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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Chinese for Beginners by Peking University

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About the Course

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. In addition to the dialogues, the selection of reading materials and practice activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, in order to stimulate the learners’ interests. This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course....

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Sep 17, 2016

Thanks for this course. I like it and this language really so necessary for me and my job. My company in New Zealand - ESKA Ltd (, and we are work with aliens from China.


Mar 02, 2016

This course is excellent. It gives thorough introduction into language without going into too much unnecessary details. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start learning Chinese from scratch.

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By João P G

Feb 11, 2016

Gorgeus. The teacher is good, the material is presented superbly. I loved. I thought learning Chinese would be very complex study, but no. Is very tasty study with Coursera.

By Abdul R

Nov 25, 2015

It was pretty good course though became a bit tough at the end. It will be great if there was a continuation of this course.

Looking forward to continue my Chinese learning!

By Phil J

Jun 26, 2016

This course is good - it focuses on hearing pronunciations, which is good and supports my other learning which I am doing mostly from a book (also learning the characters).

By Victoria C

Nov 12, 2015

Extremely informative! Would recommend to any friends trying to learn Chinese, also very simple and easily understood, with clear explanations and pronounciations. & vocab!

By Dennis B

Nov 20, 2017

I liked that the lessons build up on each other. Furthermore, I enjoyed that it was quite simple so that I didn't get demotivated. Looking forward to the second class now.

By Gilang P

Feb 12, 2019

The material given is sufficient enough for beginner who learn Chinese with no background education at all. Xie xie xiaojie Xiaoyu, xianzai, wo hui shuo yidian Zhongwen.

By Teemu E

Nov 26, 2016

the course was very good and had very good assignments to provoke the learning further and made you use the learn things but in different way than in the lecture videos.

By Enock S

Sep 09, 2015

Really learning a lot. I initially had no working knowledge of Chinese but this course has definitely pointed me in the right direction concerning learning the language.

By Luis H

Feb 02, 2019

Excelente curso para entablar una conversación básica sobre diferentes temas y actividades. Muy recomendable. Con paciencia y dedicación se aprende mucho en este curso.

By Florence A S

Feb 04, 2018

This course was very interesting to start learning Chinese. I have learnt a lot. The teacher approaches different topics. I am eager to keep on studying this language.

By Anna S

Aug 18, 2015

Очень интересно попробовать свои силы в освоении нового языка) Хорошие и понятные объяснения. Что главное - после этого курса хочется продолжать изучать язык! Спасибо!

By Aramis F

Oct 11, 2016

Excellent Mandarin course from the Peking University. You will have a good introduction to spoken Mandarinn, basis expressions and even how to write a few characters.

By Julien M

Mar 27, 2016

I took this course to review Chinese basics, I not really a beginner. The rhythm of the course, the progression is nice. It's a perfect way to start learning Chinese.

By lavern

Nov 21, 2017

This course is perfect to introduce you to the basic of learning Chinese language and learning how to become social with new people in common day to day activities.

By Anderzon

Jun 05, 2016

It´s jolly learnable all sort ofa basic things that you´r willing to catch on to about this excentric language you can do it by your own with brilliantness and so on

By Jesus J F L

May 27, 2018

un curso fácil de entender (aunque suene irónico decir que es fácil de entender un curso de chino) cuando viaje a china estaré agradecido, sentí que aprendí mucho.

By Sofiane S

Nov 14, 2016

je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide et votre soutien , vraiment vous êtes un groupes des anges , je vous respecte beaucoup , je vous souhaite tout le bonheur

By Humberto A F H P

Oct 22, 2019

O curso é relativamente fácil para aprender algumas bases na língua chinesa. A prática e o treino e o estudo continuado irão definir o nível a que se irá chegar.


Sep 30, 2016

Excellent Course outline and it's a good start for beginners. I request Coursera to start an advance course on Chinese Language in continuation of this course .

By Pham T T

Nov 06, 2018

I think your syllabus should be added more Chinese characters so that the learners can get in touch with Chinese.

Thank you for all materials and your supports!

By Arga D W

May 28, 2018

Amazing Free Course. Because of this I was be able to pass HSKK beginner level. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to the next level on my Chinese speaking. Xie4xie4

By Fernando C A

Oct 28, 2017

excelente curso la dinámica, para empezar sirve e incentiva a seguir por mas, la explicación es muy agradable y uno se siente como que esta estudiando en China.

By Mihir J

Apr 01, 2017

EXCELLENT COURSE, I would like to further learn more chinese as part of the upcoming course. Very much interested in getting insights and understanding Chinese.

By Benjamin A

May 15, 2017

This course is very helpful. It touched on all parts of our daily activities. The course has equipped me with the basics for communication. Am grateful Laoshi.