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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Chinese for Beginners by Peking University

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About the Course

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. In addition to the dialogues, the selection of reading materials and practice activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, in order to stimulate the learners’ interests. This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course....

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Sep 17, 2016

Thanks for this course. I like it and this language really so necessary for me and my job. My company in New Zealand - ESKA Ltd (, and we are work with aliens from China.


Jun 17, 2020

Awesome experience it was a comprehensive and informative course. I learnt alot. Thank you coursera for providing us such a nice and global platform to enhance skills and knowlegde by sitting at home.

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By gaetane

Dec 08, 2015

Very interesting to learn the basis of Chinese ; very simple and clear!

It is also a good basis to prepare the HSK but in my opinion it would have been interesting to have also the chinese characters writen in order to learn both at the same time!

By Luis O C K

Jul 24, 2019

Amazing intro, the pronunciation guidance and vocabulary are very useful but sometimes it can be quite hard and confusing. May have missed it but the vocabulary addendum at the end could've been split by lessons, helping the process a lot.

By Simona A

Oct 24, 2015

I already attended a Chinese for Beginners course years ago. This course was excellent for brushing up words and sentence constructions. Excellent course also for completely beginners. I hope that there will be additional courses. Thanks!

By Jennifer D S

Apr 16, 2017

This is a wonderful beginner course for Chinese. I would say it would be great for those who have no prior experience with Chinese, since it is very well made and easy to follow. It gives very well made lessons and is very informative.

By Ioulia B

Jun 14, 2020

The instructor was well paced, knowledgeable. Good review of common things to say if you were in China. I am missing the syntax of the language, how sentences are put together. I prefer a bit of grammar in my language learning.

By Pedro S

Jul 07, 2017

Algunos subtítulos en español están mal, y no vendría mal enseñar un poco más sobre gramática, ya que el curso se centra en que memoricemos preguntas y respuestas predeterminadas. Por lo demás, está genial para el precio que tiene.

By Kishan R

Apr 28, 2020

Really good introduction to everyday words and phrases in Pinyin. Having all the sentences etc. written out in Pinyin would have been helpful (what is written doesn't necessarily correlate to the material covered in the videos).

By Elisabeth d R

May 21, 2020

It was an interesting course and learned some basic Chinese. It's a pity that I couldn't really practice with other people so I hope to meet soon some Chinese to apply what I've learned. It was a great experience, Xièxiè nǐ

By Kirstine D

Jun 24, 2020

Fun course and a good place to start. It skips some details at times, but nothing that matters on the whole. It gives a good basic idea of how to pronounce and talk about simple, basic ideas. I liked it and learned a lot!

By Aticha A

Apr 27, 2020

I think some of the quiz answers are wrong (In section about time) (but it is not a big mistake). Please check again. This course is great both for beginners and other level Chinese learners. Thank you for the course!

By Vinicius R

Mar 20, 2017

Awesome course! Thanks for everything! It would however be great if you also could provide the Chinese characters for all the stuff we've learned *while* we learn it and not in the end of the course. :) Best,


By Eike R H

Apr 18, 2020

I liked the course. It was well organized and speed was okay. Altough i would have preferred a vocabulary list of the vocabulary that were introduced, as well as some information on the correct grammar in general.

By Pattaraporn D

May 22, 2020

She teaching very well. her accent is very clear to understand, lesson is very useful to and might can use it for real. Now I know a bit of daily Chinese and I am planning to learn more about it.

Thank you. :)

By Lavan C P

Oct 25, 2016

Good Course for foreigners to learn mandarin but it would be more helpful if the lecturer would slow the pase just a little bit cause we are still beginners and have a hard time understanding the different tones.

By Patricia R

Oct 23, 2015

I really liked this course because all the lessons are coherent with each other which helps one understand Chinese better. I hope that the quizzes would be more difficult to fully test the student's competence.

By Ryan

Jan 05, 2017

Thank you for the course! As the title says, this lessons is for beginners who never experienced learning Chinese Language. But I think providing chinese characters in the course will make this course better.

By bui t p

Jan 14, 2016

This course is definitely helpful for those who has not learned Chinese before as well as who has learned a bit Chinese.

The exercises are well prepared and help learners to review all the lessons logically.

By Raquel G

Aug 14, 2016

Está muy bien, pero es muy sencillo. Faltaría algún recurso más para completarlo. Además, mirar vídeos y hacer cuestionarios tan fáciles, si uno no repasa por su cuenta todo el material, no sirve de mucho.

By Penelope D

Sep 16, 2017

Very introductory with minor problems/mistakes. It's good to start if you're a total beginner, but you sure need much more if you want to go on with Chinese language. Thanks for an amazing start though!

By Kutay S

Oct 05, 2015

Very solid content, with distinct sections and themes. No writing makes it into a good introductory course but also is something more serious learners need to study on their own alongside the course.

By Mahzabin T

Apr 27, 2020

It was really amazing to learn the Chinese language. I loved it! this was great for beginners to learn Chinese basics. whoever is willing to learn basic Chinese speaking must go through this course.

By Jhopsangel R

Sep 04, 2019

Excellent course, but would have liked to have the characters that go with the pinyin, even if they was not much importance given to them. It´s nice to get familiar with them before the end.

By augusto w

May 01, 2020

Really liked it. I would prefer to learn along the chinese characters, but also understand that is hard to focus on so many new things (tones, characters, words, gramatic). gong xi gong xi!