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Software-Defined NetworkingInternet Of Things (IOT)Network ArchitectureNetwork Function Virtualization
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Beginner Level
Approx. 18 hours to complete


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Week 1

7 hours to complete

Digital Transformation

7 hours to complete
41 videos (Total 248 min)
41 videos
Network Transformation Drivers for Service Providers - Introduction42s
Service Provider Transformation Drivers7m
Service Provider Network6m
5G Innovation6m
Internet of Things (IoT)2m
IoT Requirements7m
IoT Verticals: Transportation and Logistics7m
IoT Verticals: Health and Wellness3m
IoT Verticals: Smart Cities and Utilities6m
IoT Verticals: Industrial4m
IoT Verticals: Connected Car5m
IoT Verticals: Connected Car (Continued)4m
Additional IoT Use Cases5m
Network Slicing6m
Network Slicing Architecture5m
Network Slicing Challenges7m
IoT Impact on Service Provider Architecture6m
Core Network Elements Destined for Transformation7m
More Core Network Elements Destined for Transformation5m
Transforming the Network End-to-End4m
The Original ETSI NFV Goals5m
The NFV Vision4m
NFV Workloads7m
Decomposing the NFV workloads8m
Operating at the Edge of the Network6m
What NFV Means to the Industry4m
The Evolution of Mobile Wireless Network – Toward 5G and IoT3m
5G: A Deeper Dive9m
5G Use Cases: A Deeper Dive6m
5G Implications for the Core Network9m
Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN)9m
SD-WAN with CPE6m
SD-WAN with CPE – Deployment Options5m
Visual Cloud5m
Visual Cloud Use Cases9m
Visual Cloud Providers4m
6 practice exercises
Coursera Opt-in1m
Communication Service Providers Network Transformation30m
Impact of 5G Use Cases on Network Architecture30m
Communication Service Provider Digital Transformation30m
Communication Services Provider - Edge Transformation Use Cases30m
Visual Cloud30m

Week 2

6 hours to complete

Inside the Telco Cloud

6 hours to complete
28 videos (Total 163 min)
28 videos
What is the CommSP?3m
How CommSP Differs from Cloud Service Providers7m
Artificial Intelligence Landscape for Communications Service Providers5m
What is Artificial Intelligence?4m
Artificial Intelligence Use Cases for Communications Service Providers6m
Artificial Intelligence and Intel9m
Get Started Today3m
Wireless Technology and Spectrum8m
Overview and Comparison of Cellular Technologies9m
Overview and Comparison of MTC/IoT Wireless Technologies4m
IoT Licensing5m
Overview of WiFi and Other Wireless LAN Technologies in Unlicensed Spectrum5m
Market Trends7m
Defining the Edge5m
Architecture and Infrastructure6m
Use Cases8m
Industry leaders2m
Wireless Telecommunications8m
EPC Architecture8m
Introduction to Virtual RAN5m
VRAN Enablement - Software3m
VRAN Enablement - Hardware Platform5m
Overview of UCPE and SD-WAN7m
SD-WAN Deployment Options7m
Reference Stack4m
7 practice exercises
Communications Service Provider (COMMSP) and Telco Cloud30m
Artificial Intelligence for Communications Service Providers30m
Radio Access Technology (RAT)8m
Edge Computing and Mobile Edge Computing30m
EPC and vEPC30m
Universal CPE (uCPE)30m

Week 3

4 hours to complete

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

4 hours to complete
16 videos (Total 74 min)
16 videos
Network Function Virtualization and Virtual Network Functions2m
What does NFV Do?5m
The NFV Transformation8m
Identify the Intended Business Outcome3m
Open Source Technologies (Ecosystem)5m
What is Orchestration?7m
Information & Data Models3m
Yet Another Next Generation (Yang) Data Modeling Language1m
Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) Data Model1m
Open Source Orchestration2m
Virtualization and Automation of the Network3m
Service Assurance (SA)4m
Enabling “Open” Service Assurance9m
5 practice exercises
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)30m
Communications Service Providers (CommSPs) And the NFV Transition30m
The Adoption of NFV30m
NFV Orchestration30m
Meeting the Service Assurance Challenge to NFV30m
2 hours to complete

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

2 hours to complete
9 videos (Total 40 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
9 videos
Define SDN, SDI, NFV, NFVI4m
The History and Purpose of SDN4m
Who Uses SDN and Why1m
Where SDN/SDI Fit for Communications Service Providers3m
Network Slicing7m
5G Network Architecture and Challenges5m
Design Imperatives and Network Slicing6m
Network Slicing Enablement4m
1 reading
Up Next: Network Tranformation 10210m
2 practice exercises
SDN Overview30m
Network Slicing30m



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