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About the Course

This MOOC teaches you how to program core features and classes from the Java programming language that are used in Android, which is the dominant platform for developing and deploying mobile device apps. In particular, this MOOC covers key Java programming language features that control the flow of execution through an app (such as Java’s various looping constructs and conditional statements), enable access to structured data (such as Java's built-in arrays and common classes in the Java Collections Framework, such as ArrayList and HashMap), group related operations and data into classes and interfaces (such as Java's primitive and user-defined types, fields, methods, generic parameters, and exceptions), customize the behavior of existing classes via inheritance and polymorphism (such as subclassing and overriding virtual methods). Learners will apply these Java features in the context of core Android components (such as Activities and basic UI elements) by applying common tools (such as Android Studio) needed to develop Java programs and useful Android apps. Learners will work on several hands-on projects throughout the MOOC, i.e., each week will require learners to write solutions to programming assignments that reinforce the material covered in the lecture videos. There will be roughly 4-6 hours of student engagement time per week, including video lectures, quizzes, and programming assignments....

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Aug 3, 2020

This course will provide all basic information of android and it will also help you to understand the fundamental of java which is used in android. It really help me to improve my skills in android.

Nov 16, 2019

Excellent !! As a beginner I found this course a major kick-start to building a strong base for my Android app skills. A lot of practice needed though, but these videos would keep me going well

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By Kobe M

Nov 10, 2020

The course started off really strong, but once it came to the first assignment it fell flat for me, as I completed the assignment but was having problems getting it to be graded. Additionally I unenrolled from the specialization course but I it is not allowing me to leave the this course despite my disinterest.

By Chuck M

Aug 5, 2016

This course wasn't well suited to me, being a person with a programming background. It was too introductory. But that doesn't say anything against the course. The reason I don't rate the course highly is that it just wasn't that coherent. I would have preferred to have a single, consistently good instructor.

By Julian D D C E

Oct 8, 2020

The videos has a lot of texts and this course has super long topics, the homeworks for someone that has not too much expirience are hard not because of what they ask its because sometimes for match with the answer the grader is asking its super hard.

By Muhammad F B F

May 5, 2020

I wish if the Course was up to date, all i learned in this Course is the basic java

and the assments were out of date , almost needed to fix gradel problem everytime to start programing

but the best thing is mr.jerry he always there to help u

By Mac K

Nov 5, 2016

Should just be called 'Introduction of Java for absolute beginners'. I don't recall anything '...for Android' about the coding.

Some of the lecturers are so bad at speaking that it's painful to listen to. I really expected better.

By Alejandro B

Jul 4, 2018

Some of the concepts are outdated such as conventions for private fields and thoughts around comments and documentation. Also the class seems more about object oriented programming than java for android.

By Greg P

Jun 24, 2020

Not for the beginner. Not much teaching. Test are basically figure it out on your own, guess until you get it right. No clear examples given for any of the test material.

By Ajay P

Sep 25, 2020

Not getting that much information and very less info on android

By Albaghdadi N

Nov 6, 2020

this course is like someone reading book for you


Jun 5, 2020

Not good and very difficult to undersand.

By dinesh k

Jul 5, 2020

i am not satisfy with quiz question.

By Abhishek S V

Apr 17, 2020

Course is outdated.

By Deleted A

Jan 26, 2019

Poor quality

By Danish S

May 24, 2016

Very lengthy

By David N W

Sep 17, 2016

As other reviewers have noted, this course is NOT for beginning programmers! (Unless maybe you are a mathematical genius with total recall.)

I have a little background in programming, HTML and CSS, but I found this course to be an absolute nightmare. It would be interesting to find out if any of the rave reviews came from real beginners.

Most of the problems have already been noted by other reviews, so I will only mention a few that I did not see mentioned.

The course requirements should include hardware and software essentials. In particular, the student has no choice but to use Android Studio. If their system is not running a 64bit OS at 2.4 GHz with at least 8 GB of RAM, it can literally take DAYS for Studio to complete the build so that the student can do anything with assignment code.

There is a desperate need for a glossary. The course dives in with more acronyms than the military, and assumes the attmpting learner already has a handle on APIs, SDKs, etc., not to mention many other technical terms (interfaces, ...). If I asked the average programmer to evaluate the MT based on comparisons with the Complutensian Polyglot and Codex Alexandricus, the effect would probably be about the same.

Another glaring omission for beginners is a battery of exercises for each concept/skill.

As for "We've organized all these topics into units that represent roughly 4-6 hours of work each," that is absurd! If you multiplied that by 10, it would still be a stretch.

I have no doubt about the programming and technical competence of the instructors (though there are some errors in a number of the instructions). And I'm sure they are very nice people who really want others to learn. The root problem seems to be what professional communicators call "The Curse of Knowledge" -- a syndrome in which a person is so familiar with their subject that they cannot begin to imagine what it is like for someone who is not.

My recommendation to a beginner is to look somewhere else. Take a good introductory course in Java before diving into the vastly more complex world of the Android environment. I am not qualified to evaluate the course from the perspective of an experienced programmer, but I have noted that they are frustrated by clutter caused by token attempts to make this a beginner course.

My recommendation to the faculty is to completely re-engineer this whole specialization. They should have a separate set of courses truly designed for beginners, and they should get help from qualified instructional designers who specialize in online adult education. (Might not be a bad idea to get the VU English department to review the lecture text as well.)

My recommendation to anyone is to never believe anything Coursera tells you about a course. Audit the course BEFORE you pay any money! This is especially important if the course has not actually started. This course started two months late, and I could not get a refund before the course even got under way!

After taking nearly 6 months to wade through a little over half the course requirements, I decided to look at the rest of the assignments and project. This removed all doubt that to continue was a hopeless waste of time. So, I decided to end the nightmare, and I'm glad it's over!

By Christine B

Mar 6, 2017

If you do not already know java (or at least have some experience with it) I would NOT recommend this class. They say all you need to have is very basic computer knowledge (sending emails, opening a browser), but the lectures are taught using acronyms and terms that are not at the beginner level. Even the basic concepts are explained using advanced terms or examples that contain code far beyond a beginners level.

They also do not really spend any time going over the programming basics. They discuss them a bit, but they never really give you a bigger picture or really how all the concepts you've learned fit together. There is no real consistency throughout the course, it just seems like they are throwing random concepts at you and hoping you understand. Then they throw you an assignment that requires you to do rather complicated coding (for a true beginner) without any other form of practice before hand.

The assignments are also a bit of a mess. All you are really doing is 'filling in the blank'. They give you all this code that has already been written without actually tell you how do to that yourself or what a vast majority of it does and you have to fill in code in a couple places to make it work. But since everything else is written, you can not run the code as you write it to check your work. It will fail because the code is looking for things you haven't written yet. You must write the entire assignment before you can see if the first line of code you wrote works. I find this to be a very poor teaching method. You should be able to check your work as you go, or experiment with different ways of writing things. Instead you are forced to write exactly what they expect.

By Simson N

Apr 18, 2016

i gave this course 1 star not because its bad in content, its just because i was expecting more due to the fact it has been delayed several times; then when it finally came it was like any other youtube or online tutorial. i was expecting something as big as udacity but unfortunately its not. Don't expect to know or understand java with this course, no practical or step by step example in this course. what makes it worst is the fact they never show you how to build an app from scratch while the only app they have in this course, they dont do it. you have to do it on your own.

dont get me wrong. all of them are good instructors but the way they did it, its definitely is not a beginner friendly. give a calculator as an assignment to build while you never built one app in this course, i think its not an effective way to teach. i will not pay for this specialization. i will do the udacity nanodegree one

By Cem G

Jul 13, 2016

It is told that to take this course, basic computer skills like sending emails and downloading files are necessary-this is a beginning level course. Then, in the first module, instructors talk about polymorphism, inheritance and abstraction. For someone who have no prior programming experience, these are definitely not suitable topics to start with. Moreover, students are supposed to learn these concepts to get a good grade from first quiz, although they know nothing about programming.

I had some programming experience, so I was already familiar with these subjects. But the lectures were too boring to keep watching. I watched like 10 videos and learned nothing about the course subject. I think I won't be spending my time for this course, which seems to me like reading some reference files.

By Ivan B

Jul 6, 2017

After only a few "Lessons", I have to admit I'm plainly shocked - you said there're no prereqisites for this course - no Java knowledge, no programming experience needed. And then, you start with this "Java overview", throwing everything you have Javawise on the poor begginer ! Why ? To impress us ? Scare us ? Show us that we made the mistake enrolling this course ?

Have you ever heard that first day at some medical University top neuro-surgeon talks to freshmen about details and nuances of brain surgery...just as an "overview" ? What's the point ?

I'd be very happy if that one star of mine could be turned into five star at the end of this course, but according to the beginning. I'm pretty skeptical about it.

Show me I'm wrong, please...

By Aurora M

Sep 29, 2020

I was very excited to start learning programming for the first time ever and the experience could have not been more disappointing. I had a very very difficult time comprehending the overview introductory videos because it was not a beginner level at all -contraty to what the program description stated.

Besides the contents being outdated, the format of the course is not friendly at all. I had to do 1+ hours of research before watching the intro video because I couldn't comprehend the content at all.

This is the third course I'm taking on Coursera and the first time I'm experiencing this problem. I was keen to learn but now no at all. Please review the content, format and description above all.

By Mick C

Apr 17, 2020

This course and specialisation has the potential to be superb but the assignments are so out of date that the students spend far more time surfing the internet to try and find out what is wrong with their android studio environment.

I enrolled in this course to extend my skills in java for android not debugging out of date project setups.

I am glad I decided to audit before enrolling. I did manage to struggle through two of the courses and even came back to it again to see if it had been improved, alas no.

I strongly advised anyone contemplating this specialisation to look elsewhere or come back when it has been brought up todate.

By Chintan M

Apr 13, 2020

It is really worst course designed. First of all these guys use ANDROID 1.5 and the latest version of now is 3.6.2!!! There is sky and ground difference between the two versions. The assignments designed are really of no importance at all!!! You are teaching java for android why do you need to take pattern related programs and all such unnecessary tasks. I really suggest not to enroll to this highly unhelpful course. IF THE COURSE IS DESIGNED IN ANDROID 3.5 OR HIGHER ONLY THEN IT IS HELPFUL

By Samay G

Feb 21, 2018

This is the second course I have taken on courser. I did not like this course one bit compared to the other course I took. I love programming but somehow this course ended up boring me even though I enjoy making android programs. The assignments are a bit challenging and take time. You need to keep rewatching the videos to actually understand what the professors are getting at. Overall, I would say that it is more time consuming than they say it is. I would not recommend taking this course.

By Chris C

Apr 1, 2018

Incredibly long-winded professors, what do you expect if you have 4 professors "teaching". Assignments are nearly impossible for beginning students, I even have a Java programming background and found the assignments very challenging. Unit tests not only prescribe that you arrive at the right answer but that you construct it in a specific way and provides no guidance on this, just failing unit tests. Ridiculously overdone and way too many cooks in the kitchen on this one.

By Michał K

Jul 1, 2016

Basing on the first videos, I would not recommend this course to anyone believing that "You are expected have basic computer literacy skills, such as knowing how to send & receive emails and browse the web".

The lector is robotic, the slides look outdated, listener is bored after 10 min of watching. I definitely WOULD NOT pay for this course.

I will change the rate after I watch more videos, but this course is a big no-no for me.