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Graduate Certificate in Computer Science

Build your specialist knowledge in computer science and prepare for advanced studies in the field by earning a Graduate Certificate in Computer Science from the University of London.


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Class starts April 8, 2024

Min of 6 months, up to a max of 5 years

10-12 hours per week

£2,015 - £2,995

depending upon geographic location

100% online

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Goldsmiths is in the UK’s top 25 for the research quality, according to the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Essential job skills for a computer science career

As a graduate of this online programme, you'll earn a valuable career credential and build specialized expertise as you prepare for advanced studies in the field.

Industry-relevant curriculum and professional network

In addition to the industry-relevant curriculum, you’ll be able to build your professional network studying with a group of high-caliber peers in an interactive learning environment.

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Program description

Choose from one of eight computer science paths and tailor your learning experience to align with your education and career goals.


Earning a Graduate Certificate of Computer Science from the University of London is an opportunity to develop specialized computer science knowledge and gain essential technical skills as you grow your ability as a creative problem-solver and prepare for advanced studies in the field. By committing 10-12 hours of online study per week, you can complete the Graduate Certificate within a minimum period of six months to a maximum of five years.

Programme cost

Band A countries
15-credit module (web supported learner)£467
Module continuation fee (per continued module)£234
Band B countries
15-credit module (web supported learner)£702
Module continuation fee (per continued module)£234
15-credit module (web supported learner)£636
Module continuation fee (per continued module)£234

Required background

To be eligible for this Graduate Certificate programme you must have ONE of the following:

  • an acceptable bachelor’s degree;
  • an acceptable master’s degree (or any other appropriately accredited Level 7 award) provided this is at least 1 year full time in duration;


  • GCSE Mathematics (Grade A – B) or equivalent.

For entry requirements from other countries, please check the University of London website.

Skills you will gain

  • Problem-solving and critical evaluation
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Self-guided and independent study
  • The ability to produce structured arguments based on subject knowledge
  • Critical analysis tools and techniques
  • The ability to exercise critical judgement to the evaluation of areas of computer science

Choose from one of eight computer science paths.

Course 1 of 1

Graduate Certificate of Computer Science


The Graduate Certificate is made up of four 15-credit modules.

You can view full module descriptions on the University of London website.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

  • New data is being produced at an exceptionally fast rate across the world. It’s the role of data scientists to make sense of this information and create accurate predictions, treatments and services tailored to individuals.

Graduate Certificate in Games Development

  • Gaming is a world entertainment phenomenon. The global games market is currently valued at $137.9 billion; by 2021, it’s expected to be worth $180 billion (Source, Newzoo). This certificate is specifically designed for those who want to be at the forefront of the thriving gaming world, creating software tailored to games development

Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are starting to play far bigger roles in our daily lives. They are used in digital assistants that respond to our voices, self-driving cars and adaptive education systems.

Graduate Certificate in Mobile Development

  • Mobile development is a critical application area for computer science. Mobile application development has become a major part of the software industry over the last decade, with established as well as new companies developing thousands of mobile games and utilities.

Graduate Certificate in Physical Computing and the Internet of Things

  • Physical computing involves the creation of hardware devices that can sense and act in the real world.

Graduate Certificate in User Experience

  • Our daily lives involve complex tasks, requiring interaction with a plethora of computer systems. User experience design is a critical part of the development of these systems. These advancements ensure the interaction between the individual, computer system and the workflow it enables are all fit for purpose.

Graduate Certificate in Virtual Reality

  • Virtual reality (VR) is the creation of immersive, simulated environments using computer systems. Advancements in technology have now put virtual reality in the hands of the consumer. This has created a demand for people who can develop this software and experiences in this medium.

Graduate Certificate in Web Development

  • Web development is a critical application area for computer science. Many of the largest technology companies maintain large scale web applications, providing services such as social media, search, advertising and video and audio streaming.


Frequently asked questions

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