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About the Course

In this class you will learn the basic principles and tools used to process images and videos, and how to apply them in solving practical problems of commercial and scientific interests. Digital images and videos are everywhere these days – in thousands of scientific (e.g., astronomical, bio-medical), consumer, industrial, and artistic applications. Moreover they come in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum - from visible light and infrared to gamma rays and beyond. The ability to process image and video signals is therefore an incredibly important skill to master for engineering/science students, software developers, and practicing scientists. Digital image and video processing continues to enable the multimedia technology revolution we are experiencing today. Some important examples of image and video processing include the removal of degradations images suffer during acquisition (e.g., removing blur from a picture of a fast moving car), and the compression and transmission of images and videos (if you watch videos online, or share photos via a social media website, you use this everyday!), for economical storage and efficient transmission. This course will cover the fundamentals of image and video processing. We will provide a mathematical framework to describe and analyze images and videos as two- and three-dimensional signals in the spatial, spatio-temporal, and frequency domains. In this class not only will you learn the theory behind fundamental processing tasks including image/video enhancement, recovery, and compression - but you will also learn how to perform these key processing tasks in practice using state-of-the-art techniques and tools. We will introduce and use a wide variety of such tools – from optimization toolboxes to statistical techniques. Emphasis on the special role sparsity plays in modern image and video processing will also be given. In all cases, example images and videos pertaining to specific application domains will be utilized....

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Mar 20, 2019


Oct 6, 2018

This course is much simpler and easier to understand for those who wanna get and set their goals towards the image engineering field. Really enjoy much doing this course. THank you everyone !!!

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By Janzaib M

Jun 13, 2016

I am a Robotic and Machine Learning Person. I needed to know about the fundamental of Image Processing and Video Processing for some projects that I am working on. And joining this course is really really addressing my needs

By Amitava

Jul 2, 2017

Great Course and instructor is really knowledgeable. Every topic was explained with very basic concepts and adequate practical examples. I would wait for and advance course in Image Processing from the same instructor.

By Knut B

Oct 22, 2016

Tremendous amount of information. Instructor often says "this will become less mathematical from now on!" when in fact it doesn't. Exact literature references are missing for later chapters. Still very useful material.


Mar 16, 2017

Extremely great course. For one who has had knowledge about this subject, the still feel a llittle bit hard to understand some mathematical material.

And I think we need more homework to comprehend this course

By Hitesh S

Oct 7, 2018

This course is much simpler and easier to understand for those who wanna get and set their goals towards the image engineering field. Really enjoy much doing this course. THank you everyone !!!

By Vimal F T

Mar 21, 2019





By Jinho S

Apr 11, 2020

Excellent course!! Cover the recent topics with a brief and easy-understandable explanation of key concepts. However, some amount of background knowledge is necessary for some topics.

By lemonChan

Jan 14, 2017

It is a very nice course and I learn a lot from it. If there are much more exercises about matlab programming, which can improve our application abilities, I think it would be better.

By Mohammed A M

Aug 29, 2019

Its very great opportunity to attend this course and learn the skills about the fundamentals of image and video processing and different techniques related to these concepts.

By elvis.hao

Mar 21, 2019

I had a wonderful experience through this marvelous course, way to much changed my view on the world, especially the last week's sparsity optimal problems, very impressive.

By Parul K

May 10, 2017

This course was amazing. And to be very honest I learnt a lot from this. The content and tutorial was very good and it proved to be very helpful in taking my works.

By Dr. P A K

Oct 9, 2017

It is indeed a good course for a student to learn basics. The videos are very explanatory and the slides for each week provide best summary for revision.

By Gilbert B

Jan 4, 2021

This course has got me very much interested in image and video processing. I need to delve deeper into this field. Thanks a lot for this course. Cheers.

By Arijit D

May 19, 2020

This course is very useful and fundamental for those we are studying Image and Video Processing and would like to enhance their skills in this domain.

By Abirami K

Mar 1, 2018

An excellent course which make me feel myself proud. I wholeheartedly thank my professor for sharing his knowledge.Thank u sir i really enjoyed it

By Liubov F

Jan 18, 2019

Спасибо за этот курс. Он очень интересный и заставляет много думать. А это очень хорошо. Главное, что эти знания очень нужны в современной жизни.

By Zeng H

Aug 16, 2017

Great for learning image processing

This course include some important basic knowledge of signal processing as well as advanced topics and methods

By Foudil A

Jan 14, 2019

Excellent. I would like to thank all the team of coursera and professor

Aggelos K. Katsaggelos for his pedagogical way of presenting the course.

By Yaw G

Jun 18, 2017

This course was quite intensive and very informative. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about image and video processing techniques.

By Suhas A

Jan 6, 2018

Got to know the importance of Math, how math works in the background. Understood the basic programming with Matlab. Interesting concepts

By Shantanu P

Apr 5, 2020

It was really a great learning experience. The course material was very nicely organized and easy to understand. Thank you so much.

By Harikrishnan P N

Dec 13, 2017

I am a newbie in image processing (from audio processing). I found this course interesting and I learnt a lot of new things. Thanks

By B. S B

Jul 8, 2020

sir, i felt very happy know the subject deeply by listened these lectures i would like thanks to instructor's

Thank you very much.

By Jong H S

Nov 20, 2016

I enjoy the intensity and pace of curriculum offered in this course. The materials presented were comprehensive and relevant.

By Farhaan U

Oct 22, 2018

this course has helped me so much in gaining knowledge .The material in the course is relevent and easily understandable.