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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning by University of Alberta

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About the Course

Reinforcement Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning, but is also a general purpose formalism for automated decision-making and AI. This course introduces you to statistical learning techniques where an agent explicitly takes actions and interacts with the world. Understanding the importance and challenges of learning agents that make decisions is of vital importance today, with more and more companies interested in interactive agents and intelligent decision-making. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning. When you finish this course, you will: - Formalize problems as Markov Decision Processes - Understand basic exploration methods and the exploration/exploitation tradeoff - Understand value functions, as a general-purpose tool for optimal decision-making - Know how to implement dynamic programming as an efficient solution approach to an industrial control problem This course teaches you the key concepts of Reinforcement Learning, underlying classic and modern algorithms in RL. After completing this course, you will be able to start using RL for real problems, where you have or can specify the MDP. This is the first course of the Reinforcement Learning Specialization....

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This course is great for people who are just starting out. The programming assignments are really great and practically introduce you to the basic concepts of reinforcement learning.


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The concepts may sound confusing in the beginning, but as you go forward you find it interesting and understanding. I suggest you completely read the reading assignments before watching the videos.

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By Nosaybeh A P

Jun 25, 2021

best python course ever!!! I will use RL methods for my feature paper, Thanks Dear Coursera and Dr.White.

By Weihan S

Mar 21, 2021

Really really good course. Well organized for beginners but end with depth and right amount of practices.

By Shahryar R

Feb 21, 2021

Great introduction to reinforcement learning as someone without prior in-depth machine learning exposure.

By Jaime C

Oct 13, 2023

Amazing content provided by the teacher, I would like that the course had more programming assignments.

By Yoshua A N C

Jan 18, 2021

Really well prepared course. Concise, well explained, nice exercises. Looking forward to the next one!

By Tong Z

Oct 3, 2019

Good course in coherence with the book by Sutton and Barto (2018)! Better than reading the book alone.


Jan 5, 2020

A great introduction to RL. It provides ton of materials and makes everything clear at the same time.

By Louis H

Feb 23, 2021

I really appreciated the contents as well as the pedagogical efforts, this is outstanding teaching !


Jun 27, 2021

Great course. You can get the mathematical background of reinforcemet learning through this course

By Michel D

Dec 13, 2020

Great class with short focussed videos that highlight key concepts, perfect complement to the book!

By S. K G P

May 1, 2020

It is a perfect, engaging and very information course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot!!

By Omer A

Aug 15, 2022

Super interesting, the most understandable explanations for concepts I've struggled with before.

By shivansh n

Sep 21, 2020

Its tougher than the other courses I have taken on ML and DL. Provides a solid foundation for RL

By MIN H H _

Sep 4, 2020

Very informative and challenging for beginners who are starting to learn Reinforcement Learning.

By Lik M C

Jan 2, 2020

It is a great course! The concepts are elaborated very clear. The materials are well prepared.

By Christos P

Dec 11, 2019

Great reading material and videos. The assignments really help to better understand the theory.

By luis g

May 12, 2023

i like how the instructors motivated the concepts, providing a strong intuition on the basics.


May 2, 2021

Excellent way of teaching and good assignments. Had a lot of fun and learnt a lot too! Thanks!

By Bhavya G G

Apr 14, 2021

Great course. With the combination of the book attached, you can understand everything clearly

By Roberto M

Mar 26, 2020

I really appreciated the course. Explanations are very clear and the material is well thought.

By Prachi S

Feb 2, 2021

I got to learn the basics of Reinforcement Learning in a very easy and understandable manner.

By Edwin N P P

May 15, 2021

It is well edited and oriented. However they go so fast and we cannot understand everything

By Thomas N

Aug 28, 2020

Really exceptionally clear - I had to battle through some of the math, but it was worth it.

By Sergio Z P

Apr 9, 2020

Very good course to learn, understand and apply the Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning!

By Pablo S

Jul 13, 2023

Excellent, wonderful, very serious material to get to know and PRACTICE foundations of RL.