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If there is a shortcut to becoming a Data Scientist, then learning to think and work like a successful Data Scientist is it. Most of the established data scientists follow a similar methodology for solving Data Science problems. In this course you will learn and then apply this methodology that can be used to tackle any Data Science scenario. The purpose of this course is to share a methodology that can be used within data science, to ensure that the data used in problem solving is relevant and properly manipulated to address the question at hand. Accordingly, in this course, you will learn: - The major steps involved in practicing data science - Forming a business/research problem, collecting, preparing & analyzing data, building a model, deploying a model and understanding the importance of feedback - Apply the 6 stages of the CRISP-DM methodology, the most popular methodology for Data Science and Data Mining problems - How data scientists think! To apply the methodology, you will work on a real-world inspired scenario and work with Jupyter Notebooks using Python to develop hands-on experience....

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May 13, 2019

This is a proper course which will make you to understand each and every stage of Data science methodology. Lectures are well enough to make you think as a data scientist. Thank you fr this course :)


Jun 18, 2021

Very interesting course. It shed a light on what the structured approach really is. It's worth to pause for a moment with every step of the methodology and think how to apply it in real life. Thanks!

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By Jack P

May 31, 2019

Important overview to the systematic methodology of data science that can easily be overlooked. Interesting case study provided, along with another example in the assignments, showing that this methodology can be applied to all types of problems and domains.

By Brian B

Nov 12, 2020

Good walkthrough of one methodology for data science research. Lightly covered each of the steps involved with both a case study (a real-life hospital readmissions scenario) and a hands-on practice one (analyzing recipes to determine what cuisine they are).

By Carol L

Aug 26, 2019

I really like this course! I would like to know more about techniques a model statistics to understand more the processes in Analytic approach, data preparation and modeling and apply correctly in a specific situation in a data science project. Thanks!

By Djaber B

Jul 13, 2019

Even though I used to work with data, I found the data science methodology a must course for a future data scientist. I like how each stage of data science workflow is summarized to a wheel where each stage communicates with others in an efficient way.

By Tom C

Aug 12, 2021

Great content and framework. I enjoyed the explanation of how to follow the framework and how to carry out each step, along with learning what actions to take in each one. The only improvement I would suggest is better graphics and a better narrator.

By Bob D

Sep 15, 2021

The first of the three courses that felt coherent and professionally produced. The material was nicely presented and thorough, although occasionally repetitive. Having a single narrator and a clear narrative made for a good learning experience.

By Girish B

Jul 10, 2019

I loved doing the peer graded assignment but i thought it would have been better to put the course a little later as for newbies they tend to loose interest for the simple fact that the cant understand the codes at times put up in the notebooks

By Jesus C C

Dec 28, 2018

The course is good and the content but I, as non native english speaker, would have preferred a clearer Case Study and avoiding questions in the Qualification Tests around it, as many term were not clear to me and some issues were quite subtle.

By Richard B

Jan 30, 2020

Less than a minute after summiting my Final assignment it came back with peer review that was disappointing. I describe every data science methodology stage and the feedback for that section was that I describe some of the stages but no all.

By Ricko M

May 17, 2020

Need to repeat some of the videos. Also I have to find different case study since at first you can't really digest some of the case study. But after tried different sources of case study, I managed to grasp what's the author trying to tell.

By Débora Y

Sep 22, 2020

Gostei muito, achei muito bom pra introduzir conceitos básicos e ir se ambientando ao pensamento de data scientist, mas um problema foi não ser mais explorado alguns conceitos e tecnologias. Acredito que o curso poderia ser mais longo.

By Logic

Jul 16, 2019

I think this course is quite brief, some of the terminologies are not well explained. But overall, this gives some insight into data science and is a pretty good introductory course. I hope this course can have more detailed knowledge.

By Anagh E D S

Oct 20, 2022

The case study in the video was pretty complex to understand. Thankfully the case study taken in lab ( japanese dishes) was very simple and easy to understand. Overall a good course to understand the methodology used in data science.

By usman k

May 19, 2021

Slides needs to improved , text spoken should be presented in text form in Video as well. Over coverage is comprehensive very informative , for learning purposes text should be presented. over exercises and tests are very high quality

By Siripat W

Nov 1, 2018

I think this course need more resource to teaching a students, It's so difficult to understanding but I received a lot of knowledge from searching a resource, However if it possible to attached more resource that/s be great. thank you

By Carolina C S

Jan 2, 2020

I believe this course is key to have an overall understanding of the Data Science Methodology, however found that it was a bit un-organized and some stages werent fully clear, so had to look for additional information in other sites.

By Sridhar M

Jul 18, 2020

This is a good course - I would have given 5 stars for the course if there was a hands-on lab to build a Supervised Regression model with some data sets and introduced the learner to normalization and fundamentals of statistics.

By Yael I V N

Apr 30, 2020

Doing it for the IBM data science certificate, definitely liked this course more, as what is taught is linked in an excellent way with the interactive Notebooks, letting you experiment with the code to learn their inner workings.

By Abigail B

Jan 10, 2020

Great walk-through of the general steps of a data science life cycle! My only complaint is that the materials often spoke of more than one step of the ten in a video, making it easy to confuse what things belong to each step.

By Muhammad A

Sep 19, 2019

The instructor's speaking pace was quite fast so had some difficulty understanding the lecture because of that. The case studies should be kept simple. Congestive heart failure case study was quite difficult to understand.

By Paulina B

Apr 4, 2022

Well explained and concise. The test questions were at times hard to understand and the answers to some were in the following videos. The practice questions should be related to the video just watched not the next one.

By Marcel V

Jun 18, 2019

Capstone project is a bit limited on 3 topics to choose from.

Why not more creative or even let the user come up with his own problem !!

Still you do learn a goo methodology to handle a problem with datascience approach

By Spyridon M

Jul 6, 2019

This course through the explanatory videos of each stage of Data Science Methodology and a case study provides you with the mindset a data scientist needs against real-world problems. Would definitely recommend it.

By Jeremy H

Apr 4, 2020

Good overview of the process overall. Lecture style, not a project based course. Some of the videos don't always completely convey the information as expected in the quizzes, but still overall good information.

By Ajani O

Apr 25, 2020

The course is an expository one that has helped me understand some other vital areas of data science. The effort I have put into the course is not wasted at all. I am a changed man when it comes to data science.