach and practical exercises made complex concepts easy to grasp. A must-take course for anyone interested in Data Analytics!

By Charlan D C

Feb 8, 2023

This is the first phase of the 6 data analysis process and the second course for the Google Analytics Certificate but it is very important. Without this course moving forward can be slow. The way the course is laid out is organized just like the first. The examples that were given make the topic easy to digest. So I recommend it.

By Abishek S

Jul 12, 2021

This course taught me how important is to ask questions and craft questions which are relevant and needed for a data analyst. In a job, the communication skills is needed for team collaborations which the course covers. Also I learnt about structured thinking and spreadsheet basics. Finally , this course is helpful for beginners.

By Kevin I

Mar 18, 2023

For me who is new to Data Analytics, this course have been clear, concise and the phase is just right for me. Effective for beginner or somebody who is new to Data. Making us think more tactical, not just doing things with data or task. but to ask question why before so we can help ourself understanding the task and team member.

By James K

Aug 5, 2021

I had a lot of fun tacking this part of the certificate program, learning about data analytics is really where my career is focused. I'm currently in college to become a statistician. This certificate is exactly the right companion for; career skills, applied statistical analysis, and to create a focused "tool-box" of knowledge.

By Rohit S

Sep 17, 2023

this course really amazing for asking SMART and Effective questions to get success in their data analyst career or even the asking question to our self to understand the problems from the root and making strategies solve the business problems and your personal problem too. I love this course and I am recommending to go with it.

By Chinenye M

Aug 25, 2022

This is the best Course I hace taken in a very long while, The instructors are the best, very clear with the lecture and more importantly try to break down important concepts for better undertanding. I am so excited to continue with the rest of the course. One of the best things happening to me right now. Coursera to the World.

By Nate W

Jun 9, 2022

This course to me is the most important. Coming from where I'm from alot of these communication techniques and conflict resolution startegies are NOT intuitive. For a course to break it down for you like this is so helpful for people who come from similar backgreounds like me that dont usually speakl or type like this normally.


Aug 13, 2023

It was an amazing course. It covers a lot of topics, sets a clear and comprehensive learning path linking each of its parts in a meaningful and useful way. The tools, resources and examples included help to understand new concepts and principles, and provide a solid base to continue growing, learning and developing new skills.

By Marion M

Mar 17, 2023

I loved the guided projects and the open ended questions, they really helped me build on my knowledge and get insight on what I need to brush up on. My key takeaways are the practical skills of creating the SOWs, structural thinking method of approaching problems. I will definitely be checking out the additional resources too.

By Benjamin V

Oct 6, 2022

Très bon cours.

Je fais de la Business Intelligence en entreprise et j'ai retrouvé beaucoup de bonnes pratiques / conseils de mon quotidien. J'ai également appris beaucoup de chose.

Excellent courses.

I do some Business Intelligence for my company and i find a lot of good pratices / tips of my daily work. I also leran a lot.


Feb 1, 2022

Whole course was really well structured and covering with basics to advance. I learn so many new things , problem solving , decision making, effective communication , meeting stakeholder expectation , business analytics and more all these skills are covered in course. Thanks you coursera and google for these wonderful course.

By Coolshegs

Jun 17, 2022

The instructor was clear, calm and straightforward with the teachings. I really love this course beceause it exposed me to the core anlytical thinking and made me understand how to ask the right questions, which will help me perform my duties perfectly as a DA. Thanks very much Google, for creating this wonderful masterpiece!

By Arpita k

Jun 25, 2023

I learned how to ask questions of our Data.

I learned how we can visualize our data using reports and dashboards to show off our findings in interesting ways. 

Spreadsheets, analytical thinking skills, metrics, and mathematics are all super important technical skills that we will build on throughout your Data Analytics career.

By Tesfatsion W

Jan 21, 2024

This learning experience is fascinating and immediately useful because of the interactive courses, real-world applications, and practical exercises, particularly on Excel. I can't wait to use these new skills to improve my data analysis talents and make a significant contribution to data-driven decision-making in my work.

By Phương N

Jul 6, 2023

After finishing this course, I have a clearer view of asking effective quesions and developing structured thinking and communication with stakeholder. This course is included in a big course of Data Analytics Certification of Google, so it is good to take the whole course to understand and explore more about this field.

By Moataz A

Feb 18, 2023

The only negative point that caught my Eye is , that there were a lot of Readings Sections , some of which were relatively long . There were also some parts that were full of theory without practical Examples to illustrate them . Otherwise , the course material was really informative , helpful and very good visualized .

By Makkala K

Oct 8, 2023

Practically told me to always be active and be a question bank which will need to find answers which was really great. Due to this course I will not make a mistake of not asking questions in the future. Seriously I am amazed by the Instructors they're very good at teaching only thing lacking was more practical stuff.

By Faiz A

Aug 8, 2023

I have learned a lot of things in this course which are new to me. As an MBA I have learned many things such as surveys, designing questionnaires, evaluation of surveys, etc. But this course opens some new features for me and i learned many new techniques regarding questioning and analysis. Thanks Google and Coursera

By Ivan L

Dec 6, 2021

As a beginner to the field of data analytics, this course gives me essential, important and clear concepts of the first data analysis step - how to ask effective questions. Through the course, I build a solid foundation before I start to conduct data analysis. I appreciate the teacher's guidance throughout the course!

By Mostafa A

Feb 17, 2022

This course covers skills for data analysis focusing on Asking SMART questions, structure thinking, mathematical approach, Qualitative and quantitative data added to dashboard and stake holder communication. Other universe skills as effective communication , writing e mails, effective meetings and conflict resolution

By Subramaniam S

Nov 9, 2022

Though the course looks very fundamental to my level of experience, I would strongly recommend this course to everyone in my organization. Not only course 2 but also Course 1 that preceded this course.

The foundations are taking time. They are really worth to set the baseline on terminology, process and workflow.