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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools....

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May 9, 2020

Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course. I enjoyed every part for improvement suggestions please consider increasing the lab projects' time a bit so that students can be on less pressure


Jan 28, 2017

Great course to introduce the specialization. It could be more robust, but it does the job and you are also provided with links for documents that will help you build on what you learn in the course.

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By Akwo-Fese E

Aug 5, 2018

You get the maximum of this course if you have basic understanding of a Java or Python languages. Having a foundation knowledge on virtualization, networking and storage is also great because the GCP is intuitive for the user.

It also be useful in knowing some Google Chrome shortcuts. A course is designed to challenge a student to think on how they will use the material they are studying. I believe that this course has succeeded in do so. It did present a number of concepts and the labs were great in putting into practice the concepts learnt!

By 11 N K

Aug 21, 2022

Male voice can be made more clear.

Some PDF or better references can be shared for someone who lacks knowledge in networking, virtual machines

While doing certain topics I felt a feeling of mugging up maybe because it could have been explained in a better way or it was more of a practical based topic. Example: containers,kubernetes,pods and how they are related to each other could have been explained using flowcharts or animations or analogy

Overall the content was nice and it was great to have labs included at certain places.

By Arvid T

Mar 29, 2021

Very structured curriculum, you can learn and finish this course at your own pace. Covers all the "general" knowledge of GCP's Products and service, the classification make us easier which product to use on what projects.

Although, some practice lab videos are outdated, the GCP UI that trainer uses already replaced by the new one, but the qwiklabs session fixed it, some later courses had some confusing instructions but still tolerable.

Recommended for those who wanted to get started with GCP and Cloud Engineer.

By Georgi K

Apr 5, 2020

A like how everything is broken down into smaller sections and content for us to reflect and learn. I also like how we are given an overview of the (as much as possible) whole GCP suite. There were however minor inconsistencies in the labs which I have marked and signalized for. I only wished we would cover each topic in more details rather that giving us a bit of info in course 1, then in course 2, then in course 3 and leave it to us to gather up 1, 2, 3. i.e. content on virtual machine and compute engine.


May 30, 2022

Provides basic knowledge of Google CLoud.

Course To know about the services offered by Google CLoud.

Labs for deploying applications, creating Virtual Machine instances.

Information about different types of Storage offered by GCP, DIfferent types of Load Balancers etc.

Overview of Google Cloud Platform.

Great course, interesting.

Except for one instructor onc instructor whose voice was not clear and lacked elocution, was difficult to understand what was being said, everything else was awesome.

By Vijayabhaskar A

Oct 22, 2017

The pace is really good for a beginner. Since the course is short (1 week), it encourages you to complete even if you are slightly behind schedule. You get reminders to complete in case you are stuck. Dont worry about the billing of GCP, as you get some credit to start with and this is more than sufficient for you to practice in Google Cloud Platform. The labs are quite clear to proceed with exercises. You will get some hick-ups on the way that can be solved with the help of Forum.

By Karsten S

Jan 31, 2021

The course offers a first hands-on experience with GCP. You learn about the different services and how they interplay. I recommend it to anyone, who wants to get a fundamental awareness of the GCP stack. The Qwiklab assignments are easy - and provide repeatable tasks. Not challenging at all. This also means, it becomes from time to time a copy paste exercise, which is not helping to learn the things. I miss a better context introduction ... e.g. we do this task in this scenario.

By Kannan A

Jul 3, 2019

This is a good introductory course for all the GCP services. What I liked in this course is multiple chunks of small videos, followed by hands on labs. They covered all the possible services and you can easily finish this course in 4-5 hours.

One feedback to the creators is to update the course material, as many of the beta services mentioned in the course are live now, so the course needs an update. Also please increase the number of quiz questions and make it difficult.

By JeremySS

Mar 20, 2018

Great primer for GCP and the console. Nice little intro into BigQuery. The voice is a little monotone and slow but quality is clear and easy to understand. Sounds better at 1.5-1.75x speed. Quizzes could go a little more in-depth rather than "read and regurgitate." Testing is probably not the focus of these courses but, a little bit of "sentence matching" or concept matching or even higher level multiple choice would make us feel like "we are pushed to learn deeply."

By Yogesh G

Aug 28, 2018

Its Great introduction to Google Cloud Platform(GCP). Good course to start with GCP from complete scratch. Very well presented with concise details, A good balance of presentation and hands-on sessions. The course also contains labs which give you hands-on experience & The QwikLab tool is great.The course provided me with a good overview of the entire ecosystem.

Gain a good understanding of every service in GCP looking forward to learn more of GCP.

By Xiaojun Y

May 9, 2018

This intro class is more like a google advertisement than lectures. I assume not everyone come to this class with strong background of networking or cloud computing. The problem that I encountered is that there are too many terms I have never heard of. And these classes are too short to cover them, so I need to spend more time to learn by myself. From another point of view, I gained more knowledge than I expected. I think that is not a bad thing.

By JayaPrakash B

Apr 4, 2020

The course is great start for anybody thinking about starting a GCP career or want to gain knowledge of GCP. It covers all the areas of GCP and provides enough details to understand the need for each of it. It does not get my 5 Star rating only because, overview kind of PDF presentation is only available for few modules and not all. I recommend they provide it for all the modules as they come in handy and can be an easy reference for students.

By Ben O

Feb 3, 2019

Mostly well designed for its target audience. The k8s modules were quite poor though in this regard. We are already use gke heavily but if I was new to it that learning module would not have helped. Should have taken more time to explain basic concepts and the problems k8s solves. I know there is an obligation in this course to touch EVERYTHING and gke wasn't a focus, but the module was still too brief and raced through too quickly.


Dec 12, 2020

What I enjoyed most was that every question and task I actually had to think it through - Even if I knew the subject matter Iad to pay attention to what was actually being asked and the directions for tasks were just vague enough that I had to concentrate on the task at hand. I take these courses as a refresher and so often I just pont and click my way through but this one I actually had to think about what I was doing - Kudos

By Bob B

Jun 19, 2020

Overall a very good introduction that filled in several gaps in my knowledge, and improved my knowledge around the App Engine service I already use. The labs were sufficient to get experience "touching" many of the Compute and Storage offerings, as well as a small subset of the Operations and BIg Data offerings, they were mostly guided monkey-see-monkey-do activities - sufficient for an introductory course but lacking depth.

By Fong K J

Jun 23, 2019

1 week to complete the course seems on the tight side of things if you're a working professional even more so if you've never had any hands on experience with GCP or a technical related background. There were some minor issues with the platform (Qwiklabs) some of the subtitles were off and some instructions were slightly outdated but otherwise I think they tried their best to give the best possible material for the course.

By Kevin H

Aug 5, 2020

Overall, very good intro to many services. And the labs really help.

However, the first couple of modules felt somewhat disjointed -- certain videos didn't seem very well linked to the preceding ones. Maybe a result of shuffling around content?

I also find my head swimming a bit with the sheer NUMBER of services available. Definitely helps when you offer comparisons of why one service would be preferred to a related one.

By Richard A S

Jun 24, 2021

Nice fundamental introduction to Cloud Computing. However, it is also blown up with advertisements of the Google Cloud products. Sure, this is a Google Cloud Platforms Fundamentals course, but you still do not need to repeat yourself for 5 times how extremely fast, scalable and fully-managed the software solutions are.

Nontheless a clear recommendation to get a first overview of a Cloud platform such as the one of Google.

By Hiren J

Aug 1, 2020

The course is really good. The practical exercise on google cloud is enjoyable. The length of each video is good as they are not lengthy. The improvements can be done for 1. Lecture Notes should be provided (learner can downlaod the pdf) so it is used for revision.

2. Few topics has many content so it is confusing when appear for exam like DataSpan, SQL, etc.

By vaibhav m

Sep 23, 2018

Course is worth learning and guided well. The only thing I felt is it goes pretty fast in between but may be because I am a beginner I felt so. Couple of videos are old as the new GCP console pages have some differences.

There were questions on LIVE scenarios but I feel more use cases should have been provided to relate learning. Overall a good experience and I look forward to go for other courses on Coursera.

Thank You


Jun 19, 2020

This course was a great introduction, not just to GCP but to cloud computing in general. For the first time I was able to understand the ramifications of cloud and how it can be used to create applications that used to require a very high upfront cost for procuring hardware. The course exposes a set of well chosen services offered by GCP which have helped me create foundation for future work as well as learning.

By Rafael P

Mar 8, 2019

Love the instructors and the way the lessons were presented. I came from zero GCP knowledge to a very good overview of what it is. Just wish access to GCP console wasn't that much restrict and we could somehow practise "outside the class" lessons. Access to GCP console was counted (usually 30 minutes) and just for the purpose of the lesson, so that was kind of disappointed. Apart from that was a great course.

By Doug D

Aug 30, 2020

I thought this course was well scoped and structured. I feel confident I got the background I need to move to other Google courses and in a reasonable amount of time. Take your time on some of the more involved labs, there are small details that are not clearly pointed out that can cause you some delay and in some of those labs, you do not have a lot of extra time. In the end, all are very manageable.

By Bukola R

Sep 28, 2017

A highly recommended course to get you started on typical public cloud platforms as the services are all similar to AWS and Azure. The content was concise and delivered at the right pace by an excellent presenter. AWS and Azure specialists will get along easy with it and would only serve as an additional knowledge. Likewise, participants will also get along easy with AWS and Azure after completion.

By Lev I

Sep 17, 2020

Course is intended for people completely unfamiliar with any other cloud provider services.

For people who worked at least with one of the providers (AWS, Azure, etc.) in the past the course material will look a little boring. For people with such experience I would recommend just to take a look at the mapping between analogous services between GCP and the provider you've had experience with.