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This is the first course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Organizations of all kinds need data analysts to help them improve their processes, identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, and make thoughtful decisions. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of data analytics through hands-on curriculum developed by Google. The material shared covers plenty of key data analytics topics, and it’s designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks using the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, learners will: - Gain an understanding of the practices and processes employed by a junior or associate data analyst in their day-to-day job. - Learn about key analytical skills (data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization) and tools (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau) that you can add to your professional toolbox. - Discover a wide variety of terms and concepts relevant to the role of a junior data analyst, such as the data life cycle and the data analysis process. - Evaluate the role of analytics in the data ecosystem. - Conduct an analytical thinking self-assessment. - Explore job opportunities available to you upon program completion, and learn about best practices you can leverage during your job search....

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May 31, 2021

Solid "big picture" refresher course before getting into the more technical stuff I'm sure down the road, even for folks with backgrounds in math and science but haven't used it years (okay, decades).


Jun 25, 2021

This gives a great foundation for Data Analytics. The instructors do skim over everything and I would have liked more detail but most of what I wanted to find out more about I was able to find online.

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By Ivan E R C

Jul 20, 2023

This course completely changed my perspective in data analytics, I was teached really valuable things tat other courses didn't, the teacher was engaging and gave us a lot of value, this course teached and changed my perspective on data anlysis.

Before I had done other Data analysis certifications but had no Idea what an analyst did, only knew r and tableau (I had no knowledge on what I was going to be doing at my work and the skills necessary for it) I think this is the starting point I should have taken and would recommend for everyone, it is the best course I have ever had.

By Jamshaid S

May 27, 2023

recently completed the course "Data Data Everywhere," and I must say it was an outstanding experience. As someone passionate about data analysis and eager to enhance my skills, this course exceeded my expectations in every way.

First and foremost, the course content was comprehensive and well-structured. It covered a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of data collection and storage to advanced techniques for data analysis and visualization. Each module built upon the previous one, creating a cohesive learning journey that allowed me to grasp complex concepts easily.

By Pierre S L

Jan 26, 2022

Very detailed and very beginner friendly. You really are introduced to the scope of being a data analyst from the get-go. With just that first course you are already on your way to your comfort as regards data literacy. This is a course for the analytical minded one like me who never could organize our thought process when it comes to data. This course made me realize how valuable my analytical mindset was. If you are curious, problem-oriented and detail-oriented, this path is for you. I cannot wait to discover what the whole certificate program has to offer. Great course!

By Deepak d

Nov 19, 2021

I really enjoyed a lot learning this course , it greatly helped me to think beyond and make more ideas with existing knowledge, it improvised thinking on data analyst path and gave me clarification on leading next steps towards to achieve my career into data analyst role. Thank you to tutors who have gave there precious time to teach the course and make the course felt as it was not virtual instead it looked like I was in front of them. The way of teaching the course is best in class. Thank you coursera and google for helping me in attaining my first step to data analyst.

By Heather S

Apr 17, 2021

Some of the questions on the weekly and course challenges require deductions that are not explained in the suggested feedback. For example the feedback for the following question is not clear. I know this has to do with stakeholders but there is no section on "key people data analysts work with" so it is hard to find the right section to review.

The people who are familiar with a problem and help verify the results of data analysis include customers and competitors.

0 / 1 point




Review the section on the key people data analysts work with for a refresher.

By Nas O

Feb 2, 2023

Wow, just awesome, took me a complete beginner from the very roots, got me hooked up to it, got so passionate about analytics, excited about the following courses, wanting to devote more time and see it to the end.

The professionalism in the manner at which the course was systematically arranged is just amazing, the mixture of writes ups and videos, everything so synchronized that nothing could have got better.

I must give it a 100% rating. Thanks to the entire team for such an epic course packed with loads of benefits sufficient enough to get a beginner all soaked in.

By AQT20093 Z M

Jun 10, 2024

"Foundation-Data Data Everywhere" is an exceptional course that delves into the fundamentals of data analytics. The curriculum offers a comprehensive overview of data collection, analysis, and interpretation techniques. Through engaging lectures and hands-on exercises, students gain valuable insights into navigating the vast landscape of data. The course's emphasis on practical applications equips learners with essential skills for real-world data analysis challenges. Overall, it's an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to master the foundations of data analytics.

By Randolph R

Oct 18, 2021

It's such a complete, unbiased, complex, intuitive, and ergonomic course give by amazing instructors that come from many different backgrounds that I was so happy to learn from and empathize with them. The connection I felt throughout this course kept me engaged and hungry for knowledge. I'm so happy Google's creating such valuable and important courses. They are the highlight of my days and I wish so many people can benefit from this amazing content. It's invaluable to learn while being so happy and connected to the content you're engaging with. Thank you Google!

By James

Mar 23, 2023

The Google Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere; Definitely worth doing, but be prepared for a bigger challenge than expected! This course really opens up some fascinating conversations around data science, analytics, and engineering. In addition, you'll gain an introduction to SQL and Excel/Sheet programming. While I admittedly rushed through the material (as I do with most things), I highly recommend taking the time to fully grasp Google's introductory perspective on data. Overall, a very interesting and highly-rated course in my opinion - I give it a 10/10!

By Demetrius H

Feb 12, 2023

This course has taught me so much in regards to data analytics. I was a little shaky about taking this course, but as the videos, note taking, practice quizzes and the weekly challenges were to better prepare me for the course challenge. In doing this course, I had to use time management wisely as I work a full and part time job. I realize this was something I wanted to be passion about and deserved to give it a try to better myself. It has not been easy, but sticking with it will allow you to gain the experience needed to be productive in this career.

By Benjamin R

Jan 11, 2023

Exceptional teaching, touches all the main points, very immersive, encouraging, and excited me from day one! This course has really helped me refine what direction I want to go in the world of data, coming from a background of Software Architect, I've really struggled in the past trying to figure out what was missing from my career. I find that focusing on making decisions with data is so much more important to me that simply just doing development. I want to be more of a participant in what we do with data now, vs just helping people interact with it.

By Ameer Q

Dec 24, 2021

Although I'm working in data analytics from a few years. but this first course answer many question I was looking for. Moreover, it gives a brief picture of which area I need to focus to work on and it aslo share a top level resources to dive deep and understand more what you are here for. When doing this course there is no benifit if you don't go through every single thing provided. or if you just try to finish the course just to finish it. Try to understand what you are here for. Research the topic you think you need to know about above and beyond.

By Joseph O

Jan 18, 2023

This is just phenomenal! Although I had started data analytics about early 2020, but some other things that had happened to me personally never made me get anything out of it.

But while reflecting on my life and a necessity of improving my skills to have a good earning, I stumbled on this course. How I wish I had known about this course some 2 years ago.

The course is a top notch !I can't wait to finish up and build amazing projects and keep telling the world about this course.

Mr. Smith is an amazing tutor. Thank you and thank you again sir

Best Regards

By John B

Feb 21, 2023

Even though I have a background in analytics and passed the speed up quiz with high marks, I decided to take the course. My feeling is that one should never assume they have nothing to learn from fundamentals. Reinforcing existing knowledge as well as the possibility of gaining a deeper understanding from other perspectives make it worthwhile.

This course supports those ideas completely. Afterwards I had a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of data analysis and I look forward to the rest of the series and the possibilities it opens up to me.

By Serena S

Mar 10, 2022

From someone with a non-technical degree, I found this course easy to follow and very user friendly. I also appreciated how the weeks were tailored for different kinds of learning styles that people might have. I've recommended this certificate course to everyone at this point because I think (even though I haven't finished it yet) lots of people can benefit from what's taught in this course. Whether they're trying to pursue a technical degree or just up their skills in the workplace, I feel like this was an evenly paced and well-thought out course.

By Amirhossein S

Apr 3, 2024

From my perspective, the initial course served as an excellent starting point for my journey into the realm of data analysis. It provided a plethora of fresh and applicable information, ideal for any aspiring data analyst aiming to distinguish themselves among their peers. The real-life examples presented were particularly captivating, offering a robust foundation in the fundamental principles of data analytics. This marks the commencement of my expedition as a data enthusiast, and I perceive the remainder of the journey to be equally exhilarating.

By Sahil S

Sep 11, 2022

This course was an excellent introduction into this certificate program! It did a fine job of helping me understand the basics of data analysis and provided foundational insights into each of the phases of the analytical process! The course strucutre was very engaging, the videos comprehensive yet concise, the discussion posts and reflection prompts helped me reinforce my learnings, and the quizzes and course challenge was constructive and balanced principles and application! The instructor was super compelling and cordial as well! Thank you guys!


Apr 10, 2021

It was a really amazing course. Honestly, since I was a complete beginner I was a little bit nervous while starting this course but as I was moving forward I really understood concepts well because the instructors really were always encouraging and were explaining concepts in a very easy way for us to understand. Also, the frequent practice quizzes helped me in gaining some confidence for the final graded assignments and I really performed great in them. Hoping to complete this entire certification soon and getting my first job as a Data Analytics.

By Riddhi P

May 26, 2024

Ahh! cannot be grateful enough for this opportunity to learn foundations of data analytics by google and profoundly thankyou Coursera! This platform is truly one of the best learning platform . Until now data analytics has always been ambiguous for me but now I am confident enough to dive further into it. Great instructors, great assignments and great feasibility. A1 course material and truly authentic insights. I would suggest everyone to take this course and expand your horizons of knowledge. I am truly inspired and grateful. Thankyou Coursera !


Aug 11, 2022

I truly appreciate the effort that went into making this as practical and digestable as possible. Well done everyone involved and THANK YOU! I emphasise this because a lot of the cold feet people feel approching data analysis in the first place is the fear of feeling incompetent when face with analytical thing, spreadsheets and anything remotely technical. The course really eases you in and helps you gain the confidence you need to approach this subject, it then builds your curiousity, knowledge and zest for more. Great course, totally worth it!

By NG, S L

Jun 25, 2021

Unlike popular opinion, I do not think that the course is useless at all. Surely it is easy, because it is called "FOUNDATION", which sets piece in data analytics. I have learnt about data lifecycle and data analysis cycle, which gave me an overview of how data analysts work, so the first three weeks were definitely not a waste. The learning log is also helpful in stimulating my sense of thinking like a data analyst. Overall, an informative and interactive course. I am looking forward to the next course. Hopefully, it will be more challenging.


Oct 17, 2022

Amazing course. It's a great introduction and it takes learners by hand. I have a couple of comments (very minor things :) )

1- You mentioned outliers more than once in this course without explaining what it means. I was familiar with the word but for beginners, I think it's better to explain it since it's important in cleaning data.

2- Most downloadable word files have gibberish names for all courses on Coursera, not just this course. Please give the files proper names to make it easier for the students..

Thank you so much. Great effort.

By Mostafa E

Mar 27, 2023

After completing the first course in the Google Data Analysis Certificate track, which covered foundational data concepts and the six processes of data analysis, as well as the data lifecycle, I feel confident in my understanding of the basics of data analysis. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, particularly the learning log and self-reflection exercises, which allowed me to track my progress and see how much I had learned. I am excited to continue with the rest of the track and build on the knowledge and skills that I have gained so far.

By Alfred B

Jan 21, 2023

The present course offers an exceptional introduction to the field of data analytics. The curriculum and instructional design are both comprehensive and easy to follow, making it an ideal choice for individuals new to the field. It is my belief that taking this course will provide a thorough understanding of the intricacies and complexities of data analytics, making it an ideal starting point for those interested in pursuing a career in this field. I strongly recommend this course to all those who are new to the field of data analytics.

By Aditya D

Mar 25, 2023

I am very much impressed by this course. At the very start of this I thought that it would be a boring course and all that, but I was totally wrong, The teachers were amazing (Tony Sir 🔥). And what make this course different and more effective is the way questions pop up during videos, knowledge checks, Learning Logs, Real- Life examples and so so so much more. I have learned a lot from this course and I am confident, motivated and have more knowledge about Data Analysis.

Thank You Coursera and Google (With Team Members) Aditya Dayal