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In this first course of the specialization, we will discuss the limitations of the Internet for business and economic activity, and explain how blockchain technology represents the way forward. After completing this course, you will be able to explain what blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary. You will learn key concepts such as mining, hashing, proof-of-work, public key cryptography, and the double-spend problem. You’ll be able to describe seven design principles for blockchain technology, and the challenges facing the people developing it. You’ll also meet the players in the blockchain ecosystem, and consider your own role in stewarding the blockchain revolution....

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May 16, 2020

This course is really very helpful for students interested in Technologies or even in other fields, as Blockchain has the potential to bring a new revolution in the world, "The Second Era of Internet"


Sep 27, 2019

This course wonderfully describes the technology and its workings. Helped me understand the intricacies of this disruption and comprehend some of the challenges that I did not even consider before.

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By Manuel A D

Jun 1, 2020

As a developer, I found this course a perfect fit to get to know the foundation of blockchain. Very througout explanation of all aspects of it. I look forward to see what's next in the following specialisation courses. I think this will greatly benefit me when I'll soon start coding dapps.

By Diego

Apr 14, 2020

Great Course for understanding the basics and the implementations of blockchain. And how this technology could bring big changes for good to our world. Im happy i got enrolled in this course and will keep learning more about blockchain.

Also thank you Dan & Alex for this awesome course.

By Robert P

Nov 19, 2019

I took this course to get a better understanding of the technology and concept of blockchain, with the eyes of layman observer. I was quickly won over by the easy nature of the course and that it was relatively jargon free - and so didn't require a huge amounts of prior knowledge.

By Ghalib A A

Jun 22, 2020

I have been honored to learned this course with instructors like Tapscotts. This is first time I feel that I know blockchain in well-arranged information since there is a lack of courses for this specialization. Hopefully if this specialist certification has an academic credit.

By Saqib R

Aug 9, 2019

Interesting high-level coverage of current issues and challenges in Blockchain technology adoption. Not overly detailed in the technical aspects of cryptography (unlike other courses). A primer for non-techies with coverage of potential use cases and key challenges.

By Saar H

Aug 7, 2020

Great introduction for anyone who is looking for a general overview of the Blockchain space, with lots of references to actual active participants and entities. It is focused primarily on the commercial, governance and academic aspect of the Blockchain space.

By Yi X N

Oct 21, 2021

This course had give me a clear and big picture of blockchain technology from different perspective . This course is super suitable for beginner and I encourage people to join this awesome course. I will re-watching this course several times and take note !

By Joe P

Feb 10, 2022

The course is well structured covering the technology basics, application, risks, governance, and the way forward for all stakeholders of blockchain technology. The reading material and other supporting media are good. Appreciate the efforts by the team.

By Jimly D

Feb 12, 2022

The course is useful and explains in detail about the process of creating new blocks and how transactions are processed on the blockchain. The introduction is comprehensive covering blockchain principles, challenges and stakeholders information

By Sivakrishna M

May 30, 2022

This course gave me the best introduction to WHY, HOW, and WHO Blockchain technology. I got good insights into a lot of things with some practical examples which are very nicely explained by the respected tutors Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott.

By Tolga A

Apr 25, 2020

A well-designed course. It will definitely help me with my blockchain research. I am looking forward to take the other courses within the Blockchain Revolution Specialization. My sincere greetings to Mr. Don Tapscott and Mr. Alex Tapscott.

By Miss S K T

Oct 10, 2022

It was an amazing experience with up to date information and outstanding research.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the research papers and a good number of articles. For an intro course, it had good material.

I highly recommend it.

By Adeyinka O

Apr 2, 2022

This course is relatively more detailed and quite huge in content. Reading materials are good enough to support understanding and drive potentials for research and further study. It is worth the time and all of the commitment.

By Javier G

Dec 22, 2021

Very educational course to gain throrough and broad understanding of the blockchain technology and the changes it is bringing about in economy and society. Right balance of technical explanation and macro view. Very worthwhile.

By Shefa M

Jan 31, 2021

It was a wonderfully designed course. i liked the reading materials attached to it after every lecture. i got to learn a lot and develop my understanding on Blockchain. Thank you Coursera and INSEAD for coming up with this.

By Eduardo N A

Jan 21, 2021

I am an International business graduate and the blockchain course helped me to understand where the future of important businesses is going, for example logistics and how blockchain makes it more efficient and transparent


Jul 6, 2020

It was a very great introductory to the blockchain, prior to this I did not even understand the term, however with the great explanation and the methodology of the course I learned a lot. Now I appreciate Blockchain more.

By Juan C M L

Nov 9, 2020

I loved this introductory course. It helped me understand the " theorical foundation" of Blockchain and it is really fascinating. The course is outlined perfectly to serve as a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

By Parasnath S

Sep 9, 2020

A great course to start in Blockchain Technology. It has full loads of videos, learning references and practitioner discussion to keep the interest going. I enjoyed it very much and recommend the same to new learners.

By Sujith T

Apr 24, 2021

Highly recommended even if you are working on the blockchain, know the basics of it. It's a great refresher even for people with good know-how of blockchain. And for starters, this course could potentially be Gold.

By Ihssan E

May 22, 2020

Wonderful course to get an in depth introduction to the Blockchain world. You get to understand the basics of the process and have enough knowledge to start explaining to people the essence of this novel technology

By Stacy A S

Apr 8, 2021

This was an excellent course and thoroughly explained Blockchain to me. I had very little to knowledge in this arena and now I can explain it to others. Worthwhile if you want a comprehensive intro to Blockchain.

By G. A W

Jul 20, 2020

Really good and informative class! I was sort of interested in blockchain before but didn't understand much. Thanks to this class I have a solid basic understanding and find the technology to be truly exciting.

By Patrick G

Jul 22, 2019

Great introductory course to blockchain - I am now a lot more aware of this developing field of technology and how it works, making it easier to understand articles about it and see where it could be implemented!

By Tanmay M

Oct 12, 2020

Its a good introduction to blockchain. It expalins both opportunities and challeneges related to blockchain. Recommend for anyone who wants an understanding of what bolckchain is and how it may shape our future.