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This is the first course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Organizations of all kinds need data analysts to help them improve their processes, identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, and make thoughtful decisions. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of data analytics through hands-on curriculum developed by Google. The material shared covers plenty of key data analytics topics, and it’s designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks using the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, learners will: - Gain an understanding of the practices and processes employed by a junior or associate data analyst in their day-to-day job. - Learn about key analytical skills (data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization) and tools (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau) that you can add to your professional toolbox. - Discover a wide variety of terms and concepts relevant to the role of a junior data analyst, such as the data life cycle and the data analysis process. - Evaluate the role of analytics in the data ecosystem. - Conduct an analytical thinking self-assessment. - Explore job opportunities available to you upon program completion, and learn about best practices you can leverage during your job search....

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If you have experience with data and data exploration. This will be a piece of cake or more precisely a walk over toward the course.

However, still recommended to earn a pace towards this learning


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Very good course, giving beginners an overview of various aspects of data analysis, as well as having data analysts share their experiences, which is a great way for learners to get to know the field.

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By Deleted A

Jun 27, 2022

I have background in data management at an information management level and this course allowed me to move at a quick pace through ideas and concepts I was already familiar with but also challenging me to think deeper into what I was learning and how it was different from what I already knew. It was fun and engaging and "forced" me to learn some challenging concepts; mostly because my brain needed retraining on how to think about them. I can't wait to keep up my learning!

By Flora J W

Jul 30, 2022

This is an excellent first, introductory course. It introduces you to the world of data analytics and also teaches you the basic concepts and processes of data analytics. The course uses multiple teaching techniques, including instructonal videos from Google staff who work in the field, written instructions reference notes, visual aids, and quizzes. It also introduces you to some fundamental spreadsheet and SQL functions. All lessons and techniques used are excellent!

By herbaz t

May 18, 2022

Google Data Anoralytics Professional Certificate Via Coursera is very interesting learning platform .

I considered this a great opportunity for everbody that aspiring to become data Analyst. The course structures are nothing but excellent,talking about prompt question to be practicing, quiz and the end of course challenge to test your knowledge and giving you the chances to showcase your own intutition.

Group discussion is superb mean to share idears among the course mate.

By Cat V H

Apr 4, 2022

This course helps me realize that there are so many interesting things to learn from data. What I'm impressed most is the data analysis process and data life cycle, which are similar but different to some extend, but still have some connections. These are just among the core principles of data that a professional data analyst should cover. Anyway, thanks Google and Coursera for offering this great course for everyone, especially for people with interest in data analytics.

By Alwin P

Feb 2, 2023

Foundations course to Data Analytics was a good and better understanding to the starting as a data analyst.

This helped me a lot and changed my misconception about data visualization. This course gave me a good introduction to the basic concepts of Analytics.

The tutor has clear structure of what he was teaching and was efficient in a way that everyone can understand. Tutoring was clear and strong, helped me to learn the portions very productively throughout this course.

By L C

Jun 3, 2022

After a year of endless short courses and webinares trying to build my skill set up in a new career path with out attending formal face to face classes. It is all finally making sence to me. I wish this is where I had started. The questions and doubts about analytics as a new career with this course (Google: Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere) I fell like the puzzle pieces are all fitting into place. I am excited about my the path ahead with Google analysis certificate.

By Tan, J S

Dec 14, 2022

Excellent content to start with the right mindset and purpose, follow by how to do the job well and skills required. Very encouraging and passionate trainers to motivate learners to go further. Assignments were great to reinforce concepts and areas of attention. Met my expectation of getting a quick overview to connect with business and ideas to improve my analytics project user competency. Great resources also to use to convince those who are skeptical about analytics.


Sep 16, 2021

very good. 1st course is very helpful for those who have no prior experience. If you already have experience and knowledge about the basics you can skip some parts of the course and take a speed track. Google and Coursera always value your appreciable and productive time. If you really love analysis of data and have some gut insights and curiosity to know more and learn more go on. Don't hesitate. I am very thankful for Coursera and google for this wonderful experience.

By Ana U

Oct 20, 2022

This course introduces you in a gentle manner to data analysis fundamentals. You get a glimpse of the analysis skills data analysts have, what the data analysis process looks like in a business environment, and the tools and technical skills for data analysis (spreadsheets, SQL, and visualization tools).

The instructor is really nice and gives off a calm and warm presence. I think they were the best choice for an introductory course into a rather intimidating subject.

By Goodnews E

Jul 17, 2022

Personally, this course has made me open up my mind to fully understanding data analysis. I particularly love the way the lectures are broken down and the learning is as interactive as possible, with learning logs and links to improve our understanding of certain topics embedded within the course, as well as shorter videos and assessments that truly test what we learnt in each session. I will definitely recommend this course to people looking to get into data analysis.

By Tabitha M

Jul 17, 2022

I am absolutely not planning on taking the speed course, but I've been doing the placement quiz anyway, just out of curiosity. When I took the placement quiz for course 1, I scored a 70%. Not bad for a newb, but also not passing. Well, today I just completed course 1 and retook the quiz. Mainly so I could receive a checkmark. I got 100%! I feel that says everything about how well the course teaches the information. I now have a great foundation to complete this course!

By Augusto B

Sep 9, 2021

This is my first exposure to DA and thus far it has been eye opening. It is nothing like what I thought it would be. I thought it was just spreadsheets and visualizations with hours of nerd work. I have come to find out that it is creative, collaborative, and employs a variety of skills. It is interesting, fascinating, and a journey for sure. I am looking forward to gaining the skills I need to have a long lasting and meaningful career in this exploding industry!

By Gabriela G

Mar 20, 2023

El primer curso me resulto atrapante en todo momento. Me intrigaba desde un principio saber de qué se trataba ya que siempre escucho hablar de de datos, analisis, encuestas, etc, en internet, pero no tenia idea de lo que se trataba. A través de videos y lecturas muy bien realizados tal cual lo dice en la información del curso: hecho para principiantes, he logrado comprender y aprender conceptos y procesos que a través de los cursos venideros espero ir profundizando.

By Lori W

Dec 27, 2021

Thank you so much for this course! I'm impressed with how much information and access I had during this time.

I would mention that there were a couple parts of the spreadsheets activity in which the questions asked during the assessments were not relatable to what was covered on the activities and learning modules. Perhaps, for people that aren't familiar with spreadsheets (Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel), an additional activity could be utilized to go over basics.

By Soraya R M

Mar 12, 2023

I'm currently considering a career change and I was hesitant about making a move towards data analysis as I thought I could easily be too old and too dumb for analysis. This introductory course, getting to have a broad picture of what it is about and what I will need to learn, getting to try out new tools and, especially, finding out that I could actually understand more than expected has made me change my mind and given me a push to carry on. I highly recommend it.

By Mike K

Jul 27, 2021

Fantastic introduction to Data Analytics, taught by a diverse and knowledgeable group. Great pacing and a well rounded mix of videos, reading, community participation, and testing. The bonus content outside of the course was informative and helpful. I especially like the coverage of what a career in DA looks like, instead of just focusing on the skillset, this will save a lot of people time since they can find the path that best fits their interest and personality.

By anurag p

Aug 27, 2023

Nothing short of great. Especially, the mentor. He's not only good in explaining the topics, he is a great speaker too. The lessons were easy to understand though, at instances due to my limited vocab and sometimes, lack of understanding posed a challenge. We managed to steer off and make it this far. My thanks to Google for this iniatiative. I have found something which would aid me on my way to my dream. I want to complete the specialization and hope that I can!

By Ana W

May 26, 2023

Most of the content is more focused on establishing fundamental concepts. It would be better to finish reading everything within two days rather than following the weekly schedule outlined in the course.

There are many reflective exercises in between, and some of the content may be unclear for beginners. Just take a look and don't take it too seriously. Consider it as supplementary knowledge, and you can always come back to understand it later when needed for work.

By Hareem

May 12, 2023

I really love the course content, and the way it is designed to teach a newbie like me from scratch. It tries to cover all the aspect of the Data Analytics introduction and the uses of it in real life. I am satisfied with the information they are providing to match the learnings with the job market and the job titles so that I will be able to identify the right job for me, prepare for that and confidently apply for that. Thank you google for creating this course.

By Gaytree A T

Feb 10, 2022

The best Data Analaytics foundation course.

The speakers are inspiring tutors and have great teaching skiils.

This course made me realized that I am already involved in data analytics in so many ways , I initailly I thought it was all about Database Management . Due to this course , I am now able to develop a good mid career goals.

Thank you Google Analytics Team for developing this program.

Well appreciated.


Gaytree Appadu Townsend

Seattle , awshington ,USA.

By Andres C

Feb 8, 2022

I am not too experienced with online schools, or any data analysis background or understanding. But this course was made in a manner which was properly structured and very clear and consise with the information needed to earn the certificate. I can say with confidence that I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to ingress into any new field or study, in fact for my upgrade to data science, I will definitly consider coursera for their degrees as well!

By Jacqueline C

Sep 2, 2021

I honestly hadn't expected this course to transform the way I viewed data analysis and the role that data analysts play in the success of organizations, but it has! And now more than ever, I know this is the road I want to travel! The course makes it so easy to take in the information in bite size chunks, with speakers that make the informatin relatible and interesting. This course has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to continuting to study further!


May 7, 2023

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the incredible learning experience I had with the course instructors. Their detailed and step-by-step approach to teaching the material was impressive. The course structure was well-planned, with each lesson building on the previous one, making it easy to follow along and understand. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and supportive throughout the entire program. Thank you for a fantastic learning journey.

By Paul D

May 29, 2022

Overall, I appreciate the approach. Very helpful and learning-intended. Having said that, I learned a lot. Even, when you say "Oh I know that!" or "I already know that!" This course puts the concepts in a better perspective and therefore teaches us to use DATA to make our world a better place to live.

I recommend this course to everyone, anyone, for either professional or personal purposes. This course will help improve your outlook and how you will do things.

By Shana O

Jan 23, 2022

This course was so interesting and really led me down a rabbit hole of data analytics. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but the foundations course got me excited about what's to come in the next course for the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Everything was easy to understand and, despite working full-time, I was able to complete the course in less than a week. My favorite part was exploring a bit of SQL; I can't wait to learn more!