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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) by Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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About the Course

What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course* you will build a modern computer system, from the ground up. We’ll divide this fascinating journey into six hands-on projects that will take you from constructing elementary logic gates all the way through creating a fully functioning general purpose computer. In the process, you will learn - in the most direct and constructive way - how computers work, and how they are designed. What you’ll need: This is a self-contained course: all the knowledge necessary to succeed in the course and build the computer system will be given as part of the learning experience. Therefore, we assume no previous computer science or engineering knowledge, and all learners are welcome aboard. You will need no physical materials, since you will build the computer on your own PC, using a software-based hardware simulator, just like real computers are designed by computer engineers in the field. The hardware simulator, as well as other software tools, will be supplied freely after you enroll in the course. Course format: The course consists of six modules, each comprising a series of video lectures, and a project. You will need about 2-3 hours to watch each module's lectures, and about 5-10 hours to complete each one of the six projects. The course can be completed in six weeks, but you are welcome to take it at your own pace. You can watch a TED talk about this course by Googling "nand2tetris TED talk". *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-centered courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share....

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Feb 17, 2017

An excellent course provided by phenomenal professors! Everything is broken down into simple, easily understandable portions, and leaves you with a clear idea how to proceed to solve a given problem.

Aug 22, 2020

This was so much fun, so satisfying and I learned a lot. I'm a software engineer. We do so much work in high-level languages that it's great to be reminded how computing machinery gets the job done.

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By Abin M

Aug 25, 2019

Excellent course which will help you to stitch various undergraduate courses in computer science together.

By Agrim D

Sep 4, 2020

Excellent course for understanding the bottom up design of a computer without diving into too much depth.

By Khavin S G

May 12, 2020

This course was really helpful, It helped in connecting all the dots of how everything is pieced together

By Дмитрий С

Apr 27, 2020

I would like to sincerely thank Shimon and Noam for this course which is a true masterpiece of education.

By Jörg S

Jan 8, 2017

Very fast paced overview of the computer hardware. Excellent material with a focus on the practical side.

By Dylan P

Jun 26, 2020

Such an amazing course. A joy to take it. The instructors are top-notch and their passion is infectious.

By Baggaraju K K

May 29, 2018

learning from first principles is very good to me and also it is a project based to learn something new.

By John S

Jul 9, 2017

Well-conceived and well-taught. Challenging for a beginner, yet all the necessary resources are there.

By Ahsanul A S

Aug 5, 2020

This course is extremely satisfying! First took Part 2 and then couldn't resist myself taking Part 1.

By Kaiming T

Feb 25, 2016

I read the book before, it was translated in Chinese. It's really a good book and in very good topic.


Oct 28, 2017

A really helpful and amazing class ! It makes me having a clear understand of computer architecture.

By Hang X

Oct 21, 2017


By Shubham S

Aug 7, 2017

I loved it absolutely! I wanted to learn something useful, and this course has helped me achieve it.

By Vishwas S

Feb 24, 2020

Really good fundamental course for anyone who wants to learn how computers work from the ground up.

By Helmut B

Feb 8, 2017

Fantastic course which gives a wonderful overall insight of how computers are built up

and working!

By Jerome A

Jan 3, 2017

This course is worth every hour you spend on it, it is by far the most accomplishing course I took.

By Laura H

Apr 6, 2016

Excellent! I have my degree in EE and thoroughly enjoyed this trip. I highly recommend this course.

By Barry

Mar 15, 2016

I am a chinese student. I still can't express my words in English freely , so I just say thank you.

By Md A

Jun 24, 2020

Great course, it gives me the total understanding of how a computer actually works under the hood.

By Kuznetsov I

Sep 29, 2019

Exceptional course which delivers on all its promises. And I'm certainly moving on to the Part II.

By Enes B D

Oct 11, 2020

As a beginner programmer, this course was perfect for me to understand how hardware really works.

By suman s

Jul 23, 2020

So well designed, I wish I had access to this course when I was studying to be computer engineer.

By Hui S

Sep 3, 2016

Excellent introduction to how computer works.

Looking forward to part 2 of the course on Coursera!