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About the Course

This course teaches computer programming to those with little to no previous experience. It uses the programming system and language called MATLAB to do so because it is easy to learn, versatile and very useful for engineers and other professionals. MATLAB is a special-purpose language that is an excellent choice for writing moderate-size programs that solve problems involving the manipulation of numbers. The design of the language makes it possible to write a powerful program in a few lines. The problems may be relatively complex, while the MATLAB programs that solve them are relatively simple: relative, that is, to the equivalent program written in a general-purpose language, such as C++ or Java. As a result, MATLAB is being used in a wide variety of domains from the natural sciences, through all disciplines of engineering, to finance, and beyond, and it is heavily used in industry. Hence, a solid background in MATLAB is an indispensable skill in today’s job market. Nevertheless, this course is not a MATLAB tutorial. It is an introductory programming course that uses MATLAB to illustrate general concepts in computer science and programming. Students who successfully complete this course will become familiar with general concepts in computer science, gain an understanding of the general concepts of programming, and obtain a solid foundation in the use of MATLAB. Students taking the course will get a MATLAB Online license free of charge for the duration of the course. The students are encouraged to consult the eBook that this course is based on. More information about these resources can be found on the Resources menu on the right....

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Jun 5, 2020

Instructor of this course Mike Fitzpatrick is a very good teacher who encourage students to do something new and interesting.

I really enjoyed learning this course and learned new skills in MATLAB.


Dec 19, 2021

Basics concepts are well covered within a short time and a few videos. I would recommend it for those who want to learn complete basics. but to master it, you need to enrol in a specialization course.

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Jan 15, 2021

El curso enseña los principios básicos de la programación, y como hacer un uso correcto de esos principios en Matlab, es un curso muy bueno para principiantes que no tienen conocimientos en programación.

By Nayan S

Jun 22, 2020

A very very informative course for those who need to brush up their skills or are looking to learn it from scratch. The basics are covered in detail video lectures and can be tested with the assignments.

By Prajwal C S

Jun 14, 2020

Great course for the beginners who want start the codding with MATLAB. It covers all basic concepts and at the end of course you definitely becomes programmer with amazing skills with applications also.


Nov 20, 2020

Absolutely phenomenal instructors, exercise problems are just hard enough to be incredibly satisfying when solved. Overall would definitely recommend if you're even mildly interested in learning MATLAB.

By Rajat P T

Jul 13, 2020

It was a great course that explained Matlab & it's features in a very simple way and helped me gaining confidence to write basic codes to process image and audio signals by visualizing them as a matrix.

By Abdul H S

Apr 22, 2020

The course seems simple in the started, and yet assignments were interesting. Later part of course was intensified and somehow overloaded and bit of irrelevant too. Like reading Figures, and echo etc...

By Hunter M

Jun 21, 2017

Excellent course overall, and one of the best resources available for beginners. Do not expect a walk in the park however. This course expects maximum effort, which will ultimately help in the long run.

By Ankit K K -

Jul 7, 2020

Whole content designed beautifully in keeping in mind that beginners to moderated. I happy by completing this course and I learn a lot. Thanks, Coursera team and resource person(Vanderbilt University).

By Shashidhar R

Mar 22, 2020

This course is designed for the beginners who have no prior knowledge in the Matlab Programming.

In last weeks assignments are a little bit difficult but go through the discussion forums and ask things.

By Ioannis P

Jun 16, 2019

The course is a great introduction to the fundamentals of Matlab. The assignments are easier through the first weeks and are getting harder as you are procceding. I definitely suggest to it to everyone

By Madhur

Feb 25, 2019

It was a wonderful course. Starting from the very basic things and then to a very good level of questions, this course really helped a lot. Very nicely set questions and effectively presented lectures.

By Mandeep S

May 16, 2018

Excellent course , the way of teaching , types of questions in assignment , discussion board all wwas awesome. Questions which were in assignment helped me to understand the basics concepts quite well.


May 27, 2022

The Basic concepts, matrix and more details about MATLAB Programming Language are can understand easily with this course,Great Thanks to Akos Ledeczi, Mike Fitzpatrick, and Vanderbilt University

By Omar E G M

Jan 21, 2021

Es un buen curso, para ser una introducción está bastante completo ademas algunos ejercicios son retadores y te ponen a pensar, pero todos se pueden realizar con lo visto hasta el momento en el curso.

By Daniel D D J

Jun 3, 2020

Es un gran curso para iniciarse en el mundo de la programación usando MATLAB. El instructor es excelente y explica las herramientas necesarias para un efectivo desenvolvimiento en el uso del programa.

By Sascha S

May 1, 2020

very good course for learning programming in matlab. all the basics are explained in a very comprehensible way. the videos and exercises are versatile and excellent. thanks a lot to Mike for his time.

By Milad M

Nov 2, 2021

Definitely it was the best course that I've ever took. Assignments were great, they bring all the materials to challenge you with real and practical issues that can be useful even after this course.

By Mohamad A

Sep 27, 2020

this course helped me to improve my programming's Skills and thinking not only in MATLAB but in generally also. Indeed it is a perfect Course for the beginners in MATLAB and IT domain. Thanks a lot!

By Juan c p m

Aug 17, 2020

gracias por la oportunidad, a pesar de que el ingles es mi segunda lengua y no la practico de forma habitual, se me hizo facil comprender la clases del profesor, son muy buenas, thx for this 9 weeks

By Shipkov D

Mar 31, 2022

Well designed course, which includes theoretical and practical bases of programming. Sometimes, it was hard to understand meaning of tasks, but in general, it was good experience for me. Thank you!

By Marcos J S

Jul 30, 2020

A real challenge for a newbie.

Proffesor Fitzpatrick is my hero. Teachs really well and clear. He´s a cool guy.

The course is fully attended, Worths every minute. Very recommended

You won´t regret it


Jun 12, 2020

It was an awesome course. This course teach me a lot about Programming with MATLAB ,this course now make me able to write program own. I am very much glad to this course, Thank you for this course.

By Xiaohe L

May 25, 2020

I am at loss in rating this course. For me, it is 1000/100. Although I had some programming knowledge, this course had been mind-broadening. Professor is very humorous and enlightening in teaching!

By Alex Y

Aug 7, 2020

The material is explained well and structured clearly; the videos are engaging and full of cheeky wit; the workload is not too taxing. I watched most of the videos on 1.5* speed though. Thank you!

By Adriana I M M

May 23, 2020

The explanation of the topics was great. The assignments of the last week were challenging and I loved that. I learned a lot from this course. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.