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Description: Xene Gallery, Handmade Fine Art Metal Works: Xene Gallery is a UK company formed by a family in Persia with a history of more than 100 years in unique Fine Art Metal HandWorks.We have been building various luxury sculptures and statues by Gold and Silver over the years. Gold, copper, steel or silver can be shaped as wax in the hands of our artists ! The beautiful, artistic combination of different metals, which each one is different from one another, and each statue is unique to itself as all works are COMPLETELY HANDMADE without using any modern tools or EVEN metal casting. Some Details: Size: The sizes can vary from a few centimeters up to 3 meters in height Material: The material used in these works are a combination of different metals including (but not limited to) Steel, Copper, Silver and Gold Time: The time each work can take to finish varies from one month for small objects to five years for some huge complicated works, some works have taken tens of thousands of working hours Price: The prices start from a minimum of 1000$ and can be up to 200,000$ for some huge works made or covered by Gold and Silver The gold paint, silvering or engraving of your designs on the statues allows you to customize your order.