University of Colorado Boulder - Online Degrees and Certificates

Take courses and earn your master’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder online, on your own time.

University of Colorado Boulder - Online Degrees and Certificates

Take courses and earn your master’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder online, on your own time.

Learn more about University of Colorado Boulder degrees and certificates offerings. 

With performance-based admission, there is no application process—complete the work at the required level and you are admitted to the master’s degree program regardless of your previous academic or work experience. No transcripts, tests, minimum GPAs, or application fees are needed to enroll in the program. You’ll benefit from the affordable and stackable credentials you earn, and pay-as-you-go tuition.

Master’s Degree Offerings

Master of Science in Computer ScienceOpens in a new tab

Take a broad approach to studying computer science that directly reflects a career in the field. You’ll combine theoretical knowledge with technical experience across both broad computer science courses and specific electives on topics like human-computer interaction, robotics, data mining, autonomous systems, and more.

What makes this program unique?

  • $15,750 total tuition cost with pay-as-you-go tuition

  • Learn from faculty who have real-world relevant experience

  • Admission is based on performance in three preliminary courses, not academic history

Master of Science in Data Science Opens in a new tab

Learn valuable job skills for in-demand data science careers by pursuing a full Master of Science in Data Science degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. This fully online MS in Data Science is an ideal choice for career-focused learners eager to benefit from a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach.

What makes this program unique?

  • No transcripts, no minimum GPA, no GRE.

  • Personalize your pathway to a graduate degree.

  • Deepen your data science knowledge through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Master of Science in Electrical EngineeringOpens in a new tab

A top 5 ranked online electrical engineering graduate program, offering transformative industry recognized credentials and performance-based admissions.

What makes this program unique?

  • Benefit from a flexible and rigorous graduate program.

  • Get started today with a customizable curriculum.

  • Grow your career by learning from world-class industry experts.

Master of Engineering in Engineering Management Opens in a new tab

This management degree program is ideal for anyone eager to grow their management careers in the dynamic engineering and technical sector. Whether you are a skilled engineer who wants to advance into high-impact management roles or a management professional looking to lead high-performing technical teams, you can earn your engineering management degree from one of the world's top institutions (US News, 2023) and gain a vital leadership education built upon a concrete foundation of in-demand applied skills.

What makes this program unique?

  • Pursue high-impact management opportunities to lead technical teams

  • Access a top-quality degree regardless of your academic background

  • Learn from visionary leaders, industry experts, and accomplished executives

Graduate Certificate Offerings

Data Science Graduate Certificate Opens in a new tab

Develop interdisciplinary skills in data science and gain knowledge of statistical analysis, data mining, and machine learning from one of the nation’s top-ranked Tier 1 research institutions.

Engineering Management Graduate CertificateOpens in a new tab

In this three-specialization program, which integrates contemporary concepts of leadership, project management, and finance for technical managers, you will gain specific tools and knowledge to lead technical teams.

Industrial Internet of Things Graduate CertificateOpens in a new tab

Prepare to grow your design skills by learning about application areas, operating systems, and networking and wireless communication protocols used in IIoT deployments from a top 5 ranked online electrical engineering graduate program.

Power Electronics Graduate CertificateOpens in a new tab

Progress your career by learning the fundamentals of power electronics like power management, portable power, computer systems, medical applications, spacecraft systems, renewable energy & utilities.

Semiconductor Photonics Graduate CertificateOpens in a new tab

Learn the fundamental building blocks for solid-state photonic devices. It starts from the quantum theory of solids and fundamentals of semiconductor devices and on to cover advanced photonic devices such as solid-state lighting, semiconductor lasers, photodetectors, and energy conversion devices.

About University of Colorado Boulder Founded in 1876 and nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, CU Boulder is a Tier 1 Research institution that proudly anchors one of the most entrepreneurial technology corridors in the United States. Our faculty have launched over 140 new start-ups, our researchers have filed for 1,276 patents in the last eight years, and 548 inventions have been delivered in the last five. We are the proud home of a community of scientists, scholars, and educators that includes five Nobel Laureates, eight MacArthur Genius Grant winners, four National Medal of Science awardees, and over eleven interdisciplinary research institutes.

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