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Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman—renowned worldwide as the “father of Positive Psychology”—has led visionary leaps in the scientific research, empirical data and personal understandings of human flourishing. This course explores the past, present and future of positive psychology as a journey through the key scientific leaps led by Dr. Seligman and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center and Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. There are no prerequisites....

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Jun 24, 2021

Loved this curse. I was enthusiastic and engaged the whole way through and feel like I have learnt a lot. I can´t wait to start the second one. Thank you for bringing positive psychology to the world.

Jan 22, 2020

Dr Seligman is a very charismatic professor. He presents the course in a very interesting and engaging way. I enjoyed the coursework as well as the reading. I will be delving further into the subject.

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By Alexandra M G

Feb 10, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity of taking this course.

Contributed to take action, made me understand better the way to build strength and also use our virtues, add more awareness and value to improve life.

I found this course very well structured and useful, videos and written material. I found a way to reinforce to help myself and others close to me.

I wish to carry on studying and learning more in depth the field Positive Psychology, I want to be able to practice as a professional therapist and give actual help.

Congratulations! Great work


By Stephanie

Sep 1, 2017

This was such an engaging and interesting course. The material was very well prepared, case studies made it easy to relate to and understand concepts. I particularly like how every philosophy or theory was backed up by a scientific method and data. Or should i say the findings were a result of looking at data objectively.

This is an inspiring and useful course to take regardless of what field or industry you are in. It provides a framework with which to be a better teacher, student, manager, parent, boss, friend or even son/daughter. Highly recommended.

By Duncan C F

Oct 1, 2019

Very eye opening. Flips many of the ways we humans have see the world on their head, in a very good and needed way. I appreciate the variety of topics: education, spirituality, journalism, the theory of PERMA. I appreciate the teaching of Active Constructive Responding as an everyday method to use to build upon positive experiences and build relationships. A great deal of revolutionary insight, grounded in reality. It is so very refreshing and uplifting to see positive concepts about how to live being verified, confirmed, and explained.

By natasha

Mar 21, 2021

I took a class in grad school and we needed to find research on positive psychology for an assignment .The teacher suggested i take this class.I cant believe i was lucky enough to take it.It has changed my life and the porfessor is amazing at explaining the topics and helping us follow the stories.I highly enjoyed the stories and i feel like this class has changed me and i will value the inforamtion i learned throughout the rest of my career.I will also highly recommand this class to every psych major ,we need this class to be in our field!

By Daniel B

Mar 29, 2020

I enjoyed the course. I feel that for the vast majority of people this course will help them understand and re-frame their world into a better direction. There is a bit more history and propaganda regarding the field than I would have preferred including some things about the future and theology that seemed a bit irrelevant and out of place for my taste. That being said, I think it's fine for them to include given the quality of the content which was indeed relevant and beneficial, and how much the course will otherwise be helping people.

By Hetal M

Jun 9, 2020

I had a wonderful time learning about Positive Psychology. I really enjoyed the way Dr. Seligman explains about the subject. I have a feeling that what i will learn thrugh the specialisation is going to be life transforming for me. Those small small gaps in my life that were just there, inconspicuous but restraining ....they are going to be filled in....making my life more meaningful for myself and for the people around me. I will finally be able to make the changes in my life that uptill now kept slipping from my hands......Thank you.

By Karen C

Dec 15, 2020

A great course, it was really enjoyable, and all the theory was good to read. There was also a great list of recommended reads that can be great reference resources and I loved watching the videos to. If there is a more advanced course than it's something I may have to look into. It was worth the money I paid which was $200 for the amount of time it took to complete the specialization not counting the money spent on a few books which could be of interest to my daughter and encourage her in certain aspects highlighted in the titles.


Apr 26, 2020

It is a very rich course in terms of its content. This course will make us understand the real psychology beyond the worldly and societal perception. The course reflects on real meaning of well being, how it is important with the help of real examples rather than only notes and knowledgeable thing. This course is not only for psychology, or humanities people, it is meant for whole humanity to understand the essence of their own mind, life and happiness. I am heartily thankful that I got an opportunity to complete this course

By Pamela S

Oct 8, 2017

I want to thank the whole team for this quality course. I have learned a lot of what is new and what is going on in positive psychology. I am in awe how it has spread since 1999 and the potentialities it has for improving the planet's wellbeing. I am amazed of the great work professor Seligman started and has been continued and enlarged by talented students/coworkers/researchers. Positive psychology is a crucial contribution to humankind. Maybe one of the most important contributions from psychology to the world.

By Mitchell G

Jan 28, 2019

I had some knowledge about positive psychology, so I thought this first course might be more of a review for me, but I found that it was an excellent reminder of many things and deepened my learning. And I gained fresh knowledge of important and fascinating new fields, such as constructive journalism and big-data psychology. One thing that stood out for me is that all of the speakers are highly eloquent. It was intellectually soothing to listen to them. I also like their conversational style. Very approachable.

By Manisha J A

Nov 12, 2018

I feel glad that I joined this course. I am thankful to professor Seligman , Penn university and coursera for making available such a beautiful science in a very simple yet attractive manner in various forms of lectures, videos, discussions and assignments and making the course really enjoyable.

I am feeling really happy to receive the certificate of completion from PENN University. Eager to join the next course at the earliest as while doing this course the Positive Emotions in me raised to a greater level.

By Cathy J N

Jul 23, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Seligman's course and found it to be insightful, meaningful and inspirational. Each week's module builds well on the previous module and proves to be more and more informative. I can see many ways to utilize the information learned in this course in both my personal and professional life. This has been so very inspirational and I am looking forward to continuing with this specialization. Thank you, Dr. Seligman, for sharing a part of you and your knowledge in such a wonderful way.

By Maya F

Nov 17, 2020

This course really kept my attention and I was engaged in all the course work. I was curious if this might be a field I would like to go into for higher education, and I'm leaving the course excited to learn more about it. More than that, it affected me in a deeply personal way. I learned skills to live better--- learned about what kind of person I am, what are my character strengths, a practice for optimism and gratitude, and reaffirmed the knowledge that helping others is a worthwhile way of living.

By Peeyush A

Jul 19, 2020

Thank you, Martin E.P. Seligman, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera for giving me an opportunity to be the part of positive psychology journey led by the none other than father of positive psychology Martin Seligman itself, for this I will be indebted forever. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I recommended every individual irrespective of their affiliation to take this course and it is must for a psychology student.

Thank you, Martin E.P. Seligman, Coursera, University of Pennsylvania

Peeyush Anand

By Melody W

Apr 23, 2020

Excellent Experience!

I am a very positive person by nature so I was naturally drawn to this course. The content, both videos and reading, was interesting and enjoyable. Each presenter had an expertise and excitement for their field that was obvious from the presentations. Dr. Seligman was particularly enjoyable. It was very cool to watch the father of Positive Psychology. I look forward to reading his books. And I am very excited to continue the Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization.

By Steve

Feb 25, 2019

One of the advantages of Coursera is that it gives you access to courses from world class professors like Martin Seligman, who personally I would most likely not have had a chance to meet in person. This introductory course was my first in Psychology and from some of the examples I've already been able to adapt positive interventions in both my personal and professional life and see them making a difference! I'm looking forward to the depth of such skills in next courses in the specialization.

By Suzanne M

Jun 9, 2020

I absolutely loved learning from the grandfather of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman. For many years, I have dreamt of pursuing a master's degree with him in the field. Since that may not be a reality, this definitely fed my curiosity, provided me with new insights, gave me new perspectives for my coaching and leadership development practice and gave me a taste of just how powerful this field is in helping people create lasting change. I am so grateful I got to do this course. Thank you!

By Tomomi A E

Dec 12, 2017

Three things I learned from this course:

1. Philanthropy takes effort but is the one thing that will immediately increase well-being

2. There are fields that are being influenced by positive psychology that are practically influencing the world in the private sector

3. Psychology is a science, and is just as valid a science as any other. Though many people doubt the research of psychology because of its stigma about "emotions," it is no less meaningful as its foundation lies in statistics.

By Daniel B

Jul 31, 2020

This course was a great introduction to Positive Psychology. Seeing the way that Dr. Seligman exudes such a genuine belief and excitement in what has occurred over decades of research, trials, and implementation is refreshing and motivating. I appreciate that articles were linked that showed not only the supporters but also the naysayer's view of Positive Psychology. There is nothing to hide; the data prove the claims.

I look forward to the rest of the courses related to this discipline.

By Hunter A B

Nov 6, 2020

I cannot fully state the level of excitement I feel for this course. Truly, this was a discovery I was surely destined to make. The information is simply astounding. This whole realm of positive psychology is, nothing sort of fascinating, and with the realization of the inclusion of fields like Constructive Journalism and even mention of such things as Spiritual Experiences, I have found my life direction. If you're curious, take it from me, this course is something quite profound.

By Nicole d w

Jan 13, 2020

excellent online course that brings wellbeing. It allows you to experience the PERMA dimensions of wellbeing (Positive Emotions - when following the course, Engagement - diversity of courses and tools used, Relationship - you can see what other students also share , Meaning - need for more wellbeing in the world and Achievement - in reaching the certification). Thank you for this great inspiration. This course should e a must for all and applied in all professions.

By Bana B

Aug 16, 2017

This is an amazing course. I'm very luck to hear about Positive Psychology directly from Mr. Seligman and the other esteemed professors. I already have some of the references in my Audible library and finished Flourish, 2 days ago. I'm planning to listen to Ms. Duckworth book "Grit" next. Positive psychology basics along with neuroscience studies and self development information, are included in this course.

Amazing people. profound knowledge. What a great Course!

By Mona S

Apr 10, 2020

Dr Seligman was most engaging and inspiring. I was so in awe of him and all he has done, not only for the field of psychology (a huge paradigm shift), but for the world in generally. He is an incredible thinker/researcher/innovator, outstanding presenter, his work is so meaningful/impactful, and he has created a legacy few in the world could ever hope to leave behind. It has been an honor and a privilege to learn from the great man himself. I am truly inspired.

By Kelly C

Jan 5, 2020

The course was interesting and engaging. I loved that it had former MAPP students or PHD researchers sharing their amazing work and interests. The course was a good foundation and provided interesting overviews of applications in journalism, education and theology. I have been working with these concepts for a few years and am beginning an executive coaching training. I wanted to be sure I had a solid foundation of Positive Psychology and feel I got that.

By glenys j

Jun 8, 2021

Thank you for your thoughtful attention of incorporating various approaches to learning during this course. This has been fascinating and relevant to my work and personal passions. It took me quite a bit longer than anticipated, since I ended up taking 36 pages of notes! What an enriching learning experience - and to have the opportunity to learn from the actual gurus in these fields has been an incredible privilege. Thank you to all involved in this course!