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Suggested: 视频和测验共10小时...

Chinese (Simplified)

Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified), English

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Game TheoryStrategic ThinkingCompetition (Economics)Porter'S Five Forces AnalysisStrategic Management

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 15 hours to complete

Suggested: 视频和测验共10小时...

Chinese (Simplified)

Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified), English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

关注你的竞争对手 Take Care of Your Competitors


9 videos (Total 68 min), 3 quizzes
9 videos
博弈设定 Game Setting6m
消除劣势策略 Eliminating Dominated Strategies11m
纳什均衡 Nash Equilibrium11m
囚徒困境 Prisoners' Dilemma3m
博弈设定 Game Setting10m
逆向归纳法 Backward Induction8m
可信威胁 Credible Threats10m
小结 Wrap Up2m
3 practice exercises
测验:同时博弈 Simultaneous Games10m
测验:序贯博弈 Sequential Games10m
测验:关注你的竞争对手 Take Care of Your Competitors20m
2 hours to complete

企业为何要合作 Why Firms Work Together


9 videos (Total 61 min), 5 quizzes
9 videos
合作的原因 Reasons for Cooperation3m
有限次重复 Finite Repetition9m
逆向归纳法 Backward Induction9m
无限次重复 Infinite Repetition10m
影响合作的因素 Factors Influencing Cooperation8m
积极承诺 Aggressive Commitment10m
合作承诺 Cooperative Commitment4m
小结 Wrap Up2m
5 practice exercises
测验:合作的原因 Reasons for Cooperation6m
测验:有限次重复 Finite Repetition8m
测验:无限次重复 Infinite Repetition8m
测验:承诺 Commitment8m
测验:企业为何要合作 Why Firms Work Together20m
1 hour to complete

互补产品和战略合作伙伴关系 Complementary Products and Strategic Partnerships


7 videos (Total 43 min), 4 quizzes
7 videos
互补产品:示例和定义 Complements: Examples and Definitions7m
通用策略 Generic Strategies8m
正外部性 Positive Externalities9m
示例 Examples4m
战略合作伙伴关系 Strategic Partnerships7m
小结 Wrap Up3m
4 practice exercises
测验:互补产品 Complements8m
测验:互补产品策略 Strategies for Complements8m
测验:互补产品和合作 Complements and Cooperation8m
测验:互补产品和战略合作伙伴关系 Complementary Products and Strategic Partnerships20m
2 hours to complete

进入新市场 Entering a New Market


10 videos (Total 81 min), 4 quizzes
10 videos
市场吸引力 Market Attractiveness6m
结构性进入壁垒 Structural Entry Barriers12m
战略性进入壁垒 Strategic Entry Barriers6m
承诺 / 价值链重构 Commitment/Value Chain Reconfiguration10m
柔道战略 / 利基市场 Judo Economics/Niche Market10m
结构性进入壁垒 / 承诺 Structural Entry Barriers/Commitment12m
限制性定价 / 掠夺性定价 Limit Pricing/Predatory Pricing8m
先占策略 Pre-Emption5m
小结 Wrap Up3m
4 practice exercises
测验:市场选择和进入壁垒 Market Choice and Entry Barriers10m
测验:进入策略 Entry Strategies8m
测验:进入遏制 Entry Deterrence10m
测验:进入新市场 Entering a New Market20m
2 hours to complete

为何要关注研发?Why Worry About Research and Development


9 videos (Total 52 min), 4 quizzes
9 videos
研发的不同阶段 Stages of R&D4m
创新的不同类型 Types of Innovation4m
竞争性市场 Competitive Market4m
垄断者 Monopolist6m
垄断者对新入者的威胁 Monopolist with Threat of Entry9m
在竞争中创新 Innovation under Competition12m
沉睡专利 Sleeping Patents4m
小结 Wrap Up3m
4 practice exercises
测验:研发和创新 R & D and Innovation8m
测验:创新的激励 Incentives to Innovate6m
测验:创新和竞争 Innovation & Competition4m
测验:为何要关注研发 Why Worry About Research and Development20m
2 hours to complete

合理设计产品 Designing Products Wisely


9 videos (Total 59 min), 5 quizzes
9 videos
理论模型 Theoretical Model4m
调整模型假设 Adjusting Model Assumptions6m
简介 Introduction6m
水平差异化 Horizontal Differentiation 11m
垂直差异化 Vertical Differentiation8m
通用战略 Generic Strategies6m
进退两难 Stuck in the Middle5m
小结 Wrap Up6m
5 practice exercises
测验:伯特兰德悖论 Bertrand Paradox6m
测验:产品差异化 Product Differentiation4m
测验:定价和产品决策 Pricing and Product Decisions6m
测验:合理设计产品 Designing Products Wisely20m
测验:最终测验 Final-Exam50m
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It's a great course, which gives us a basic understanding of competative strategdy.

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awesome!! the professor explained details very clearly. I have learned a lot



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