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Learner Reviews & Feedback for 中级商务汉语(入职与营销篇) by Peking University

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About the Course

本课程是针对具有一定汉语水平的外国学习者的中级商务汉语课程。课程共分为两篇六课,共需六周时间。“两篇”是根据学习内容的不同分为的公司入职篇和市场营销篇。其中公司入职篇包括:招聘广告、应聘面试、入职第一天;产品营销篇包括产品介绍、市场营销、售后服务。 本课程的学习目标有三:一是进一步提高以汉语作为第二语言的学习者在汉语听、说、读这三个方面的技能;二是学习并掌握常用的商务汉语词汇及句式表达;三是了解中国特有的商务礼仪和商务文化。 就具体学习的课程而言,在本课程结束后,学习者可以基本看懂招聘广告的主要信息,在公司的面试中与面试官进行基本的交流,并能与中国同事进行日常工作上的会话;可以对产品进行简要的介绍和说明,并在市场营销和售后服务环节与客户进行基本的交流。 学生者需要具有汉语的中级水平,最好已掌握800-1000个汉语基本词语。 本课程的学习环节包括:观看教学视频,每周5个,时长平均在15分钟左右;完成与当天的教学视频相关的练习题;完成每周的测试和同伴互评。...
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By Joseph B

May 9, 2016

very good

By Nannette

Apr 9, 2020


By Oborina E

Apr 12, 2020

Thanks for the course! It was both useful and interesting.

Let's now focus on some points (sorry for my English):

1) This course is good for students between HSK-2 and HSK-3. If your level is higher, you can find these lessons boring (but I'm not sure if you're able to understand what the teacher says). I'm about HSK-4 level right now, so it took me about a week to finish the course. Except for some interesting phrases, I've already known most of the words.

2) There are some minor mistakes in the quizzes (for example, week 5, task 5.4). That was really unexpected, I hope the teacher will check all the problems. I read some "week discussions" and found that problems with wrongs answers were common.

3) There are very few students joining this course, so be ready TO WAIT WEEKS before you have works from other peers to check, as well as someone can check your tasks and you can finish the course.

Still, I liked this course. Thanks, teacher! Good luck everyone!


Jun 23, 2017

Курс полезный. Но зачем мне на проверку даётся тьма работ (проверив более десятка, остановился), да ещё и работ, написанных год и более назад? Какой в этом смысл? Три необходимых работы я проверил, а система настаивает на проверке. Странная история. Плюс, русскоязычная поддержка в реальном времени всё же нужна. На мой вопрос про ошибку так ответа и не дождался. Странно, в общем... Вопросы организационные. По материалу вопросов нет - всё хорошо.

By Mizuno T

Feb 5, 2019

Good course for me to review my Chinese back in my country. Thank you Beijing University from Hunan University Alumni :)

By Alberto P

Sep 29, 2020

Content is very well organized, and comprises a lot of vocabulary from different HSK levels (about 3 to 5, mostly). I would say the pace is kind of slow, but the new vocabulary review is very clear and complete (if you took the course "Chinese for HSK6", you can see how this course is much more effective in giving you less vocabulary with more examples). I would definitely recommend this course if you have an HSK3 or 4, might be too simple for higher levels but still it is a good recap and I learned something new.

The main issue with the course is the fact that very few people are on it. I completed the coursework in 1 week, but had to wait 2 more weeks to obtain all the needed review, and it is frustrating.