Cloud Security Engineer Salary: What You Can Expect to Earn (2024)

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As a cloud security engineer, you’re responsible for designing and maintaining security systems to protect company networks. If you’re interested in this role, learn more about their earning potential and the factors that influence it.

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Cloud security engineers help companies protect their data and networks by developing security practices and systems. A cloud security engineer focuses solely on systems that exist in the cloud compared to other security roles. If you’re interested in this role, consider researching the earning potential and how different factors can influence it. 

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What is a cloud security engineer?

A security engineer is the first line of defense against hackers and other malicious attacks on a company network or data. Working in cloud security, you’ll focus specifically on protecting and monitoring data and networks based in the cloud.

In this role, you’ll monitor existing security systems, design and implement new security measures, and analyze your company’s system for security risks. You’ll make recommendations and design risk mitigation strategies if you find potential security risks. 

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How much does a cloud security engineer make?

A cloud security engineer’s salary in the US ranges from $99,492 to $140,632, according to various career websites that feature salary estimates. The data below breaks down different salaries [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]:

Factors that affect salary

The exact amount you can expect to earn as a cloud security engineer will depend on various factors, like your geographic location, level of education, and experience level. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors below. 


The state and city you live in will affect your salary as a cloud security engineer. Typically, if you live in a location with a high cost of living, you’ll require a higher salary than you would in a location with a lower cost of living to afford the same lifestyle. According to Zippia, the five highest-paying states are [1]:

  • California: $113,546

  • Nevada: $102,377

  • Oregon: $101,287

  • Arizona: $99,406

  • Washington: $99,206

The five lowest-paying states are [1]:

  • Illinois: $79,505

  • Tennessee: $80,130

  • New Hampshire: $80,158

  • Ohio: $80,268

  • Florida: $81,424

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Education is also a factor that will impact how much you earn. While a bachelor’s degree is the standard for cloud security engineers, it’s not the only path to a career in the field. Here is the average salary you can expect based on your highest level of education, according to Zippia [1]:

  • Associate degree: $87,223

  • Bachelor’s degree: $99,887

  • Master’s degree: $108,205

  • Doctorate: $117,008


Obtaining certifications can increase your income as a cloud security engineer. A survey from Skillsoft determined the 15 highest-paying certifications for information technology professionals, five of which are related to cloud technology. 

Here are a few certifications that can help you earn more money and the average salary according to Skillsoft [6]:

Remember to research which certification is most helpful for your career goals before deciding to earn one. 

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Your previous experience as a cloud security engineer or a related job title will also influence the amount of salary you can expect. Both Zippia and Glassdoor offer additional insight into how average salaries in this role break down based on levels of experience [1, 4]:

Experience levelZippiaGlassdoor
Entry level$85,000$115,812
Senior level$115,000$160,709

What education do I need to become a cloud security engineer?

Earning a higher education is essential to becoming a cloud security engineer. According to Zippia, 60 percent of cloud security engineers have a bachelor’s degree, 20 percent have an associate, and 16 percent have a master’s [7]. Popular areas of study for cloud security engineers include computer science, information technology, business, and computer information systems. 

Are cloud security engineers in demand?

According to Zippia, career growth for cloud security engineers is estimated to reach 32 percent between 2018 and 2028 [8]. Cloud security engineers are in demand because cloud networking and infrastructure have become essential tools for companies across industries. With the rise of cloud computing comes an increasing risk of hackers exploiting the weaknesses of a cloud computing system to gain access to company data. 

A 2021 IBM Security X Force report noted a substantial rise in threats to cloud services, including crypto mining and ransomware [9]. In the most recent 2023 Xforce report, IBM found that the deployment time for ransomware has dropped from more than 60 days in 2019 to less than four days in 2021 [10]. It’s clear cloud security has become essential for companies, which will require cloud security engineers to manage. 

Similar job titles

Information security engineer

Average salary (US): $97,288 [11]

Job outlook (projected growth from 2018 to 2028 ): 32 percent [12]

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer information systems

Description: Similar to a cloud security engineer, an information security engineer manages a company’s network, systems, and data security. In this role, you may help maintain existing systems, identify new risks, recommend and implement security measures, and continue monitoring for unknown and potential risks. 

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Network security engineer

Average salary (US): $88,322 [13]

Job outlook (projected growth from 2018 to 2028): 5 percent [14]

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or information technology 

Description: As a network security engineer, you would also be responsible for overseeing security management, but in this role, you would focus specifically on the security of a company’s network. This position could include many of the same responsibilities as a cloud security engineer. 

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Cybersecurity analyst

Average salary (US): $88,422 [15]

Job outlook (projected growth from 2018 to 2028 ): 32 percent [16]

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, information technology, or business 

Description: A cybersecurity analyst is a similar role to a cloud or network security engineer. In this role, you may have a greater range of responsibilities helping to manage the security of all internet-related activities of the company. You may work with a larger team of security professionals, including simulating cyberattacks to look for weaknesses. 

Next steps 

If you’re interested in starting a career in cloud cybersecurity, consider the Google Cloud Cybersecurity Professional Certificate on Coursera. This program is designed ​​to help entry-level learners and individuals with no previous experience prepare for their first job in cloud security. The self-paced courses cover topics such as identity and access management and key tools like cloud firewall and Google Compute Engine. 

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