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Excel Essentials and Beyond
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Excel Essentials and Beyond

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What you'll learn

  • Navigate Excel with confidence, leveraging essential tools and techniques for efficient data organization and presentation.

  • Utilize advanced functions, date-time manipulation, and lookup techniques for in-depth data analysis and visualization.

  • Design and implement dynamic dashboards, transforming complex data sets into insightful and actionable narratives.

  • Master Pivot Tables, advanced charting methods, and visualization tools to extract and communicate critical insights effectively.

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There are 6 modules in this course

In this comprehensive module, you'll embark on a transformative journey through four essential pillars of Excel proficiency. Starting with an introduction to Excel's interface and capabilities, you'll then dive into the art of cell formatting and styling, mastering techniques to make your data visually compelling. Next, you'll explore the intricacies of cell references, uncovering the power of relative, absolute, and mixed references for accurate data analysis. The module culminates in advanced data management and navigation strategies, enabling you to efficiently sort, filter, and manipulate data. By completing this module, you'll acquire a solid foundation in Excel that's indispensable for success in various professional pursuits.

What's included

20 videos6 readings5 quizzes1 discussion prompt

Dive into the heart of data manipulation and presentation with this comprehensive module. From refining and visualizing data to performing advanced calculations and intricate conditional logic, you'll acquire a holistic understanding of Excel's capabilities. Master the art of data analysis, unleash the potential of specialized functions, and enhance your data visualization skills, all while becoming proficient in harnessing conditional logic for dynamic decision-making. By completing this module, you'll emerge as a data-savvy Excel expert ready to extract insights and convey information effectively.

What's included

20 videos4 readings5 quizzes

In this comprehensive learning journey, you will delve into the realm of advanced Excel functions and the manipulation of date and time data. As you progress through the lessons, you'll acquire the skills needed to analyze complex data scenarios, optimize workday calculations, and effectively utilize Excel's powerful date and time functions. Whether you're seeking to enhance your analytical capabilities, streamline scheduling tasks, or make informed decisions based on time-related data, this module equips you with the expertise to excel in these endeavors. Let's begin your exploration of Excel's advanced functions and temporal manipulation techniques.

What's included

20 videos4 readings5 quizzes

In this comprehensive learning journey, you will delve into the realm of advanced data retrieval techniques and text manipulation within Excel. Through a series of carefully crafted lessons, you'll gain mastery over lookup functions, uncover advanced data manipulation methods, and explore the intricacies of text handling and cleaning. By the end of this module, you'll possess the skills needed to efficiently retrieve, analyze, and manipulate data, enhancing your overall Excel proficiency.

What's included

20 videos4 readings5 quizzes

In this comprehensive learning journey, you'll delve into the core aspects of Excel, ranging from mastering data analysis techniques and utilizing Pivot Tables for in-depth exploration to creating impactful charts and leveraging advanced visualization tools. By the end of this module, you'll be equipped to analyze, visualize, and effectively present data, making informed decisions and conveying insights with confidence.

What's included

20 videos4 readings5 quizzes

In this comprehensive learning journey, you'll dive deep into advanced techniques for visualizing data in Excel. From specialized charting methods for detailed analysis to the practical creation of interactive dashboards, you'll gain the expertise to present data in a compelling and informative manner. By mastering these skills, you'll be empowered to extract insights, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate complex information.

What's included

12 videos4 readings3 quizzes1 peer review


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