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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Problem Solving with Excel by PwC

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About the Course

This course explores Excel as a tool for solving business problems. In this course you will learn the basic functions of excel through guided demonstration. Each week you will build on your excel skills and be provided an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. Finally, you will have a chance to put your knowledge to work in a final project. Please note, the content in this course was developed using a Windows version of Excel 2013. This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with an address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017....

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Nov 4, 2020

Really useful training, lot's of meaningful functions (vlookup, index(match) & text functions).\n\nGood to learn formulas in english too and get familiar with them (I was french Excel user).

Jan 1, 2019

An amazing course with very interactive video lessons and exercises that made sure that candidates were equipped with good knowledge by the end of the course. Thank You for the opportunity

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Aug 19, 2020

Kudos! to the guys who have given their effort to build this course. Though the sound quality was not up to the mark it will not be an issue if you use headphones. The workbooks provided along with the video materials were quite impressive considering the efforts given. Looking forward to the 3rd course in this specialization.

By Farzeen W

Oct 13, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. There were lots of opportunities to practice what we were learning and I enjoyed that aspect of the course. I look forward to learning more about Excel and how I can become more efficient at using it in the workplace. The PwC staff in charge of setting this course up have done a fantastic job!


Apr 3, 2019

I found this course very helpful. Though the course is "Problem solving using excel" which i thought will explain everything from the base itself, but one needs to have prior knowledge to sail through in this course. Overall the experience was amazing as almost each and every aspect of the excel was explained.

By Apan K

May 23, 2017

This is an excellent course to get back in touch with excel and also polish the rough edges which one might acquire by doing direct work on excel without laying a platform( I have experienced it). Also, you come out of this course satisfied and a person believing that you have learned something more in life.

By Rosa M A

Jan 1, 2017

It is hard and it takes time to learn how to think about a problem and then use excel as a tool. The exercises, interesting and seemed to be taken from real life examples, provided help do both. It helped me have the patience to understand how the formulas worked, which is tedious without a good example.

By Dario F

Feb 13, 2018

This course offers great understanding of formulas you will use in everyday job activities but also provides specific formulas that can be applied to some more challenging tasks. Although I've been familiar with most formulas there were things that were pointed out that improved my control over formulas.

By Ville V

Jan 20, 2018

This course will benefit you if you are willing to do work on the assignments. Of course there are things you will already know, but I'm sure this will bring new value or ways of working. Even though it's Excel, the same functions and statistical concepts are used in other tools as well.

By Smith P

Sep 29, 2019

A very comprehensive yet simple and easy to understand course content. There could not be a better way to learn different functionalities of Excel than this platform. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn Excel for application in their professional life.

By Bhavya C

Dec 25, 2017

This is one of the most valuable courses and more so because Excel is an important tool for every professional out there. The instructors from PwC has a lot of energy and passion when they spoke about Excel and the depth of it's formulas. The diversity of the content was really great!

By Abhishek S

Jul 6, 2017

the course is just wonderful, the basic techniques given by the PWC professionals are really great,

i really liked the concept in which professionals from PWC addresses about the course time to time which helps us to regain the knowledge which we have learnt and

used in the course.

By Venkata K C A

Mar 21, 2020

It was a terrific experience with the course. The content is of high quality and the data sets are very apt. These skills are very essential for any type of work. Would definitely recommend taking this course. Thank you PWC and Coursera Teams for the content and the certificate.

By Clodagh R

Oct 12, 2018

Great overview of robust & valuable Excel formulas & techniques. A wide variety of instructors, all of whom had their own styles and approaches, and kept the course fresh and interesting each week. Five stars! Eager to move on to the next Excel course in the certificate.

By Kumar V

Jun 8, 2017

Great course to boost your understanding of the topic. Videos are really lucid and the datasheets provide real life problems and ways to tackle it with excel. Really boosted my confidence of the subject and now I am ready to take up more advanced courses of Data Analysis.

By Tanai N

Feb 2, 2017

This class gave me a better understanding of excel and scratches the surface of excels capacity. I will never underestimate excel again. I appreciate the videos, and other resources this class provides. I am business major and this class cemented alot of the fundamentals.

By Mohammed H

Oct 24, 2020

0A a simple designed course, easy to learn that provide insights to know about the data, its usage, analytical tools required and the outcome for a logical decision making process. It helps the learners to to optimize business operational efficiency and its growth.

By Dana H

Jul 4, 2018

An excellent course. It was challenging, yet not impossible. Made me really have to think about what I was learning and put it all together. Most importantly, I learned a lot of what I feel is critical to know about using Excel. I would take more classes from them.

By Saumya K J

Mar 16, 2020

It's great. No words more or less than that is needed to describe the course. It starts with basics but covers a lot. It's a recommendable course. Except it doesn't cover VBA. That's totally ok cause we can't ask for that much. It's valuable and really good.

By Maria T

Dec 20, 2019

The course allows a complete beginner to develop basic marketable knowledge in Excel quickly. Knowledge developed during the course is enough to perform basic work tasks in Excel, such as data cleansing, trend analysis, visualization, statistical forecasting.


Jul 28, 2017

I didn't know this course and those exercises levels were so high and I need to be more organized and have time to perform them despite my average knowledge of excel. However, it's rare to see in other platform that type of high quality courses of PWC. Thanks

By Yedjoyety

Dec 31, 2019

So far and based on my past experience, I've considered myself a master of Excel. But this course brought a lot to what I already knew. Now, a high value has been added to my Excel knowledge and I feel more readiness to solving problems faster. Thanks a lot!

By Muhammad F

Jan 8, 2018

This is the best course to learn about different tools in excel for data analysis and solving problems using excel. Instructors taught every single formula in a best possible way. I look forward to enroll in other courses offered here by PWC. Thank You.

By Humberto B

Jul 4, 2017

I've learned more and better things in 10 minutes of short-videos of this course than Microsoft's specialized ones. If you a beginner in Analytics this course will help you, if you are intermediate then it will help you also.

Take it, you won't regret it.

By Ignacio d G N

Aug 17, 2017

Very Interesting course, the knowledge is very well explained and the practical exercises are well thought. Wordings to some exercises were sometimes too "lightly" explained. Despite this, excellent course and I strongly recommend it too beginners.

By Leila Y

Oct 10, 2019

Really interesting course for anyone who works with excel on a daily basis and want to take his/her skills to the next level ! I liked that the course is open to beginner but can also really benefit people with advance knowledge. I would definetl

By Jimmy W

Aug 14, 2018

This course is great for graduates like me as I have never gone to an extensive length in using Excel. The statistics part was very challenging to understand. However, the instructor from PwC did a great job in explaining the statistics concepts.