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Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack® Certificate

Build a career in the growing construction industry by mastering concepts in engineering and management with a top-ranking graduate program. Earn a powerful university-issued certificate in six months and apply it towards a Master of Engineering degree.

Earn a powerful university-issued career credential in as little as six months.

Earn Degree Credit

If you're admitted to the full Master's program, the credit from your MasterTrack® Certificate counts towards your degree.

About this MasterTrack® Certificate

Become a skilled construction manager in just 6-7 months. Earn a powerful career credential and complete a segment of a full engineering Master’s degree

Skills you will gain

  • Construction Accounting
  • Project Scheduling Techniques
  • Worksite Safety
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Optimized Utilization of Construction Equipment
  • Course Mode

    100% online courses

  • Course Fee

    Four payments of $500

    Or pay all at once and save 5%

  • Duration

    6-7 months to complete

  • Course Level

    Intermediate Level

    You should understand foundational mathematics, including algebra & geometry; foundational physics, including forces & motion.

  • Projects

    2 real-world projects

  • Course Language


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  • Course Benefits

    Earn degree credit

    If you are admitted to the full Master’s program, your MasterTrack® Certificate counts towards your degree.

What is a MasterTrack® Certificate?

With MasterTrack® Certificates, portions of Master’s programs have been split into online modules, so you can earn a high quality university-issued career credential at a breakthrough price in a flexible, interactive format. Benefit from a deeply engaging learning experience with real-world projects. If you are accepted to the full Master's program, your MasterTrack® coursework counts towards your degree.

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Take an online module of a Master's degree program and experience the same curriculum as an on-campus student.

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Receive a university-issued MasterTrack® Certificate from a top university that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Demonstrate your skills through real-world projects and create work samples that help you stand out in your job search.

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If you are accepted to the full Master’s program, your completed coursework counts towards your degree.

Interactive Learning Experience

You'll learn through readings, videos, graded assignments, real-world applied projects, and live global classroom sessions.

Feedback from Instructors and Experts

Feedback from Instructors and Experts

Graduate-Level Curriculum

Graduate-Level Curriculum

Real-World Projects

Real-World Projects

6 Courses in this MasterTrack® Certificate


  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Live sessions and office hours
  • Real-world projects
  • Peer collaboration
  • Web and mobile access

Financial Accounting for Construction Projects

Financial Accounting for Construction Projects will introduce you to the accounting techniques used for construction projects, with an emphasis on how they differ from the practices used in other industries. The course will teach you about the different financial instruments used for accounting in construction projects, including balance sheets and income statements. You will also learn how accounting works across the business cycle as well as methods for calculating income, expenses and revenue. The course culminates with the creation of annual financial statements for a simulated construction project.

Start June 28, 20214-6 hours per week
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Industry-relevant hands-on projects to build your portfolio

Preparation of Contractor's Annual Financial Statements

6-8 hours per week


  • Collaboration skills for working with other construction management students
  • How to apply the correct methods of accounting for multiple large construction projects to produce financial statements that provide accurate information about the health of a construction business

Application of Project Delivery Methods

6-8 hours per week


  • How to differentiate types of construction projects based on key characteristics
  • Skills for applying organizational best practices for effective and efficient delivery

What industry partners are saying

"The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Michigan has been a leader in developing initiatives that provide students with practical, hands-on experience in collaboration with industry partners in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). The Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack® Certificate program embodies this focus on real-world insight, teaching valuable, practical skills to address the challenges faced by construction professionals on a daily basis. Students looking to begin a management career in this field will gain critical knowledge and marketable skills that will lay the foundation for new career opportunities in the construction industry."...

Success story from a learner

"A degree from CEE can take you many places, including the happiest place on Earth! As a project manager for Barton Malow, Jay Kohler (BSE CE ’09) works on projects for Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and other Orlando attractions. Kohler, a third-generation U-M graduate, says his courses in construction management were especially helpful in preparing for his career. He says he also benefited from participating in the University of Michigan Engineering Council. “It gets you involved in planning and managing for a larger group. You learn that the way you interact, send emails and present yourself is important,” Kohler says of being part of student organizations. Kohler started out with Barton Malow as a student intern. His advice to current students is “get the real-world experience through internships as soon as possible.” After his internship, Kohler began working for Barton Malow in estimating. “We would visit different offices to make bids, and there was an exciting sense of accomplishment when you finally submitted your bid,” Kohler says of his first position. Six years later, Kohler finds excitement working on projects such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This family-friendly roller coaster ride was completed in May 2014\. He is currently working on a new attraction in Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando. When asked what he enjoys most about his work, Kohler said, “Every day is a new challenge and the answers are not just sitting there. I enjoy the never-ending problem solving.”...


Carol Menassa

Carol Menassa

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Vineet Kamat

Vineet Kamat

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

SangHyun Lee

SangHyun Lee

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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