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What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning slightly differently -- of being about logic, rather than just data. We talk about why such a framing is useful for data scientists when thinking about building a pipeline of machine learning models. Then, we discuss the five phases of converting a candidate use case to be driven by machine learning, and consider why it is important the phases not be skipped. We end with a recognition of the biases that machine learning can amplify and how to recognize this. >>> By enrolling in this specialization you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...

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Nov 06, 2018

Great to know how to do machine learning in scale and to know the common pitfalls people may fall into while doing ML. Provides great hands-on training on GCP and get to know various API's GCP offers.


Mar 21, 2019

Really easy with all instruction.I didnt feel bored at any point gave me the basic idea of what is machine learning and how easy google made API's and cloud platform for machine learning\n\nThank you

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By Sumanaruban R

Jun 19, 2018

Gives a big-picture on designing and building an industry standard end-to-end Machine Learning product.

By David P

Mar 03, 2018

Excellent introduction to Google's ML and the APIs

By Sreenivasulu B

May 07, 2018

Informative introductory course!

By Vimit D

Apr 17, 2018

Its very good course which gives you deep insight in ML at scalable level

By Laimonas S

May 26, 2018

A nice intro, especially the top 10 pitfalls of ML. Useful abstract discussion, no coding here.

By Thomas H

Jun 19, 2018

Good Course. A gentle introduction to the GCP

By Sandeep K

Jun 30, 2018

Phases of ML, was good affirmation. Labs were very neat. Training website link is very hard to memorize, it could have been bit cleaner if it were for eg: "quickLabs", "googleTraining", "googleTeacher".

By Gopala V

May 28, 2018

Nice start with making the students the reason why AI first and what are the strategies to use to become AI first organization

By hsin-cheng C

Jun 09, 2018

Really useful concepts

By Sergio B S

May 02, 2018

As usually the Google Courses to learn Data Engineering and Machine Learning are the best entry point to get practical knowledgde about how to put your data products in Production. Great intro to motivate diving on the rest of specialization.

By Josué I R C

Jun 26, 2018

Very usefull, and help to introduce to the machine learning

By Andrey B

May 04, 2018

Thank you

By Aditya h

Jun 11, 2018

Nice course for hands on exposure to Google cloud Platform. Enjoyable labs

By Srinivas S

Jun 11, 2018

Great introduction and hands-on labs that give a quick preview of what to expect the power of ML and the strategies and processes one must consider for a project of this nature.

By Adrián M

Apr 03, 2018

After some Kaggle competitions this course opened my eyes on how to do real ML on production. Great insights. Looking forward to the next course.

By Patrick M A

Jun 03, 2018

I really liked this course because of it's business problem solving approach. It's not really about the technology itself, but about how to use it to solve problems, with many Google examples. The course does not only talk about machine learning models, but it also stresses out the importance of implementation in order to make the model useful for daily operations.

By Michael B

Jun 05, 2018

Wonderful course and introduction. I'll almost certainly re-watch pieces of this course's content.

By Ashrujit

Jun 17, 2018

great introduction!

By Prashant C

Jun 17, 2018

Really helpful and great learning

By Nahed M A E

Jun 23, 2018

It's very useful to see in few hours how a giant company like google does ML. Thanks :)


Jul 08, 2018

Highly recommend this one.

By Min L

May 15, 2018

Good and clear lab exercise and talk, give you a quick overview of google Machine learning tools on cloud. Well recommend.


Jun 11, 2018

Excellent course. The Lab also provided with step by step instructions to have a superb experience on Googles Cloud Platform (GCP) using various tools like DigiLab, BigQuery, ML API's for Images, Video & Audio etc. The instructors are also having indepth knowledge in the subject and provides suitable real life example for each items. Thank you

By Kevin

Jun 12, 2018

Definitely not a technically intense course, but definitely serves as a great introduction to the Google Cloud Platform and the functionality within. It is great to see Google think of so many niche parts of data science and put them into a standard spot, which is GCP.

By Walter O A

May 28, 2018

A practical introduction to a fascinating product. Contains a lot of know-how about the practice of machine learning. Am very glad that I took this course.