Write a Mini Game in Scala

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In this Guided Project, you will:

Learn the fundamentals of Scala

Clock2 hours
CloudNo download needed
VideoSplit-screen video
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LaptopDesktop only

In this 1 hour class you will learn Scala by writing a mini number guessing game. The product might seem simple but we will cover important Scala concepts such as type inference, objects, collection class, iterators, implicit class, and post-fix operators, in addition to features common to other languages. This class is ideal for a quick warm up for learners who want to transition to Scala from other modern programming languages such as Java.

Skills you will develop

  • Scala Programming
  • Software Development Process
  • Computer Languages
  • Cross-Platform Development

Learn step-by-step

In a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:

  1. Introduction and finished product preview

  2. Set up a new project

  3. Lay out the scaffolding

  4. Generate a random number

  5. Learn about objects

  6. Learn about collection objects and iterators

  7. Create an extension object

  8. Use the extension object in the main program

  9. Make the code more readable

How Guided Projects work

Your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser, no download required

In a split-screen video, your instructor guides you step-by-step

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