Bachelor of Science in General Business

University of North Texas


Accredited diploma

Offered by University of North Texas

Taught in English

Engage in group discussions with professors and peers

4 years

18+ hours of study/wk per course

100% online

Hands-on learning from anywhere, no travel required

Pursue a foundational business education with an emphasis on the development of real-world job skills in a flexible, hands-on program from an established leader in business learning.

Over the course of this program, you’ll prepare for your career by establishing a well-rounded understanding of all key areas of business, including economics, accounting, finance, business analytics, information systems, management, and marketing. You can also discover paid internship opportunities facilitated and supervised by UNT, or you can choose to bring in your own. And, through management and marketing courses, you’ll set yourself up for success in two high-demand areas of business. Given UNT’s 130-year history and its 75-years of experience in business education, you’re assured of receiving a world-class grounding in essential business skills.

  • Gain an ideal mix of theoretical and applied skills. Combine theoretical concepts and practical applications across all areas of business—with special emphasis on management and marketing. You’ll engage in interactive group projects to refine your cross-functional collaboration ability. And, upon your graduation, you’ll have a strong credential showing you can perform a variety of professional roles.
  • Learn from faculty with decades of experience. Study with instructors who have advanced business-related degrees and substantial corporate backgrounds at leading global institutions. You can expect a world-class business education and a first-rate online experience because UNT ranks highly for many disciplines like accounting, management, and entrepreneurship.
  • Cultivate skills highly sought by companies. Hundreds of companies recruit UNT graduates every year as they seek employees with the right combination of theoretical and applied skills, and who possess both critical thinking and communication skills. As a graduate of this program, you'll be ideally positioned to pursue new roles in your field.

The Fall 2022 cohort application is now open!

Apply to start your Bachelor's in August 2022.

The Fall 2022 cohort early application deadline is March 18, 2022.

The Fall 2022 cohort final application deadline is July 29, 2022.

Wondering if the BSGB is a good fit for you?

You can preview the learning experience by taking a stand-alone course from the University of North Texas. In Research Design: Inquiry and Discovery, you will learn about the essential skill of asking good questions. The course covers topics like the basis of human curiosity, development of questions, connections between questions and approaches to information gathering design, the differences between experimental and non-experimental designs, data analysis, and the ethics of inquiry projects. In Contemporary Biology, you will be introduced to biology as it applies to your everyday life. You will explore the interplay between science and self through a personalized case study of yourself and your environment.

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About the Program


Your acceptance is based on your rank in your high school class and your SAT or ACT scores—or your high school GPA.

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Learn the latest business best practices with input from UNT’s industry partners and advisory board. As you advance through the curriculum, you'll have opportunities to apply your problem-solving skills through case studies and real-world challenges brought to you by UNT’s partnerships.

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Explore career options in professional development classes. Discuss career outcomes in core classes and electives. Gain career insights and tools as you near graduation. Plus, work with coaches through UNT’s career services.

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Student Experience

Connect with your community for group projects, virtual office hours, and optional learning sessions to practice teamwork and problem-solving. You'll also have time to go at your own pace as you build skills via independent projects.

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About the University

With internationally recognized degree programs led by world-class faculty, UNT is one of the nation's largest public research universities. Attend a Carnegie Tier One research university that advances creativity, progress, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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You can preview the learning experience by taking a stand-alone course like Research Design: Inquiry and Discovery from UNT. This course offers an excellent primer before entering the full program and will give a clear window until the world-class quality of the program.

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