Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati

Post Graduate Certificate in Natural Language Processing

Learn fundamental concepts and mathematical models to efficiently process text and natural language data from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, one of the leading institutions in India.

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6 months

7 hours/week

$1,500 (INR 1,12,500)

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Includes live classes and feedback from faculty

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Top-ranked Institute of National Importance

Earn your Post Graduate Certificate from one of the leading institutes of India with state-of-the-art research infrastructure and scientific and engineering instruments.

Learn to decode underlying Natural Language Processing algorithms

Develop an in-depth understanding of both the algorithms available for processing linguistic information and the underlying computational properties of natural languages.

Project-based learning

Learn Natural Language Processing techniques to analyse speech and text to work on real world applications like speech sentiment detection, dialogue systems and more.


Program description

Master core neural network models needed to become a natural language processing expert.


In this programme, you will first learn fundamental concepts and ideas in natural language processing (NLP), and build familiarity with the latest research. You will develop an in-depth understanding of both the algorithms available for processing linguistic information and the underlying computational properties of natural languages. The focus will be on deep learning approaches: implementing, training, debugging, and extending neural network models for a variety of language understanding tasks. You will progress from word-level and syntactic processing to question answering and machine translation. For the final project, you will apply a complex neural network model to a large-scale NLP problem.

As you advance through the programme, you’ll learn how to:

  • Process raw text for NLP and formulate NLP problems mathematically.
  • Analyse deep learning-based NLP models.
  • Use machine learning and natural language processing to solve real-world problems across various industries.
  • Use cross-lingual and multilingual models.

College graduates and working professionals wanting to specialise or enter the field of natural language processing will find this programme useful.

Required background

A bachelor's degree in any related field is required to successfully enrol in and complete this programme. You need to have a mathematics background in linear algebra, calculus and probability and statistics, and data structures and algorithms, as well as knowledge of Python.

Skills you will gain

  • Natural language processing
  • Neural models
  • Machine learning applications
  • Text mining
  • Data analysis

This 6-month programme features 3 courses and 1 capstone project.

Course 1 of 3

Introduction to Natural Language Processing


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of natural language processing (NLP) and its linguistic aspects, core algorithms for solving basic tasks, and statistical and shallow machine learning models for several-NLP based tasks.

Course 2 of 3

Neural Networks for NLP


In this course, you will learn about neural network models and apply the learnings to applications like hate speech detection, Q&A systems, chatbots and dialogue systems.

Course 3 of 3

Advanced Topics in NLP


In this course you will learn about advanced and recently evolving topics in NLP such as efficient variants of transformers, multilingual and multimodal NLP, ethical issues in NLP, and domain specific applications.


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