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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Marketing in a Digital World by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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This course examines how new digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by changing the roles and practices of both firms and consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera with over 500,000 learners and is rated by Class Central as one of the Top 50 MOOCs of All Time ( You will be able to: • Understand how digital tools are changing the nature of marketing • Explain how digital tools allow consumers to take a more active role in product development, promotion, placement, and pricing activities • Obtain a new set of concepts, tools, and stories to enhance your digital marketing efforts This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at

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May 27, 2020

This is very helpful in making me learning about marketing in digital world. This is also going to be helpful for me in future. And as well the certificate of this will be beneficial for me in future.

Oct 8, 2019

With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, this course helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in marketing field. I have already enrolled myself into another course.

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By Juan M

Dec 3, 2020

There should be a different grading system, like giving higher ponderation to people who do better on califications on their assigned grade, because there are so many mediocre answers and I don't feel comfortable by getting graded by this people, probably whey would review other mediocre answers with a high calification and it would not be fair for people making an extra effort.

By Julio C Á d C G

Aug 21, 2016

Un curso muy interesante, con una gran cantidad de información y una buena forma de llevarnos a practicar y entender los conceptos del temario. Lo único es que hay información desactualizada [hasta el 2014, supongo que es la fecha en que se grabo el curso] y pareciera no ser importante un desfase de 2 años, pero como se expone en el mismo curso eso es mucho tiempo en digital.

By Apeksha S

Aug 25, 2021

As per knowledge part, the course is Great but as per peer reviews part it is too irrational, as anyone can give a review remark in jealousy and without reading the assignments properly. It happened in my Tesla case study by an anonymous peer due to which, this is the first time in my learning that I received 87% instead of 90+ , as I lost my interest in this course!!

By Anu

Sep 6, 2016

Good content but would have preferred if it was more interactive. There is no way to discuss in detail and debate over a topic. I still have many questions unanswered and forum is very inactive. Wish there was a thread for each topic where people could just discuss their perspective. Overall good content but lack of interaction makes it incomplete in my opinion.

By Jennifer H

Oct 12, 2016

I enjoyed this course and appreciated the fact that not all the assignments were multiple choice. It was great to be able to develop ideas through the case studies and exercises. I would have liked if actual TA's would review our work instead of other classmates, but I realize this might be unrealistic due to the high number of people enrolled in the course.

By Tajreen T

Jul 31, 2020

It was a comparatively tough course to complete and I learned a lot. But I am facing difficulty to obtain my certificate. It's saying I have to verify my id. However, the instructions aren't clear to me, what kind of verification is needed and I can't give information accordingly, and it's really disturbing to wait for my certificate this long. thanks.

By Jacinta r

Dec 18, 2019

It was refreshing with good concepts and learning methods & tools. I did get some insights that I had no t heard of before even though I am an avid reader.

I would have liked more on pharma and less on retail. There is so much available as examples when it comes to real strategy in this regulated world. It would have been more closer to home for me

By Omri R

Jun 4, 2017

Very good introductory course to marketing. I found the four modules, based on the classic marketing mix (4 Ps) quite helpful and there is an emphasis on the digital in each one of these. The exercises are exactly right - not too many and pretty straight forward. The quizzes really check if you are listening to the lectures and reading the material.

By Shashwat G

Jul 4, 2018

Excellent course. This course helped me learn new concepts like Customer co-creation, Doppelgänger brand image, brand authenticity, user-generated content, changing of the retail, 3-D printing and Pay What You Want (PWYW) strategy. Altogether, the course was really a comprehensive one covering how marketing is changing in a world of digital tools.

By Eduardo P

Jun 18, 2017

Great course, at some point it could use some updating since digital marketing evolves so fast. Also, for international students, sometimes completing the exercises is hard due to availability (RedLaser App). Also, being graded by other students can be tricky and impact your grades a little negative in my opinion. Very good course overall.

By Ricardo S

Jun 11, 2017

This course has a very interesting approach to the impact the new digital tools have in traditional Marketing. The only thing that is missing is service and B2B marketing. It's focused only on B2C marketing, so it misses a lot of information. With that said, the course still great and gives a lot of great insights. I definitely recommend!

By Jabal S

Dec 10, 2015

The course provides a good foundation in understanding the impact of digital technologies on business and how marketing is undergoing a shift. The course uses the popular marketing mix framework of 4Ps - Product, Promotion, Placement and Price and shows the effect of digital on each using theory, examples, case studies and exercises.

By Rishabh g

May 24, 2020

I do not understand that even after completing the entire 6 courses i Specialization, I am unable to access the Capstone. And there is no help available at all.

Rest of the things are good in the course. Excellent faculty and material.

Suggestion: we should add as an activity- A blog/article writing to be published on Coursera page.


Jun 26, 2020

The course was awesome. Im basically a student belong to the science stream, through this course I gained some knowledge about marketing that too in digital platform. Professor Aric is very cool in teaching this marketing stuff. He gave a lot of information regarding marketing. On the whole I enjoyed this online course.

Thank you

By Rainer S

Sep 6, 2015

This was a good course though I feel there could have been a little more professionalism in terms of camera work and testing that apps and services truly were available to all students globally.

Al in all a very insightful course that opened my eyes to some technologies and processes I was not yet aware of.

Thank Aric Rindfleisch

By Sarah M

Jun 2, 2019

Interesting new concepts are covered in this course, some are so new, research is still being done to fully understand them. Interactive coursework approach where you make a submission and then get to grade classmates' work. This adds another level of interaction which you don't get from simple multiple choice type tests.

By Bedanga B S

Jun 7, 2020

A great course and a great instructor. The course will make you see how the 4P's of marketing is changing as businesses are moving towards digital. One might not have viewed how the digital world is changing Product, Price, Place and promotion. The courses uses some great examples which makes the course fun to learn.

By Yogesh Y

Mar 30, 2020

The Faculty teaching this course Mr. Aric Rindfleisch is really nice teacher, He gave good examples and videos lectures are really helpful and quizzes and case studies are really useful through which I opened up with my personal thoughts and answers to the question according to which we learn in the video lectures.

By Marcus M

Aug 10, 2019

The course is definitely insightful and interactive. I consider it imperative for a fundamental understanding of digitization in marketing. Only drawback here is the outdated course meterial. However relevant the concepts, they could definitely do with some latest app examples and more current industry practices.

By Vignesh N

Jul 2, 2020

A very constructive and appealing course with excellent course content. The instructor also is very good at conveying the content that is required for the students to understand the concept by giving very appealing examples and case studies.

Overall, I would like to recommend this course to family and friends.

By Steven W A

May 31, 2020

This course gave me real life example, that's help me to understand. I learnt many things from this course. I can relate my learning in digital world. But i have one complain to Coursera not for the course. i completed this course with honor assessment. But I received my certificate without honor certificate.

By Holly E

Aug 20, 2015

I think this course is interesting and informative. I have progressed into the second week, and the expositions of digital marketing techniques are interesting and fairly detailed. I would recommend this course to gain an understanding of traditional and newer advertising strategies employed by companies.

By Palisetti G

Oct 3, 2020

Yes.This is very wonderful course. Nowadays Digital Marketing is very use ful in the all over world. The entire marketing scanario is changed due to needs and wants of the customers . Here we are utilising wonderful caliculations and tools in this course for very helpful both consumers and organisations.


Nov 1, 2020

Maybe because it was an intro to the specialization, but it’s not much digital marketing or marketing in general. If you don’t know anything about marketing, it might be a good course for beginners. Otherwise, there may be other courses that delve more in depth on the matter. The instructor was nice tho.

By Silvino L

Jan 14, 2018

In general, the course provides good information about the impacts of digitalisation on some elements of the marketing mix. I felt like the cases are a little old fashioned. Perhaps victims of the context of the rapid changes we are experiencing through digital transformation. Just another challenge !!!