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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking by Google

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About the Course

This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● describe computer networks in terms of a five-layer model ● understand all of the standard protocols involved with TCP/IP communications ● grasp powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques ● learn network services like DNS and DHCP that help make computer networks run ● understand cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage...

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Feb 23, 2021

This course was amazing and helped me understand so much more about networking, things I never thought I would know or understand. Very fulfilling and I can't wait to use this knowledge going forward.


Aug 5, 2019

This was a very fun course! I really enjoyed the style and pace of the information given. A lot of technical information was given while the course made it easy to take in and comprehend the material!

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By Christian V

Dec 1, 2020

Be prepared to take notes. Lots and lots of notes because this course is not as easy as what it sounds like. In the end, it will be worth it!

By Todd S

Jul 5, 2020

Very in depth and helpful with the mini quizzes. There were plenty of very technical terms but was described in a very clear and concise way.

By Atishchandra M

May 29, 2020

It was easy to understand, and many topics were discussed that might not be useful in modern networking but are imp.. Glad I took this course

By Mario “ A

Mar 15, 2020

I am an avid learner. If I am learning something new, especially an interest, I get ecstatic as I progress. I loved this course completely.

By Joe O R

Jan 9, 2020

It's been a very technical and difficult course with lots of concepts, but is also very rewarding to get to know how the networks are build.

By rtalmon87

Nov 5, 2018

Outstanding course. I was really intimidated by the details of networking but this course really helped break it down into manageable bites.

By Bruno A G

Sep 16, 2018

This course is very well balanced for people with not so much time to invest on a full course.

It's a bit challenging and awesomely explained.


Mar 8, 2018

I would say this Google IT support course an excellent course, besides all the instructors itself from Google engineer that makes more legit.

By Ammon (

Jul 19, 2022

Pretty tough, but in depth. Wish there was some kind of router configuration exercises in here, but the concepts are really well explained.

By Chauncey J

Feb 28, 2022

I went to school for Networking, this course is a realy good refresher, and it also made some things more clear than before. Great course!!!

By 20-CSE-30 A B

Feb 24, 2022

please provide me my certificate. I have already submitted my all assignments and successfully passed them. so, please give me my cerficate.

By Aguinaldo M G

Dec 15, 2021

It was very fruitful to complete one more stage of this course, despite having some difficulty, but it was possible to complete successfully

By Legendary D T N

Oct 24, 2021

OMGeeeeee. This Is Tough And Challenging & Dangerous.. I Am Happy... I Don't Know Everything But This Course Helps Me, No Matter What....!!!

By Nelson O

Jul 31, 2021

If you were looking for something to challenge your computer knowledge this course puts you through the wringer. However, it is so worth it.

By Merrick S

Dec 30, 2020

Challenging but engaging stuff. Not my favorite course in the program, but it was definitely the one that I took the most notes and studied.

By Elias J

Sep 28, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It taught me so much about computer networking and how computers communicate with one another, very helpful!!!

By Prakhar M P 1

Jun 27, 2020

Easy to learn, covers the intermediate level of networking as well. Certified by Google, if interested in networking, this one is for. you.

By Affie p

Aug 12, 2019

i learned alot of things from these courses i never knew doing something as simple as pressing enter while is in the address bar

By Deleted A

Jul 12, 2019

It was excellently planned. But I was expecting a bit more of hands on sessions .Anyway, great course and I don't regret taking this course.

By James B P

Mar 3, 2018

This course was tough at times especially when it comes to learning about Subnetting but overall I loved it and I felt like a learned a lot!

By julio c f a

Dec 19, 2022

Estupendo curso, todo el materia es excelente, los instructores son muy didácticos. me ecanta como coursera y google enseñan en los cursos.

By Matthew B

Dec 10, 2021

Excellent course. Really digs into the networking side of administration. Quizzes are challenging and provide a good test of your knowledge

By Ronald Y

Jul 24, 2021

This was a great class. With the help of instructor and online research, I made the best of the education I received through this program.

By Sandile M

Apr 29, 2021

Probably the most intuitive computer networking course today! Forget the complex misconceptions, this course makes learning Networking fun.

By Tevin J

Oct 28, 2020

Great, really gets into the starting level of networking that will help any Entry level Tech troubleshoot network issue at the lower level.