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What you'll learn

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how 5G is revolutionizing the way we do business in the 2020s.

  • Learn about the technologies that make 5G possible, including mmWave, Massive MIMO, RAN, and more.

  • Learn how companies can take advantage of 5G Private Networks and Industrial IoT to transform the way they operate on a daily basis.

  • Gain the base-level knowledge of 5G you need to continue your wireless education and advance in the rapidly-growing field of wireless technology.

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There are 8 modules in this course

Begin your 5G journey by learning about the foundations of wireless and cellular communications. In this module, we focus on the core principles of wireless communication and how key wireless technologies give us the mobile experience to which we are accustomed. This module will also give you the basis you need to dive into and understand the key technological components on which 5G is built.

What's included

17 videos2 readings1 quiz

Now that we've covered the basics of wireless communication, let's discuss what 5G is and why it is important. In this module, we talk about the key technological drivers of 5G and what 5G is capable of.

What's included

10 videos1 reading1 quiz

In this module, we dive into the wireless technologies that make 5G possible and learn how the different technologies interact to give us a 5G experience. After completing this module, you will have a greater understanding of key 5G technologies and features such as mmWave, Massive MIMO, Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing, and more.

What's included

15 videos1 reading1 quiz

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) is a key aspect of 5G, so it is important to understand how 5G works in the mmWave spectrum and why mmWave is necessary for an optimal 5G experience. In this module, we discuss the 5G spectrum, 5G mmWave, and how mmWave can be deployed in a variety of scenarios in both indoor and outdoor environments. We also learn from several case studies of real-life mmWave deployments and their realistic performance advantages.

What's included

14 videos1 reading1 quiz

In this module, we discuss the importance of Massive MIMO and how it fits into the 5G landscape. We'll talk about what Massive MIMO is, what it enables, and why it is necessary for 5G. We conclude this module by learning more from case studies of real-life Massive MIMO deployments.

What's included

9 videos1 reading1 quiz

In this module, we dive into the Radio Access Network (RAN) and what it looks like in the world of 5G. We discuss the evolution of RAN technology and how this evolution has led to 5G. We also talk about the key benefits we experience as companies and consumers as a result of the RAN evolution.

What's included

6 videos1 reading1 quiz

5G private networks and Industrial IoT are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, as companies are beginning to understand their benefits and potential. In this module, we dive into 5G private networks, their architecture, their benefits for industrial IoT, and how they are changing the way businesses operate and communicate.

What's included

10 videos1 reading1 quiz

As we continue to move more of our personal and professional lives online, digital security is crucial. In this module, we study 5G's approach toward data and network security and how 5G can enhance your personal and professional privacy.

What's included

7 videos2 readings1 quiz


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