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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Competitive Strategy by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

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About the Course

In this six-module course, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors' profits and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyse how businesses choose strategies to attain competitive advantage. This course is also available in Chinese. Please go to our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy....

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Nov 28, 2020

splendid experience! the pacing was fantastic, the delivery flawless. if you're remotely interested in understanding the concept that is game theory, this is the course for you. i have no complaints.


Jan 10, 2016

I have no previous business experience and I really enjoyed this class. It gave me insight into game theory and marketing and product development concepts. Good pace and good explanation of topics.

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By Supun M R

Jan 22, 2017

An interesting course with real life examples and engaging content. The Professor's style of delivery and thorough use of examples made this an informative and easy to understand course, whilst maintaining a reasonable level of detail for an introductory course. Highly recommended as a starting point to understand competitive behaviour and strategies

By Dima A

Apr 29, 2017

Seriously this is the best business-related course on coursera! The material and the professor is outstanding. I'd very much recommend it. You won't get bored while watching all the videos. You can see the effort put into producing such a high quality course. It's by far the best course I've took on coursera and believe me I tried a lot of courses.

By Billings T

Sep 10, 2015

Excellent course! Tobias is an excellent tutor. Course opened my eyes to a whole new spectrum of analysing the behaviour of firms in the market place. It gave me basic insights into my own business. I will never look at business and competition the same way. I just enrolled in the advanced competitive strategy course. 5 bright stars from me

By Sagar L

May 3, 2020

Probably the best course on Competitive strategy out there. The course is very well structured and the instructor is really engaging. The best part is the course material - It is to the point, well-crafted and has ample amount of real-life examples that makes learning easier and very relevant. I'd like to recommend this to everyone!

By Md. F M

May 18, 2020

I really enjoyed it a lot throughout the course and also learnt many real-life strategies for business. Thanks to the professor for making the course so exciting and interactive.

By Jyotsna S

May 23, 2020

I started this course to help my little start up. I thank the course instructor Prof. Kretschmer for making this course so seamless. The course is very well structured and paced out evenly. I was totally new to the concept of strategic thinking, the course has helped me to formulate my own strategies and think like the managers of companies think when it comes to taking decisions for your firm. It gave me a formal knowledge of concepts like how to enter a market, what are the techniques used to deter an entry, how to avoid bertrend paradox, how to analyse whether to accept or reject an offer. It gave me a clearer understanding upon what exactly I should be doing to make my start up strategically stronger.

By Rizaldar R

Aug 2, 2020

Greetings to all!

I'm Rizaldar Rasheed, an Engineering Graduate currently residing in the Middle East.

This course has given such an incredible insight into the world of competitiveness amongst companies, big or small. I feel happy to be part of this program and get to experience the thought processes taken up by companies out there in order to edge out impending competitions and other credible threats.

My sincere thanks to the Professor, who did such a splendid job in articulating all these intricate concepts into simple, yet easy to pick up videos and modules, and to this platform Coursera, for giving everyone this noble opportunity to acquire and spread knowledge to all.


Jul 26, 2020

Really a wonderful course, sir Tobias Kretchmer is a great professor, teaches with real examples, brings them to class, chooses different venues for classes. I was really looking for such a good professor to teach me all subjects. Because of him, I would like to choose other courses too which he teaches.

May sir Tobias be blessed.

I would like to study under you, sir. I am really happy and thanks to Coursera for such great platforms. with flexible systems in all aspects.

By Maheen P

Apr 6, 2022

I am very impressed with the way this course was structured; review quizes at the end of each submodule really helps reinforce the concepts. Moreover, Prof Kretschmer does a great job of keeping the learner engaged and delivers the content in a clear and consice manner. This is easliy one of the best MOOCs I have taken, and would highly reccomend it to anyone interested in Microeconomics (Game Thoery) and Business Strategy.


May 28, 2020

This course is very good for beginners who are looking forward to learning business strategy and how the companies make policies. The instructor is very nice and explains things in a very good manner and the material is really easy to understand.

However there in the last some modules, there is some issue with the videos, they just stop in between.

Other than this. overall the course is good.

By Sivaraj T

Jun 11, 2020

I found the in-video quizzes to be effective for the recalling of information. However, I believe the end of module/week quizzes would be more effective if they tested on our concept rather than just the effectiveness of memorizing the definition or points of a particular concept or topic. For example: The four criteria for A to happen are : *select the right criteria*

By Shashank N

Aug 30, 2020

The course was well structured and engaging. The examples were comprehensive and made it easy to understand why brands make decisions the way they do, even if as a consumer it seems not a great idea to go ahead with. It introduces us to many different strategies & theories that can readily be implemented to have a better chance of thriving our business.

By Vy N

Dec 3, 2022

I've just finished the course and it provided me with quite a lot of insights into strategies in competition. Personally, I supposed the course was fairly informative with both theoretical bases and practical examples. Besides, the instructor was so funny somehow :) P.S. I am considering taking further sequential courses in this expertise.

By Edze A

Sep 17, 2015

Excellent course with extensive amount of real world examples. Really gives you insight in the fundamentals of the business strategy that businesses pursue in competitive markets. Quizzes are not hard but do teach you the point. Definitely recommended if you are looking for some insight in competitive strategy and the reasoning behind it.

By Jin Y

May 7, 2020

The topic discussed in this course is well-organized and explained clearly by the instructor. This course is also very practical as many theories and trategies are actually applied in real-life examples. I also benefit from the discussion forums which is a good place to meet people and discuss about questions derived from course videos.

By Niket V

Jul 5, 2016

The flow is the course is highly structured. It starts with what actions/strategy firms take in the general scenarios & then moves on to specific cases like market entry, deterrence, innovation etc.

I highly recommend this course for all beginners who want to have a broad understanding of what firms think in a competitive environment.

By Amjad A

Sep 12, 2016

I am an MBA and have studied marketing but this course was an addition to my knowledge of strategy. The content was practical and readily applicable to everyday business scenarios. I have been thinking about my own business for some time and I found this course tailored for myself. This course helped me develop strategic thinking.

By Syed M Z W

Jul 12, 2020

Great introductory course. Coming from an engineering background this course really aided me on a different technical side of running an organization which is the business side. This is going to be a great tool in my arsenal and hopefully I can increase my personal value after building upon the concepts presented in this course.

By sumit a

May 23, 2021

If you love game theory this course is for you. Brilliant ways you can think about market competition, entry barriers, innovation, credible threats, commitment.

I would have appreciated some real-world spin because whether organizations use it or consider it and how could be really relevant insight. But simply brilliant.

By Devadarsan P S

Aug 24, 2020

The real time examples and case studies makes it easy to comprehend the concepts .The course gives an overview about business strategies and various factors that is to be considered in a real time market.The impeccable presentation of the faculty is quite impressive. Enjoyed learning this course with LMU at Coursera.

By Michael M

Sep 26, 2015

Excellent course. It is well organized and should be a required course for anyone thinking of starting a new business or simply wanting to increase his/her value to their organization. The concepts apply to small and large organizations, whether for profit or non-profit. Even non-profits are in a competitive market.

By Yash G

Mar 18, 2020

A good insight of Competitive nature of company and their rational behavior to optimize the payoff in particular situation. A good set of examples and practicality of tutorial make its engaging. It ease on grasping complex strategy in simple manner. Looking forward for next course. Thumbs up for tutor.

By May O

Aug 25, 2020

The course made me continue studying in the time of pandemic. I have learned many things especially making decisions using the models I have not used before. The modules are very challenging buy the materials (powerpoint and videos) made it possible for me to finish the course. Thank you very much.

By Deleted A

May 5, 2019

I highly recommend this course to everyone who are interested in strategic management. The course is well designed with a detailed explanation of study syllabus plus professor is really good and explains each concept with enthusiasm and energy. I thank LMU for providing such high quality education.

By Yogi T

Dec 5, 2020

For a technology background person like me, this course gives me an eye opener to a totally brand new perspective on how to manage our business more proper and competitive. It also gives me directions to seek new way of collaborations among competitive market and where to invest/not invest.