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Have you ever viewed a news report depicting the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster? The damage to human life and property are both staggering and heartbreaking. All parts of the world face the possibility of floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural phenomena. Are you prepared if disaster would strike you? This course will help you prepare! The course is appropriate for any learner who is proactive about developing the core competencies of disaster readiness and survival planning. It is especially useful if you are seeking techniques that can ensure your personal protection, as well as the safety of your family, property, and belongings, during a natural disaster. In addition, it offers essential preparation for a variety of emergency situations and inconveniences, even if you do not live in major tornado, flood, hurricane, tsunami, or earthquake zone. For instance, could you and your loved ones manage without access to potable water, electricity, fuel, and banking facilities? If you are unsure of your ability to respond in any of these possible scenarios, this course is for you! Throughout the course, you will be introduced to the Disaster Cycle, specifically the Mitigation and Recovery phases, and will create an extensive personal preparedness plan for survival in the absence of common amenities, such as food and water, shelter, and communication. You will also acquire practical, easy-to-apply strategies for maintaining a healthy attitude during disaster which can allow you to remain calm, avoid panic, and draw upon inner and outer resources in dire circumstances. Although death may be an inevitable outcome of extreme circumstances, a balanced outlook can provide comfort for all parties involved. Finally, issues of how institutions and governments can aid in disaster are also discussed. If you are interested in this topic you may be interested in other online programs at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. Learn more about those programs by visiting our website:

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Jan 31, 2017

Really great course that's paced well. I believe this is a course everyone should and CAN take! These things are important to know especially if you live in an area where disasters are prone.


Oct 08, 2020

grateful to have this kind of Course in here while having sponsor. Most important course because it teaches the basic surviving skills and safety during disaster. likewise, Safety First!

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Apr 14, 2020

As a registered Occupational Therapist from Malaysia, I am very satisfied with the content of this Disaster Preparedness online course offered by the University of Pittsburgh. The contents of the course have helped me understand the emergency response and disaster preparedness process. With current Covid 19 pandemic that happens all round the world including Malaysia, it gives me some ideas how to prepare myself and my family to face effects of disaster in terms of mitigation plan, response and soon recovery plan. I have also learnt that we have to be prepared anytime not only physically but also mentally, with application of positive attitudes and mindset. I am looking forward to further my understanding in psychological first aid that will benefit my clients and their family after disaster.

By C A N

May 03, 2020

Disaster Preparedness course content in my opinion was complete. Adequate lectures duration.The invited guess speakers were not just any body but experts with down to earth practical examples for students not only to understand but conceptualize. The end of every subtopic quiz was a good summary.The section I enjoyed most was to write on 'Home Disaster Preparedness and Jump kit'. This has open my brain and changed my dressing code since one is living in a world where any situation can arise at any time.Most of us depend on God or our supreme being but must do our part.


Jun 16, 2020

The instructor seemed very humble and the making discussions type video was really helpful. Apart from that, I had some expectation about disaster in other countries because in this course, there were more context on USA. Moreover, India also has experienced lots of disaster especially cyclones. Even Nepal also experienced earthquake, belonging to third world country. If this had been added it would have been more informative.

By Julia B

Jul 13, 2020

I really enjoyed this. I was able to help my family and friends especially since I live on a hurricane active land. I never got bored and it was super informative. I want to become a meteorologist and help people and our instructor is very easy to understand and talks slowly and has slideshows if you want to see what he is talking about. I am getting great grades on my tests! I love this course! I highly recommend!

By Harikara B S

Jul 01, 2020

Excellent Course Objectives of survival requirements and details to know about how to face disasters.

We Normally Prepare all these kinds of plans however preparing for self and family is a good one with lot of informations are learned through this course.

Thanks to Professor Mr.Micheal Beach for conducting such very informative session.

By Syed M F

Jul 13, 2020

This is a great course. Everyone should no what to do in a disaster. When I starred this course I got that I know very little about things to do in a disaster. This is a course tells you to prepare things in a scenario of survival necessity. I highly enjoyed this course and hope to learn more about disaster preparedness in the future.

By Paulin A A A G

Oct 01, 2020

I learned a lot from this course and opened my eyes to the importance of preparing ahead and having the right attitude towards disaster mitigation, response and rehabilitation. The course is an eye-opener for the necessity of the whole of society approach when it comes to disaster. Prof. Beach did an excellent job!

By Benjamin P I

Jun 16, 2020

The training was really helpful and very informative. All the concept was well summarized and delivered properly. I can appreciate how my instructors take time to deliver their lessons to us learners in a more simpler way. In that sense, it made us understand things easily.

By Marilou E B

Jul 03, 2020

Developing a disaster preparedness plan requires you to pre-plan how you'll respond, regroup,and communicate in the event of disaster, and keeps everyone in your household aware of the steps they need to take. Your plan should be written down and should need to include.

By Reny A

Jul 10, 2020

A must have course! Everybody should do disaster preparedness to protect his own family / community in other to help each other and knowing what to do to survive and recover. Thank you so much Mr. Michael Beach, the course is really applicable. Love it!

By Muhammad A

Mar 24, 2020

I have learned many things relating to how we need to be prepared when it comes to an emergency situations whether it could be natural or man made disaster. Disaster Preparedness by the University of Pittsburgh is a great platform to learn.

By Melissa A

Jul 11, 2020

Great course! I learned a lot and gathered very useful information. This will come handy in case we encounter a disaster. This is something we don't want to happen but it is also better to be prepared at all times. Thank you, Prof Breach!

By Krista H

Mar 07, 2020

Very well written and lead by the professor. Expanded my knowledge and built on what I already knew from previous similar courses. Would definitely recommend for someone who is either just starting or wants to increase their understanding

By Emmanuel Y

May 14, 2020

I am currently studying Bsc. Fire and Disaster Management in Ghana, the knowledge gained here is very broad and has widened my scope and perspective on disaster preparedness. This will go a long way in enriching my experience and resume.

By Sellappan

Jul 27, 2020

Very interesting course. Learned how to safeguard our self from disaster and learned new things such as Jump kit & disaster preparedness. The way of teaching & carrying the course till the end is highly interesting & appreciable.

By Theresa W

Oct 11, 2017

Very timely. I am grateful for the opportunity to get some good information on preparedness with out the hype of the WTSHTF ideology. Preparedness should be a common goal for any emergency, or at least the most predictable ones.

By Muhammad I H

May 18, 2020

I think it should add "basic" to the title. So it become Basic of Disaster Preparedness. But the course is really useful since it Disaster is come without any notification before. So we have to ready and stay alert at all time.

By Almaz K

Feb 29, 2016

The course helped me a lot to gain fundamental understanding of emergency preparedness plan, right attitude and awareness of how to act in a disaster. I would recommend this course!


Almaz Kassymkulov

Astana, Kazakhstan

By MD. B M

Jun 28, 2020

Excellent Course. I am very much pleased to complete this course smoothly, it was a great opportunity for me to learn new and updated things. Special thanks to my Instructor Micheal Beach and thanks to Coursera.

By natalie d

Mar 12, 2020

Learnt so much, also realised that we are fortunate in Cape Town that we are not faced with so many disasters. All the best to you all who experience various disasters and are always prepared for it. God bless


Oct 11, 2017

Excellent Course. The case studies from Japan are really informative and give a good insight into the Disaster Management System. The modules on Personal Preparedness are a must for everyone in today's time.

By Christina H

Jan 31, 2017

Really great course that's paced well. I believe this is a course everyone should and CAN take! These things are important to know especially if you live in an area where disasters are prone.

By Alfredo P

Dec 20, 2016

Very good course that gives you the basic information about preparedness.

It would be very interesting to know how to take a practical course in disaster preparedness and survival techniques

By John R E L

Oct 08, 2020

grateful to have this kind of Course in here while having sponsor. Most important course because it teaches the basic surviving skills and safety during disaster. likewise, Safety First!

By Sehresh M

Jul 06, 2020

Excellent course, logically put together and well presented. It raises multiple issues, some of which we were aware of but had not addressed and others which we had not even considered.