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Do you realize that the only functionality of a web application that the user directly interacts with is through the web page? Implement it poorly and, to the user, the server-side becomes irrelevant! Today’s user expects a lot out of the web page: it has to load fast, expose the desired service, and be comfortable to view on all devices: from a desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. In this course, we will learn the basic tools that every web page coder needs to know. We will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. We will then advance to learning how to code our pages such that its components rearrange and resize themselves automatically based on the size of the user’s screen. You’ll be able to code up a web page that will be just as useful on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer. No “pinch and zoom” required! Last but certainly not least, we will get a thorough introduction to the most ubiquitous, popular, and incredibly powerful language of the web: Javascript. Using Javascript, you will be able to build a fully functional web application that utilizes Ajax to expose server-side functionality and data to the end user....

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Very great lesson. I learned a lot from it.

The assignment is delicately prepared and of a suitable difficulty.

I recommend to watch the code after every lecture or you may get a little lost.


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Very amazing course...I think everyone should go for this course if they want to uplift their skills in web development.....The instructor is very humble and have unique of teaching and explaining

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By Karem O

Nov 20, 2020

Yakoov does not provide support in the forum, there are not teaching assistants so if you get stuck even if you rewatch the lectures you will not be able to get the assessments done. I tried to reach to him on Twitter but he never answered nor provided an explanation of what assessment 5 is asking for. Plus is teaching style is very difficult to follow. Dont waste your time please.

By Alexander Z Q

Feb 20, 2017

I learned very much in this course. I enjoyed each moment studied the content. The teaching methodology is wonderful and teacher is so nice. In general, this course is excellent and I recommend it.

By Andreas H

Apr 8, 2019

Very good all-round intro and specialisation to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The constant loop back to real world problems is very helpful in applying the learned skills.

What lets the course down a little though is it not being up to date - I think its around 4-5 years old now and in the frontend world thats a long time.

By Joe

Jan 8, 2021

The content is from 2015, and I would not recommend this course for a beginner.

By Sophia G

Apr 25, 2021

Dear Yaakov and the whole Johns Hopkins team that makes up this course,

at 57, I am probably the oldest grandmother who took up this course. My older brother at 68 tried to take on a similar online course but discontinued after a week so I was kinda scared getting into it. I appreciate the fact that Yaakov was straightforward in all the lectures and really kept in mind that everybody was a newbie. It helps that each lecture is short and focuses on just 1 or 2 concepts. After 2 weeks, I then felt more confident to continue. I highly recommend that each student invests in any of the recommended textbooks to gain a more in-depth understanding of the concepts and for additional practice tests. I got a 2nd hand copy of Jennifer Robbins' textbook from Amazon and it helped me a lot, but I had to take the course slower as I was absorbing both the online lectures and the textbook lessons. I really laughed hard at the invitation to be a mentor... really? Javascript bangled my brain, I think... Anyway, thanks a lot... I am moving on to apply what I learned in developing a simple online learning platform for youth farmers in the Philippines on Agroecology and Organic Farming, in the vernacular. Thanks Yaakov and the Johns Hopkins engineering dept team! Maraming salamat at Mabuhay!

By Ata U M K

Jul 5, 2022

I am so happy for you and thankful to the entire corsara team for helping me and many others like me gain online skills today

By Xumin A

Nov 29, 2018

I learn a lot about HTML and CSS3

By Edoardo V

Mar 22, 2020

I started today and I already found the course outdate. I am a beginner for some of the contents and for me is already impossible to keep going through the course. They should upgrade the course and the methods. They show some Github screenshots that are very old and some functions that are not available anymore.

By J W

Apr 29, 2020

Unbelievably outdated videos. Reference to versions of software that are more than 20 version old. Once you are in the class you will see countless issues raised by students because the instructions don't align to current versions of software, especially github. Shame on Coursera for including this class.

By Alena M

Dec 19, 2016

First part (HTML&CSS) are good, but JS is to fast and hard to follow for the beginners.

By Johanna N

Apr 30, 2018

This course sucks!! There is no way one can be a beginner and learn HTML, CSS and Javascript from this course. They jump right into really difficult stuff even in the first week and don't even go through the basics even though it says "basic". No way in hell one can learn to code from this course, such a waste of money!!!!

By MohammadReza R

Dec 13, 2018

Nice Course, I learned a lot and Love it.

By Nguyen T L

Feb 17, 2021

Course was great. But these are its flaws: not really fit for beginners; too fast-paced and leave out the important parts for students to figure out themselves; module 5 was exceptionally difficult, one could not simply understand what's going on unless they have some previous knowledge on the subject; github deployment was made unnecessarily complicated as the professor's instruction on environment setting was too outdated (over 5 years ago). Having said that, if you already have experience on Javascript, module 4 and 5 would help you a lot to revise and strengthen what you know. Greatly recommended. Big thanks to Yaakov Chaikin for this great course.

By Cristhyan D B I

Dec 24, 2020

The course starts well with html and css, but once it gets to javascript it goes downhill.

From that part it just shows all the code for a website and quickly explains what that code does but never bothers actually teaching these concepts, Also it's outdated.

By A R

Mar 7, 2016

I didnt like this course. I found it to be confusing. Compared to other CSS JS HTML Courses such as the one from Michigan or Hong Kong Universities which are quite clear and crispt and refreshing, this seems like a work in progress. Confusing, convoluted, odd.

HTML CSS JS Are Actually not very difficult.

This course makes u question your own name. Makes you think basic math is Calculus. It needs work. Lots and Lots of work. I cant recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning JS HTML or CSS. It accomplishes the exact opposite.

With regards to that Chinese Restaurant field trip. What the hell man? Is this a joke? Have the lady call 1800 Web . Com and have a cookie cutter just add water web site. This segment is silly.

The rest of the segments? Confusing.

By Ekampreet S

Feb 20, 2021

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Yaakov for producing such a wonderful course, albeit I would like you to take this course with a little forethought. The thing is, this course was made a long time ago and some technologies discussed here are not updated according to the present scenario, like the latest Bootstrap version is 5 and I had a lot of difficulties in replicating the website that Mr. Yaakov was developing. But it was my own choice, the course didn't require me to make that website, I wanted to do it just to make myself understand the course better. I didn't had much difficulty apart from the Bootstrap queries and Stack Overflow forums helped a lot.

So, I will leave you with this suggestion: Yaakov's teaching and explaining skills are awesome, but just keep your mind open to this fact that some things like Bootstrap are not relevant to the present scenario and you should be ready to replace that knowledge with updated knowledge from new courses, but definitely go through this course for a better hold of the basics... :)

By Abdul M

Aug 20, 2023

A very detailed and comprehensive course with lots of skills to acquire and knowledge to gain. I would recommend it to every person since web development is skill with lots of demand in global market.

By Ahsan A

Jan 25, 2021

This course is clearly outlined and builds upon itself gradually in an easy to understand way. Thanks, Johns Hopkins University for such an incredible course!

By Özer Ö

Jan 7, 2021

Thank you for teaching us the foundation of web development. One of the valuable parts was absolutely to make applications in the course

By Jareth J B

Nov 11, 2020

This is not for beginners. Topics on javascript are very crucial. Make it sure to identify next time if the activity is for beginner or not. Anyway, thumbs-up for the HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. Please simplify javascript next time.

By Stefano D G

Jan 24, 2022

Ok, this is not going to be a pleasant review.

I think that this course is very complete of notions and the teacher is very charming and enjoyable to listen to. The two stars are for these reasons that I just said.

BUT WE'RE IN 2022, JESUS CHRIST! THESE VIDEOS ARE STILL THE 2015's VIDEOS! Since It's mandatory to pay for the entire course if you want to take the assignments and the quizzes(70€, which is also fair for the content provided) and without the assignments is practically pointless, I think that the professor should provide an updated version of the contents! Otherwise, this course should be free and we should pay ONLY for the certification.

For the same reason, is literally a nightmare to follow the lessons and try to use Bootstrap, since in the last 7 years changed a lot of names for the CSS classes!!

Last but not least: Git. Have you ever considered that this course could also be attended by people who are NOT experienced programmers?? And maybe the same people just want to learn some basics, not to become Bill Gates! WHY DO YOU CONDAMN US TO GIT HUB WHICH IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE TO USE??? FOR THE ASSIGNMENT, COULD WE JUST PROVIDE THE FILES AND THEN EVERYONE DOWNLOADING IT AND USING A CODE EDITOR AND A BROWSER TO SEE HOW THE WORK HAS BEEN DONE??? GIT IS DIFFICOULT TO USE!!!!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY 70€ TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN WHEN I CAN CALL MY MUM AND HAVE IT FOR FREE??!

I don't think it's correct to force people to pay 70€ to have the assignments without an update of the contents and not considering that people not experts with this stuff probably will be frustrated. And it's a pity, since the subject is very interesting and the professor so good to show us how to approach.

By Lisa M N

Aug 13, 2020

not very good for beginners

By Steve R

Jul 10, 2021

This course is woefully out of date - 6 years old (2015). Some of the key software is very old (e.g., Bootstrap 3 has been superseded by BS4 and that will soon be replaced by BS5). Furthermore Google has made security updates which break browser functionality in coding assignments.

Coursera - you need to do a better job in ensuring courses offered are reasonably up to date.

By Benoit K

Nov 24, 2020

Not a very good course. They state that people "tinker" with css or javascript. Once you've completed the course, you'll be able to say that you've tinkered but I'm 100% sure that you won't really understand html, css and javascript.

By Charles R

Feb 4, 2017

The course is quite thorough for a basic course and is challenging in pace. The work load is higher than the guidelines suggest for someone who hasn't done any programming for a while and is not familiar with object-oriented programming

Yaakov is very knowledgeable and presents the material in an accessible way. He throws in some humor, which helps with absorbing the material. The quizzes are good learning guides and are appropriate for the material in the course. They require some thought, but adhere to the topics in the course without assuming additional knowledge. The exercises are difficult and take more time than the listings. But the reference materials are helpful and the online forums are very useful in clarifying points of uncertainty. I found some of the assignment descriptions, especially in modules four and five, to be unclear and it took some additional research to understand the intent of the task.

The registration process and installation of the needed software was clearly explained and easy to accomplish. The software worked well with the course and enhanced the learning experience. I especially liked the way BrowserSync worked with Sublime Text and Chrome. The Chrome analysis tools are very useful. The use of Github as a coordinating platform worked well, for submitting assignments. The Coursera UI was very efficient at tracking progress and coordinating the peer level reviewing.

Overall, I enjoyed the course and found it well worth the effort despite the few frustrating hours that always accompany grasping new skills.