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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Data Scientist’s Toolbox by Johns Hopkins University

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About the Course

In this course you will get an introduction to the main tools and ideas in the data scientist's toolbox. The course gives an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data analysts and data scientists work with. There are two components to this course. The first is a conceptual introduction to the ideas behind turning data into actionable knowledge. The second is a practical introduction to the tools that will be used in the program like version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio....
Foundational tools
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Introductory course
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Apr 14, 2020

As a business student from Bangladesh who is aspiring to be a data analyst in near future, I love this course very much. The quizzes and assessments were the places to check how much I exactly learnt.

Sep 7, 2017

It was really insightful, coming from knowing almost nothing about statistics or experimental design, it was easy to understand while not feeling shallow. Just the right amount of information density.

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By Ryan L

Sep 16, 2019

Increase the default pacing. Recommending 4 weeks to install software is too generous.

By Pravinkumar C

Nov 21, 2018

Very basic course and that was how we should start learning the ocean of data science.

By Lee Y L R

May 23, 2018

Important course and introduction to the various tools for an aspiring data scientist.

By Joseph D

May 26, 2016

I ran into a few unexplained issues with final project but a very good course overall.

By Frank N

Mar 27, 2016

Very basic survey and mostly just setting up software, but confidence-boosting and fun

By Abhishek C

Sep 28, 2020

Had a Great Day after getting the Certificate on COURSERA. Another perk in my Resume.

By Zee

Jun 27, 2020

A very good introducton to the tools, but the GitHub tutorials could use few updates.

By HanWang

Nov 27, 2019

The course is helpful, and material is well receivable. But not a fan to robot voice.

By Zhou Y

Mar 18, 2018

It is a wonderful introduction, and gives me a clear view of the track of the course.

By Jonathan A

Sep 19, 2016

Pretty good. Some lectures were good, a couple seemed rushed. Covered the basics OK.

By Alec k

Aug 22, 2016

Just an introduction course but helpful in setting up the rest of the specialization.

By Ming

May 6, 2016

Experimental Design is very great. Other contents are just fundamental for beginners.


Jan 28, 2021

Great platform to get started with the toolbox required for further courses in line.

By Puji V

May 30, 2020

it gives you the basic understanding or lays down a foundation for the later courses

By Jayashankar a

Apr 21, 2020

Know i am done with toolbox and looking forward to complete full data science course

By Gabriel E B

Apr 14, 2020

It's the basic introduction to all the tools you will use for the Data Science Spec.

By Tejas B

Sep 30, 2019

Great Into course! It's always good to get the basics right before the greasy stuff!

By Jack C

Jun 30, 2019

Great course - a few grammatical/syntax issues in the quizzes but otherwise love it!

By Daniel M D V

May 18, 2019

Very basic course to set-up the necessary tools for the specialization. Nothing more

By David R

Jul 31, 2018

A good overview of the tools needed for the rest of the data science specialisation.

By Amol G

Jul 16, 2017

Elaborate and precise course for beginner introduction to the wide range of courses.

By Axelle R

Apr 3, 2016

Good introduction to tools if you don't know them already. Otherwise very remedial.

By Dominique G

Feb 6, 2016

Good introduction to data science, primary tools and what the spec. course is about.

By saisusrith v

Jul 18, 2020

The content of the course is good but the robot voice is disturbing and unengaging.

By Mwenge M

Jun 15, 2020

machine read lectures are not as easy to follow as those presented by human beings.