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Learner Reviews & Feedback for How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course) by École Polytechnique

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About the Course

What you will achieve: In this project-based course, you will outline a complete scientific paper, choose an appropriate journal to which you'll submit the finished paper for publication, and prepare a checklist that will allow you to independently judge whether your paper is ready to submit. What you'll need to get started: This course is designed for students who have previous experience with academic research - you should be eager to adapt our writing and publishing advice to an existing personal project. If you just finished your graduate dissertation, just began your PhD, or are at a different stage of your academic journey or career and just want to publish your work, this course is for you. *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-Centered Courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share....

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Apr 11, 2020

The content was very good and explanation was excellent just there was a slight problem with instructors accent but don't worry you will get used to it no time but the course is excellent and helpful

Jun 3, 2020

It was really helpful to me, I hope it will be useful to all researchers who are intensively working for publishing papers in journals. I thank all course instructors who handled the video sessions.

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By Shashwati T

May 6, 2020


By Sriram.v

Apr 9, 2020


By Vijai K S

Sep 12, 2020

It is okay. It doesn't help the researchers in the things they need the most. I would recommend following Prof. Kristin Sainani's course on "Writing in the sciences" if someone actually wants to learn to write a paper. Although the grading system here is like a barter system where you have to beg around in forums to get your writeups graded and you receive almost no feedback at all. People simply press whatever number they feel like. It seems like this is where coursera is heading since this seems to be a common pattern in some of the non technical courses.

By Robin O

Aug 3, 2017

It's a good course, especially if you go through the extra readings at the end of each module, loads to learn there. The English pronunciation of the teachers can be a bit confusing sometimes, because they are native French speakers. Sometimes the descriptions of the tasks don't appear until after you submit a task, which makes it difficult to reach 100%. And the deadlines can be difficult to reach, because the peer reviews can take too much time.

By Lorna

Jul 11, 2016

Me pareció un buen curso introductorio a lo que es la investigación, lo recomiendo ampliamente a estudiantes de preparatoria y primer año de universidad, mas allá de esos estudios, solo lo recomendaría para repasar conceptos muy básicos. Una cosa que no me agrado fue el mal ingles, es inentendible sin los subtitulos, por lo que si alguien quiere hacer este curso y repasar el idioma no creo que le sirva de mucho. Por lo demás todo muy bien.

By Kehley D

Jun 15, 2017

Would have been significantly better if the course was taught in the native language (French) and then someone fluent in both languages translated. A lot of words were misused or undecipherable because the speakers were not using the language correctly.

Still, the material was helpful and I benefited from the course.

By Príscila A d C

Apr 17, 2016

A good course who teaches the way you have to do to write correctly a scientific paper, and gives an idea about the process of publish, it is useful and necessary for those who wants to continuous study and have their own work knows on the fields who works and research.

By Alexander D

Sep 29, 2020

Spent one evening to pass all the course. Overly simplistic. Questions after videos are self evident and don't require watching videos. Frankly, I strongly doubt that people passing this course I will succeed in writing peer-reviewed papers.

By Maya S

Aug 14, 2016

The course contains some interesting insights on writing a scientific paper. What I like about the course is that it is given by graduate students. But this is also a drawback. Sometimes, the material seems too simplistic.

By Massimiliano B

Feb 7, 2020

I would suggest to be more simple and effective. Discuss concrete cases and details of a about errors and structure of a paper. But really appreciate that the cours is given from PHDs students!

By Syed W H N

May 12, 2020

The content was fine and went pretty smoothly. The real problem was the hassle of getting the accent of most of the instructors. Plus, there're a lot of mistakes in the subtitles as well.

By Sultan B M

Dec 19, 2020

Good course for PHD students. Also, it can be beneficial for non academic papers which intended to be submitted industrial conferences.

By Yasser A A

Dec 15, 2020

The content of the course is good but the review process need to be improved. The assignments should be reviewed by the instructors

By Ar S S u R

May 8, 2020


By Carlos R S J

Apr 5, 2016

It is good, but there is a student speaking that is really difficult to understand.

By karuppuchamy.v

Apr 27, 2020

Exteremely good course for those who r doing research ....Thanks to whole Team.

By Joseph V B B

Jul 8, 2020

It is very good for undergraduate students starting their research projects

By Debyani R

May 7, 2020

Please make it easier to understand the peer-grade assignment and process.

By Derrick G

Jan 26, 2020

not very useful because there are few examples of it.

By Wisam A W

Sep 12, 2017

A good summary on how to start thinking research!

By David E F G

Jun 23, 2020

The grading is a mess. The content is good.

By Vincentius A B

Jun 8, 2020

Somewhat not really practical

By Olga T

Apr 17, 2017

Very basic

By Ravindra M

May 25, 2020


By Mohsan U A

May 1, 2020