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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Digital Safety and Security by Arizona State University

About the Course

Trouble can come from anywhere, and that includes the digital world. Digital security skills can come in handy when that trouble does come, like knowing what to do when you see a phishing scam email. Digital safety also means taking measures to protect yourself against cyberattacks so they don’t occur in the first place. The question is, “How do you protect yourself if you’re not an expert in digital security?” With the expertise of Dr. Nicholas Proferes of the ASU School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Digital Safety and Security course will put the tools, knowledge and strategies of digital security directly into your hands. You’ll learn the fundamentals and get acquainted with your digital safety toolkit. Then, you’ll directly apply them in hands-on scenarios. Being digitally safe and secure requires you to safeguard yourself, find the right protective tools, and have an action plan for a worst-case scenario. Digital safety and security skills like these are critical, but they’re skills that anyone can learn and apply anywhere. Jump-start your digital security journey today!...
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